Europe Honeymoon Tour Packages

Europe Honeymoon Packages

The idea of a Europe honeymoon never fades. According to Business Wire research by The Knot, the top 'dream' honeymoon destination in the world is Europe. What is it about Europe that attracts honeymooners? Could it be Europe’s perfect blend of rich history keeping up with trends of the new world? Perhaps the sheer variety in landscapes, from snow-capped Alps, and sandy white beaches to quaint centuries-old villages, and buzzing nightlife, is what makes Europe so unique. On your Europe honeymoon packages, you will find romance in every postcard alpine village and art, architecture dating back to 1st millennium BC, and in lovey-dovey fairytale cities like Paris, Vienna, Venice, etc.

The Perfect European Honeymoon Packages

Europe is a huge continent with plenty of countries offering their own unique and charming experiences. With such a vast picture in mind, planning your dream Europe tour package for couple becomes a task. Here's where Pickyourtrail comes into the picture. Simply let us know your preference of places and interests and we'll craft the perfect European honeymoon package for you. Our itineraries will ensure you explore the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Pickyourtrail's honeymoon packages are complete, offering you 4-star hotels to stay in and top-notch itineraries to explore. Feel the love in the majestic Eiffel Tower, ride together in the Venetian Gondolas listening to the sweet Italian folk tunes, and loose yourselves to the sight of the mighty Alps across Switzerland, France and Italy. If you're one of those adrenaline-seeking couples, then on your Europe honeymoon packages from India you can try out water sports in the sunny waters of Spain and trek the wild ranges of the Alps. And for you art-loving love birds, Europe is everything you can ask for.

Europe Honeymoon Packages from India

Europe Honeymoon PackagesDuration*Price(Per person)
Perfect Europe Honeymoon Package(Switzerland) 6 Days/5 Nights Rs. 82,287
Impeccable 6 Nights Europe Honeymoon Package(Iceland) 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 1,94,269
Spectacular Europe Honeymoon Package(Paris) 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 1,31,873
Romantic Honeymoon Package to Europe (Greece + Turkey) 17 Days/16 Nights Rs. 1,26,451
Fairy-Tale Honeymoon Package to Europe(Greece) 9 Days/8 Nights Rs. 1,90,826
Exotic European Honeymoon Tour Package(Spain) 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 1,45,367

10 Top Things to Do on a Europe Honeymoon

When in Europe, you will never really run short of things to do. Whether you want to keep your honeymoon in Europe adventurous with all the adrenaline-rushing activities or romantic with all the couple-friendly attractions, your Europe honeymoon is going to be the best vacation. This continent provides you with a chance to enjoy your vacation in the most amazing way with all the calming and thrilling things to do. Let’s now have a look at the top 10 things that this dream continent has for you.

1. Get yourselves lost in the Santorini sunset views

Sunsets are always a beauty. After a tiring day, just sitting beside your partner and savouring reddish-orange colours of the sky, in a city like Santorini will be much needed on your Europe honeymoon. As one knows, Greece is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in Europe and Santorini has a special place in every traveller’s heart. If you want to make your Europe honeymoon trip with the right amount of romance, then yes, Santorini should be your pick.

2. Take that epic honeymoon selfie at Eiffel Tower!

Become Romeo and Juliet yourselves in the ‘City of Love’. Paris is honeymooners’ favourite city in Europe and Eiffel Tower is a must-visit indeed. So make sure to add this epic experience to your Europe honeymoon tour packages. While you are there, get a ticket to the summit to enjoy some best views of the city.

A quick tip: When you are in Paris, make sure to visit Disneyland as well to keep the kid in you alive.

3. Explore the historical places in London in a double-decker bus

Wandering through the city of London on foot is undoubtedly a cool thing to do on every European honeymoon. People visit and revisit London and trust me, it has every element to make you fall in love with the city every time. To make a fun time in London, hop on to London’s iconic double-decker bus for a tour of the city. This way, you will cover all the best attractions in London without having to spend too much on travelling and also make friends in the process.

4. Take a dreamy train ride to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken

Train journeys in Switzerland deserve much more hype. It is more beautiful than any human mind could ever imagine. With such eye-catching views, you will forget to blink an eye. You might think travelling by train for hours might be tiring but trust me, the beauty will make it all worthwhile. If you get a window seat and with the right people with you, then trust me, you are travelling straight to heaven for a day on your Europe honeymoon package.

