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15 Tips to Keep in Mind for Bali Vacation

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Bali is more than a place; it is a dream destination for so many people. Getting ready for your Bali vacation? Then these Bali travel tips are for you. From haggling in the local market to learning Bahasa, little tricks can make your stay in Bali a pleasant one.


Culture Is Everywhere in Bali

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Balinese people is their rich culture, which can be found everywhere in Bali. Have these Bali tour tips in mind, as certain cultural aspects must be observed by tourists. There can be no Bali vacation without visiting a temple; make sure you're suitably "covered up" by wearing a sarong. You will be prohibited from entering the temple if you are not dressed properly. Many temples offer free sarongs to visitors, but it is recommended to buy a new one from a local shop to ensure cleanliness.


Internet and Tourist Simcards

Another cool thing in Bali is the free WiFi. Most of the hotels, shopping malls, bars, and resorts offer fast, free WiFi. You can use it to stay connected with your family and friends back home by making internet calls. But the best tip for a Bali vacation is to not rely only on WiFi and get a local SIM card by spending a few dollars. 
The tourist SIM cards will be needed to make use of local services like booking a taxi or ordering food. You can seek help from the hotel staff to locate the cell service provider.


Avoid Drinking Tap Water

This is one of the most important tips when visiting Bali. The tap water in Bali is not filtered. Often tourists suffer from travel diarrhea, which people refer to as the “Bali Belly." To save yourself from getting sick on your vacation, drink only purified bottled water. If you are planning a long stay, then get a travel water purifier.


Stock up on Repellents and Bug Spray

Mosquitoes can be bad in Bali. The bites are itchy and can sometimes cause serious illness. Dengue is widely spread among tourists in Bali. So, buy some strong repellent creams and bug spray and have them handy. Many restaurants and bars make it available for visitors as well, and you can get good repellents for a much cheaper price at a local store. You don’t want to miss these tips for a Bali vacation.


Double-check the Prescription

If you intend to take medications, this Bali vacation tip is for you. Some of the medicines bought by tourists can be illegal in Indonesia. So, do a bit of research on that and consult your doctor for alternate medicines. Also, pack all your medicines along with a prescription and a consent letter from your doctor to have a smooth vacation. You also have good pharmacies in Bali, so you can restock medicines if required.


Have Plastic Coats and Umbrellas Handy

You can carry a small umbrella when roaming around Bali. Due to the tropical climate, you can get caught in a downpour. Plastic coats are available at low prices and are available in local shops. These coats weigh nothing and occupy much less space.


Avoid Stepping Out Without Sunscreen

The best tip for a vacation in Bali is to carry sunscreen in your bag. The sun can be harsh; the UV levels prevailing can cause burns in a span of 15 to 20 minutes, and sunscreen will help prevent sunburns. Also, bring sunscreen from home because it is costly here.


Choose a Scooter for a Local Ride

To have ultimate fun, remember this tip for your Bali vacation. Rent scooters to commute, and it will only cost 60k and 100 Rupiah per day. Also, you can fill the fuel tank for less than 40k Rupiah. All you need is a copy of your passport and a little cash to hire a scooter. Carrying your license from your country and a helmet is a must for driving in;   otherwise, you will be fined by the police.


Have Fun Using Gojek and Grab

Sometimes it can get very hot to walk in Bali, and you can make use of commute service providers Gojek and Grab for a quick ride on a scooter. They work very similarly to Uber. You can download these apps on your phone, choose the payment method you prefer, and that’s it; you are ready to go. Also, there is another service called Bluebird Taxis; using these services can prevent you from getting ripped off by other taxi drivers on the street. Remember this tip when touring in Bali.


Tips to Recharge Electricals

If you planning to take all your electronic gadgets then keep checking on these tips on your Bali vacation. To recharge all your devices, including your phone, digital camera, etc., we suggest you use a portable power board from home. You can also buy an international adapter in Bali for a cost of 20k Rupiah so that you can recharge everything in one go.


Dress in Comfortable Clothes

The tropical atmosphere and the hot and humid climate don’t favor all types of fabrics. Also, it is important to dress appropriately in Bali, as many restaurants and bars have a dress code. To save yourself from the heat and embarrassment, wear something lightweight. People always go for t-shirts, shorts, and hats. This Bali tour tip will help you so much.


Stay Away from Strays

You can find cute puppies on the street and start caring for them, but remember that Bali has a serious problem with rabies. Avoid touching and feeding stray animals. You can extend your care for them by donating under dog care schemes.


Learn a Little Bahasa

This is one of the most helpful tips for a Bali vacation. In Bali, people widely converse in English, but if you learn a few words of Bahasa, it will help you in a big way. For starters, go with basic words like selamat pagi (good morning), tolong (please), and terima kasih (thank you). Make use of Google Translate to learn a good phrase in Bahasa; this can put you at ease when communicating with local traders.


Know the Best Time for Vacation

You can’t miss this tip on your Bali vacation. Bali has two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season, which lasts from October to April, has the most rain and humidity. Despite the name, the weather is still pleasant. The majority of the rain falls in short, sharp bursts, usually late in the afternoon, with the rest of the day remaining dry. The dry season lasts from May to October, with generally fine, warm days and very little rain. This is the high season for tourists, and hotel prices may reflect this.


Bargain with Respect in the Markets

A highlight for many visitors to Bali is shopping at one of the many markets and street stalls, and bargaining over the prices is part of the fun in the Bali markets. The most important tip on your Bali trip is to always talk to vendors with a smile. The vendor will quote a high price while bargaining for a lower offer. You can have fun here, but don't push it when you realize the vendor has reached the limit. If you are not satisfied with the price, simply move on to the next stall, and the vendor will call you back if he is interested in your offer. You can save a lot by haggling in these markets.

Always play by the rules! If you are visiting any country, adhere to the rules and regulations of the system. Also, when in Bali, be a Balinese, respect and follow the cultural practices, obey the laws of the land, don’t try to get involved in wrongdoing (punishments are hectic if you're jailed), and remember all these tips for your Bali vacation. If you are planning your vacation, use Bali vacation packages to experience hassle-free travel.

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

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