1. Xxxx Brewery Tours Visit Brisbane

XXXX Brewery Tours Visit Brisbane

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If you are a beer lover and looking for an enjoyable outing with your friends or family, then a visit to the XXXX beer brand’s brewery will be a perfect choice.

The XXXX Brewery Tour is a fully guided tour of the Queensland brewery Castlemaine Perkins in Milton, Brisbane. Spanning around 90 minutes, it is an informative and experiential tour including the beers’ brewing process culminating in a tasting of the top lagers under the XXXX brand.

Location: XXXX brewery, Cnr Black & Paten St., Milton QLD 4064, Australia

Recommended duration: Approx. 1.5 hours

Timings: Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 10 am and 5 pm

How to reach XXXX Brewery

The brewery can be reached by many means of transport.

●    You could board a train to Milton on the Richards/Ipswich line.
●    If you are traveling by car, a ride from Brisbane, you can head East on Milton Road, take a right onto Castlemaine Street, a left onto Black Street, and then left to reach Paten Street.
●    A local city bus will take you to Milton Road from where a short 5-minute walk takes you straight to the brewery.
●    You could also take a 15- to 20-minute walk East of Roma Street Stop 125 in the city to the brewery.

About XXXX Brewery Tours

The Foundation – The History
The XXXX lagers are famous in pubs all over Queensland and the tour of their home brewery is the best way to learn their history tracing their path to fame. The first part of the tour follows a film of the brewery’s rich history from when it was founded in 1857. The Castlemaine Perkins brewery launched the XXXX brand in 1924. The basis of the name came from the traditional grading system for beer strength, where more number of Xs meant stronger beer. The first variety released was XXXX Bitter and has since been known as an iconic brew from Castlemaine. During World War II, the lagers distributed to American soldiers stationed in Brisbane came to be known as ‘Barbed Wire’ by the looks of the brand logo. Most packaging labels of XXXX beers feature the Castlemaine brewery’s red-brick building atop which glows a neon sign announcing the XXXX brewery. The brewery is a loyal part of the local culture and its historic essence makes it a classic Brisbane structure.

Just brew it!

Following this, a walk of the factory shows the steps in their production process from scratch. There’s even a chance to touch and smell the raw ingredients used in the popular brews. This part of the tour adds to the practical charm of the forthcoming beer tasting. The brewery is known for its different lagers varying in their taste, strength and carb content and these differences are further accentuated by knowing how they are brewed in the factory.

“For a quart of ale is a meal for a king”

As the beer is bottled away for transport, the tour ends with a beer tasting. A sampling of their top selling lagers such as XXXX Bitter, XXXX Gold, XXXX Dry as well as flavoured varieties of XXXX Summer Bright Lager are included in the final leg. At the same site as the brewery, stands the XXXX Alehouse and Restaurant, an open dining area, where delicious food and drink await the tourists. The Alehouse is perfect for small groups and also has options where a dedicated space of the balcony or restaurant can be reserved. The walls are adorned with XXXX merchandise and those who take a tour of the brewery also get a gift of their choice from the merch. The Alehouse is famous for historical reasons and is considered one of Brisbane’s oldest buildings.

If you’re looking for an enriching and fun evening, a tour of the Brisbane icon—the XXXX brewery will not let you down!

Know before you go to XXXX Brewery

●    Ensure you are wearing fully enclosed flat shoes, have not consumed alcohol prior to the tour, and are carrying a government ID proof with you.
●    All bags and cameras must be kept in the locker room prior to the tour.
●    No loose items are allowed to be carried.
●    The tour consists of a good amount of walking and climbing stairs, therefore it may not suit those who need help such as with crutches or wheelchairs.

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