5. Spread the colours and love in Copenhagen

Colours are an addiction. And, Copenhagen is just filled with a lot of it. Built with such architecture and grace, Copenhagen will steal your heart and is indeed a great place to add to every Europe tour package for couple. Though the city has plenty of attractions, an evening walk through the colourful streets of Copenhagen with your loved one, exploring the culture and city-life will be a joyful experience on your honeymoon trip.

6. Go on a romantic cruise in the canals of Amsterdam

Cruise rides are calming. And taking a cruise ride exploring the beautiful coloured buildings in the city of Amsterdam will just calm your soul. You will come across many historical buildings along the way and plenty of attractions as well. Plan your canal cruise rides in the evening to witness the magic of lights reflecting colours more beautifully than usual and enjoy a cruise dinner with your partner on your Europe honeymoon packages from India.

7. Have some Murano Burano time in Venice

Murano Burano is everyone’s favourite place in Venice. It truly is an eye-captivating island with beautiful canals. On your Europe trip packages for couples, taking a stroll here will be everything you need. So, explore this colourful village in Venice but make sure to make your way out as you will just be lost in its beauty.

8. Get an adrenaline pumping experience of skydiving in Interlaken

Who wouldn’t want to skydive? Witnessing the beauty of the alps, lakes, peaks and historical buildings from the top of the town is a breathtaking experience in Interlaken. The 20 minutes of skydiving will give an adrenaline rush in your hearts and will forever remain your favourite adventure activity to do in Europe. Make sure you you record the entire experience for reminiscence on a later day.

9. Prepare to get stunned by the Northern Lights in Iceland!

Are you up for some colours? Then Iceland is where you should head to. Although there are many places where you can get to view this amazing phenomenon, you will experience the best of views in Iceland. All European honeymoon packages without planning some time for Northern Lights aren't considered complete. So make sure yours has it.

A quick tip: Visit the black sand beach in Vik to make your trip more awesome. If you are planning your stay a few steps away from the beach, you are in for some beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

10. Take that mandatory picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

A Europe honeymoon trip would be incomplete without including the city of Pisa. Known to house one of the wonders of the world, it becomes almost mandatory to take a picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Visit this wonder in Europe and take that mandatory picture with your loved one on your Europe honeymoon packages.

Top 15 Countries to Visit For a Honeymoon in Europe

Europe is a continent that has many amazing countries that all Europe honeymoon packages should have and every country is worth visiting. No wonder Europe is a dream destination for many travellers and especially honeymooners. Here is a list of 15 honeymoon countries in Europe you must visit to make your European honeymoon nothing but amazing.

1. France

France is one of the top countries to visit in Europe. With cities like Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux and many others, your Europe honeymoon trip is going to be one hell of a vacation. And with Paris on the list, do you even doubt choosing France to be in your European honeymoon packages? Absolutely no. Be it the canal cruise on the Seine river, a proposal at Eiffel top, wine tasting in Bordeaux, discovering the lavender fields in Provence, or relaxing by the beautiful beaches of Nice, a France honeymoon or a Paris honeymoon is just ideal to start a new phase of life with your partner!

Top attractions - Eiffel Tower, The Wall of Love, Mont-Saint-Michel, Louvre Museum, Disneyland, Alsace Villages, Provence, Palace of Versailles and many more.
Best time to visit - April and June and September to November
Languages - French, English, Spanish, German and Italian
Average flight time from India to France - 9 hours 30 minutes
Modes of transportation - Train, Metro, Bus
Ideal trip duration - 4 - 6 days

2. Italy

Italy honeymoon places are so many, one honeymoon trip is not enough to visit all of them. With Gondola rides, the beach island of Lido, and storefronts straight out of the old world, a Venice honeymoon package has it all. When planning your Europe honeymoon tour, also keep in mind the vineyards of Tuscany, the food in Rome, the renaissance architecture of Florence, the natural beauty of Lake Como, the romantic sea-views on the Amalfi Coast, the World Heritage site of Cinque Terre, shops and boutiques of Capri, and the cosmopolitan vibrancy of Sicily. Customize your Europe couple package to explore your interests in Italy.

Top attractions in Italy - Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Milan Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Murano Burano and many more.
Best time to visit - April to June, September and October
Languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish and German
Average flight time from India to Italy - 22 hours
Modes of transportation - Train, metro, bus and trams in some places
Ideal trip duration - 6 - 8 days

3. Switzerland

Not just the climate and the flavour of chocolates in Switzerland, everything about it is so amazing that it would be a sin not to add this destination to your Europe trip packages for couples. Switzerland is probably one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in Europe. An impeccable honeymoon at Switzerland becomes a celebration for your love life. Like the moon holding each tide through its high and fall, a Switzerland honeymoon keeps that bond of love alive through the years with your beloved.

