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French Festivals – Celebrate Love, Light and Beauty

France has every element needed for an ideal holiday trip. The country has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes you can experience. From white sand Mediterranean beaches to the gorgeous English Channel and the picturesque snow-capped Alps, France has it all! What’s more? The french are filled with life and make any routine experience fun too. Attend the french festivals to join in on the fun. You will meet loads of people from all over the world who come to celebrate as one.

French Festivals You Can Not Miss Out On

1. Nice Carnival

French Festivals
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What is even greater than a carnival that is one of the most top-class experiences in one of the best cities in the world? French festivals can not get bigger and better than this one. This rare french festival is held in winter, unlike other festivals that mostly occur during the summer season. Nice Carnival is perfect to attend with your family or your friends to enjoy the local celebration french style! The celebration holds huge parades and stunning fireworks and Nice is the perfect place to be. The beauty of French Riviera makes the experience of the festival even better. You can not miss out on this festival while in France.

Place: Nice, France
2020 Dates: 16 – 28 February 2020

2. Les Choregies d’Orange

France loves to celebrate its opera. If you love opera, then this french festival is the best place to be. The program is different every single year and showcases all kinds of productions- famous and upcoming. A semicircular Roman theatre is where the shows are put up. The theatre highlights beautiful seating system made up of stone and astounding acoustics. This festival originated around the late 1800s has become a part of the french celebrations ever since.

Place: Théâtre antique d’Orange, Provence, France
2020 Dates: 19 June – 6 August 2020

3. Festival Of Avignon

French Festivals
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This french festival celebrates art and culture and you surely can not miss out on this experience. This famous festival is no short of inspiration and is flocked with art buffs from all over the world. The festival celebrates various types of arts such as music, theatre, dance and cinema under one roof. This is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in France. It has put up a number of good shows put up in the grounds of the prestigious Pope’s Palace. The venues are spread all across the city. The festival gives up and coming theatre artists the much-needed push in their careers. Do not forget to mark it on your calendars so you can interact with the world of art.

Place: Avignon, Provence, France
2020 Dates: 1 – 31 July 2020

4. Tour De France

 Tour De France
Credits: Pixabay

A sports fan has to attend the Tour De France at least once in their lifetime. This festival was brought into the world in the early 20th century. This cycling contest has been watched out for over all these years. This magnificent spectacle is one of the most fun and exciting french festivals. This contest also lets you experience the French countryside and the stunning french alps. However, the route of the contest is different each year so the scenery you will experience is absolutely unpredictable. Hence, This is a famous festival that will definitely give you a surprise.

Place: Begins in Brussels and goes through many French villages like Colmar, Pau, Gap to Versailles and the final stop is in Paris.
2020 Dates: 29 June – 21 July 2020

5. Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival
Credits: Google Images

The festivals celebrating films is one of the biggest events to occur ever year. This festival happens in France and one of the most celebrated events filled with every famous celebrity. Cannes is a small french village which was put on the global map since the festival. All the world-renowned best in fashion, media and cinema attend the festival from various film industries. Attend the premiere shows of all movies and fun after parties and glamourous galas. You can go on to the beach and unwind and watch movies under the starry skies in the Cinema de la Plage. If you are able to afford this holiday, you will be lucky enough to spot some famous Hollywood/ Bollywood faces up close and personal at the festival. All film lovers should attend this fest to celebrate their love for world cinema.

Place: Cannes, France
2020 Dates: 14 – 25 May 2020

6. Festival Medieval De Sedan

Sedan Castle is a Europen castle that hosts the festival Medieval De Sedan every year. This french festival allows you an opportunity to meet Middle Ages who travel from across the world to attend the fest. The top experiences include fairs, traditional banquets, wrestling contests, competitions, and sword fights.

Place: Sedan Castle
2020 Dates: 16-17 May 2020

In conclusion, the french festivals celebrate different mediums of life and there is a festival for everyone to attend. Head on to Pickyourtrail and with the check out the curated preset France holiday packages. Alternatively, leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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