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Austria Travel Guide: Your Alpine Adventure in Central Europe

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Austria to many is the birthplace of greats such as Mozart, Strauss and Freud. To others it is quaint villages and alpine scenery. Austria is all of that and more. The country balances its historic side with the contemporary as can be seen by the Schönbrunn and Hofburg palaces. The beautiful River Danube flows through Austria, lending it a charm that surpasses all. Other must visit regions include the northern Bohemian Forest, Traunsee Lake and eastern hillside vineyards.

There are numerous remarkable attractions in Austria that offer a unique experience to the visitors, be it summer or winter. Some of the must-dos include exploring the famous Schönbrunn Palace and the Krimml Falls, the highest waterfall in Europe. Experience the wilderness and the breathtaking mountain views in Salzburg, where the movie Sound of Music was shot. Visit the salt mines in Hallstatt and take an underground lake cruise, or explore Austria holiday packages and visit the birthplace and residence of the legendary composer Mozart.

Getting in austria

There are regular flights that operate from most Indian International airports to Vienna International Airport, which is the main international airport in Austria. Popular operators in this route are Aeroflot, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Air India and Jet Airways.

Best rates for this route is usually available when you book 6-7 months prior.

Delhi14h, 1 stopRs. 19936
Mumbai12h, 1 stopRs. 26817
Chennai13h, 1 stopRs. 24607
Kolkata13h, 1 stopRs. 24225
Hyderabad13h, 1 stopRs. 25377
Bangalore12h, 1 stopRs. 24201
Kochi12h, 1 stopRs. 30691
Trichy19h, 2 stopsRs. 31050

Best time to visit austria

Austria is a country of the majestic Alps. The Alpine regions in the country experience a harsh chilly climate with average temperatures hovering at sub-zero levels. The northern and south-western parts not falling under the Alpine region have a rather wet climate with frequent rains throughout the year. The remaining regions in the east side have a milder climate: warm summers and cool Spring/Fall seasons and cold winters. Shoulder season is during April-May or August-October with the peak season between June-July.

Visa requirements at austria

You might need a visa before you come to Europe on holiday, depending on where you're from and how long you're staying. A general visitor visa (tourist visa) will normally allow you to stay in Europe for 3 months. You can apply for up to 9 months in an 18 month period, but more than 3 months will only be granted in special cases.

  • Cost of visa: 7500 INR
  • Processing time: Min 15 days working days
  • Documents to carry
    • Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum six months.
    • Flight Vouchers
    • Hotel Vouchers

Public Transport in austria

Austria has many types of public transport that can be utilised including Buses, Trams, Metros and trains. The Austrian transport infrastructure is quite good and of standard quality. Trains are by and large the most popular mode of transport across the country, though many buses also operate on routes more than 100km. The fares are also quite economical, but make sure you complete your journey within the validity of the ticket.

Taxi & Airport transfer in austria

Frequent shuttles and taxis are available at major tourist spots and the airport. Some of the popular service providers that you can make use of include Uber, Hoppo, Kiwi Taxi, Suntransfers.

Transport & city passes at austria

Rail passes are a really good alternative for travelling across and exploring the country. There are also Eurail passes that allow you to visit multiple countries with a single pass. Further there are also city-specific passes/cards that allow you to tour the entire city and avail various offers and discounts.

Driving & Car rental at austria

Renting a car allows you to explore Austria at your own pace. They are comparatively more expensive than public transportation. An International Driving Permit is required for car rentals in Austria. Drivers under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. Make sure to abide by the road rules and other safety measures applicable to Austria. Alternatively, you can hire a driver while renting the car.

Culture & Etiquette at austria

Austrian culture has been influenced by its neighbouring countries, so it is common to find common European hints across music and art in this country. Austria's architecture is reminiscent of its imperial past, hence the many castles, palaces and aristocratic buildings, among other architectural works. There are several museums and nine UNESCO World Heritage sites in in the country. Given Austria is a beautiful country with the most scenic ever outdoors, locals love treks, skiing and mountain climbing. A handshake is the best way to greet a stranger in Austria, given they are highly reserved.

Major events & Public holidays at austria

Austria has a plethora of events to watch out for ranging from world scale events to small regional gatherings. Many of them make use of Austria’s beautiful surroundings and offer outstanding culinary delights to accompany the cultural experience. Don't miss the Ball season and the Film Festival in Vienna. The fitness-conscious can register and attend the Vienna City Marathon. Further, the festivities can be seen in full flow during Christmas and New year period. There are exhibitions and concerts that happen every other week in the cities as the country holds a special place for the arts.

Road rules and driving license at austria

Like any other European country, Austria also follows right-hand side driving. Travellers from Non-EU countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP) or "notarized" (officially certified) translation of their drivers license. To be able to drive in Austria, you should be atleast 18 years old and wearing the seat belt is mandatory.

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