Top attractions in Switzerland - Interlaken, Zurich, Jungfrau, The Matterhorn, Lucerne and St. Moritz
Best time to visit Switzerland - June to August
Languages - German, French, Italian and Romansh
Average flight time from India to Switzerland - 24 hours
Modes of transportation - Trains, trams, buses and inland boats.
Ideal trip duration - 7 days

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands is so much more beyond just Amsterdam. With the historical buildings, colourful streets, amazing culture, breathtaking canals and top attractions, your European honeymoon in the Netherlands is going to be, nothing but just perfect.

Top attractions in the Netherlands - Amsterdam, Maastricht, Delft, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Giethoorn and The Hague
Best time to visit the Netherlands - April to October
Languages - Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish
Average flight time from India to Netherlands - 22 hours
Modes of transportation - Metro, taxi, tram, bus and train
Ideal trip duration - 5 - 7 days

5. Greece

Greece is one of the best honeymoon places in Europe. Be it the beautiful beaches of Santorini, history and palm trees on the Greek island of Crete, or sightseeing in Athens, pebble beaches in Corfu, or summer parties in Mykonos, Greece has something for every couple on a honeymoon. A thirteen day European honeymoon package for Greece and Paris is one of our best Europe honeymoon packages from India. This Balkan country has been studded with mountains, seas, islands and colourful buildings. It has been a strong influencer from politics to philosophy. While being swayed away by its richness, one should not forget that this country is made by love. From breathtaking beaches to promising sunsets, every Greece honeymoon package is designed to make your honeymoon a fiction that you have chosen to write.

Top attractions in Greece - Athens, Santorini, Parthenon, Mykonos, Mystras and Lindos
Best time to visit Greece - April to June, September and October
Languages - Greek, English, French, German, Italian and Russian
Average flight time from India to Greece - 12 hours
Modes of transportation - Trains, metro, taxi, tram, bus and waterways
Ideal trip duration - 7 - 8 days

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe and amazing addition to your Europe couple package. For everyone who would like a wholesome honeymoon vacation, the United Kingdom can never be off the list. From the tall-standing buildings with mind-boggling architecture to the lively pubs, the United Kingdom provides you with the best of vacations.

Top attractions in the United Kingdom - London, Edinburgh, England, Canterbury, Glasgow and Ireland
Best time to visit the United Kingdom - May to September
Languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish
Average flight time from India to the United Kingdom - 9 hours
Modes of transportation - Bus, ferry, train, taxi and internal aeroplanes
Ideal trip duration - 3 - 4 days

7. Spain

Spain is a blessing in disguise to those who absolutely enjoy sunny weather. Spain Honeymoon Packages are customised to witness everything from rustic ruins to greener getaway destinations. Spain has the perfect honeymoon vibe in its environment. Wake up with the sunrise, swim through the sea, wade through amazing streets, try your hands on every favourite dish, watch the sunset and amidst this do not forget to celebrate your love.

Top attractions in Spain - Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, Tenerife and Seville
Best time to visit Spain - March to May, September and October
Languages - Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Galician, Italian and Romanian
Average flight time from India to Spain - 22 hours
Modes of transportation - Taxi, bus and trains
Ideal trip duration - 10 - 12 days

8. Iceland

Iceland is magic. With the geysers rising high, black sands on the beach, hot springs and active volcanoes, one can never afford to miss Iceland on their Europe honeymoon trip and it is a must-add to every Europe tour package for couple. Iceland is one country in Europe that has all the colours - Black sand, white ice and green surroundings and it has the sweetest people on earth. So including a few days for an Iceland honeymoon is the absolute right thing to do!

Top attractions in Iceland - Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, Aurora Borealis, Askja Caldera, Grundarfjordur and Gullfoss Waterfall
Best time to visit Iceland - February, March, September and October
Languages - Icelandic and Polish in some places
Average flight time from India to Iceland - 28 hours
Modes of transportation - Car, bus and domestic flights at some cities
Ideal trip duration - 6 - 8 days

9. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers a picturesque atmosphere for honeymooners at cheaper costs, including stays at the quaint lesser town hotels, compared to other Europe destinations for honeymoon. Czech Republic honeymoon packages from India are hence quite affordable. A mix of Roman and Baroque architecture, Prague’s cobblestone streets and hilltop castle provide a romantic landscape for your budding relationship. If you are both history buffs, then most attractions in the Czech Republic are yours to explore.

Top attractions in the Czech Republic - Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Pilsen and Olomouc
Best time to visit the Czech Republic - March to May and September to November
Languages - Czech, English, German, Slovak and Russian
Average flight time from India to the Czech Republic - 15 hours
Modes of transportation - Buses, trains, trams and taxis
Ideal trip duration - 3 days

10. Austria

A beautiful Austrian honeymoon destination, Vienna’s music scene offers the best background score for your romance. On your Austria honeymoon packages booked at Pickyourtrail, you and your partner can walk through the tapered streets of the inner city (Innere Stadt), explore the antique structures, eat at contemporary cafes playing classical music, drink wine along from the taverns around the Vienna woods, and dance in bars surrounding the city’s Bermuda Triangle, one of Europe’s renowned eerie places to visit.

Top attractions in Austria - Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and Hallstatt.
Best time to visit Austria - April, May, September and October
Languages - German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
Average flight time from India to Austria - 9 hours
Modes of transportation - Subway, tram, train and bus
Ideal trip duration - 3 - 5 days

11. Norway

Norway is added to all Europe honeymoon packages from India by default if you want to keep your vacation as beautiful and interesting as possible. With all the beautiful mountains, sightseeing places and adventurous activities, it is one of the perfect countries to honeymoon in Europe. Apart from all this, Norway is another country in Europe where you can witness the magical Northern lights.

Top attractions in Norway - Oslo, Bergen, Arendal, Stavanger, Trondheim and Alesund
Best time to visit Norway - May, June, September and October
Languages - Norwegian, Sami and English
Average flight time from India to Norway - 9 hours
Modes of transportation - Car, boat, bus and train
Ideal trip duration - 3 - 5 days

12. Hungary

Hungary is not for you if you do not want to stand before a castle and forget to blink an eye. No matter how hard you try to not get stunned, Hungary comes up with a new list of attractions every time and never really runs short of places. If you are planning a Europe honeymoon package, then plan 2 -3 days in Hungary to cover most of its super cool attractions.

Top attractions in Hungary - Budapest, Miskolc, Pecs, Eger, Sopron, Debrecen and Gyor
Best time to visit Hungary - March to May and September to November
Languages - Hungarian, English, German, Russian, French
Average flight time from India to Hungary - 16 hours
Modes of transportation - Taxis, trams, buses, trains and metro
Ideal trip duration - 2 - 3 days

13. Germany

Germany - a perfect blend of high rise mountains, low lying seas, forever dense forests, picturesque backgrounds, colourful food and a rich history. Just that? Definitely not! It's a land to solemnise your love for your better half on your Europe trip packages for couples. Watch the green leaves turn to yellow - not in the spring season but all throughout the year. For such an amazing lifetime of love, booking all inclusiveGermany honeymoon packages would be a perfect start.

Top attractions in Germany - Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Heidelberg
Best time to visit Germany - May to September
Languages - German, English, French, Russian and Turkish in some places
Average flight time from India to Germany - 8 hours
Modes of transportation - Buses, trains, trams and taxis
Ideal trip duration - 3 - 7 days

14. Turkey

Right from flying high in the air balloons in Cappadocia to scuba diving deeper into the Mediterranean waters, a honeymoon for the newlyweds in Turkey happens to be an amazing fantasy. The scenic environment happens to add the right richness of love into the air for them to breathe and exchange. Unwrap your love for the better half amidst golden sands and blue waters. Turkey has every component for a truly romantic Turkey honeymoon.

Top attractions in Turkey - Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum and Fethiye
Best time to visit Turkey - April, May, September and October
Languages - Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English in some places
Average flight time from India to Turkey - 7 hours
Modes of transportation - Local buses and minibuses, taxis, tram and metro
Ideal trip duration - 7 -10 days

15. Portugal

Portugal is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe that deserves as much hype as other countries in Europe. With tall mountains, valleys, bountiful attractions, beaches and nightlife, it could easily become one of your favourite places of all time. Portugal has all the elements in the right amount for a perfect honeymoon and hence, it stands as one of the top countries that is visited on most European honeymoon packages.

Top attractions in Portugal - Lisbon, Algarve, Porto, Lagos, Faro, Funchal, Coimbra and Evora
Best time to visit Portugal - March to May, September and October
Languages - Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
Average flight time from India to Portugal - 12 hours
Modes of transportation - Taxis, trains, buses and metro
Ideal time duration - 7 days

European Visa for Indians

For your Europe vacation from India, you must apply for a Schengen visa and the type of entry (Single entry and multiple entry) depends on the countries you are going to choose for your honeymoon. The visa has to be applied in the VFS office or online with all the necessary documents.

Documents required - Passports, Wedding certificate, Employment contract, Bank statement of last 6 months, Round trip international flights, Accommodation booking throughout the stay, Income Tax Return and NOC if needed.

Important points to note before applying for a Schengen visa

1. Be clear on the type of Schengen visa.
2. Make sure where to apply and when to apply for the visa.
3. Make sure you attach all the mandatory documents.
4. Have enough proofs for financial needs on your Europe honeymoon trip.
5. Cover letter should be well-drafted with all the necessary information.

New rules in Schengen visa process

1. There have been relaxations in the rules for multiple-entry Schengen visa if you are frequent European travellers.
2. Cost of Schengen visa applications has been increased.
3. Visas have to be applied six months in advance.
4. Now you can do the visa application completely online.

Best Time to Visit for Europe Honeymoon

Europe is one of the best destinations to celebrate your vacation. Understanding the climatic conditions across the continent is highly important as to figure which country to visit depending upon the time of the year you have got married - Western Europe sees an Oceanic climate, Southern Europe experiences a Mediterranean climate and Eastern Europe exposes a Continental climate. Europe is home to about 45 countries and resolving your own best time to visit Europe is highly important. Depending upon the places you have added in your Europe honeymoon package, the hotels you prefer to stay, the things you choose to do and the budget you intend to spend, framing your own best time is highly recommended.

Peak Season

Summer is the best time to visit Europe and the months of May to September are the most ideal time. Specifically, July and August is the best time with the hot sun shining above head which in return guarantees the best beach holiday. The flight prices and accommodations are extremely pricier during the summer season. The temperature ideally is around 14 to 25 degree celsius across the continent. Your European honeymoon witnesses the best summer season across the globe while at the same time, European countries see the maximum number of tourists flocking around. France, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece and London are some of the best destinations to visit during the summer. Explore the beach options and celebrate your honeymoon as if you are the only couple on Earth.

Shoulder season

Autumn is the next best time to visit Europe and the months of September to November experience Autumn in Europe. The flight tickets and accommodations are relatively cheaper and this helps you save a lot of Euros during your Europe honeymoon trip. The temperature is around 7 to 14 degree celsius around the country. And if you get married anytime around September and November, you have the best honeymoon destinations waiting for you to explore together. This season in Europe sees only a reasonable number of tourists and hence this will help you celebrate your honeymoon in utmost privacy.

Off season

The winter months of December to February are the off season and it is winter in Europe. The temperature falls in minus and is about -10 degree celsius throughout these months. However, you will have the best discounts and you will be able to enjoy a much cheaper Europe honeymoon tour with good discounts in airfare and accommodation. These are the best months to enjoy skiing in the Alps and stay in a ski resort. The places are also less crowded and hence you will be able to enjoy a private honeymoon. If you are looking for a cheaper European holiday, the European winter months are most ideal.

How to Reach Europe

Europe is about 7500 Km from India and to your ‘how to go to Europe’ question, taking an airplane would be the most ideal answer. Also, this could be the most convenient and quickest way to reach Europe. However, getting to know the internal transportation within Europe helps you choose the right transport, saving you a lot of Euros while giving you the best experience.

By Air

There are a lot of flights from India connecting you to your favourite European destinations. The average flight time takes about 8 to 12 hours. From India, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai, the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore and Chennai International Airport takes you to every favourite destination in Europe. Likewise, in Europe there are more airports that are well connected to the rest of the world. There are direct flights from India for you to connect to the Vienna International airport in Austria, the London Heathrow airport and the Paris international airport. Paris city alone has 3 airports and is extremely well connected making your Europe honeymoon trip quickly accessible. Booking a flight ticket in shoulder season helps you save up to 20%. Club your Europe honeymoon package with flights for you to enjoy your holiday at the best time.

Getting around Europe

Europe is extremely well connected in terms of transport both within the continent and to the outside world. Take a domestic flight if you want to travel quickly to the next country in your itinerary. However, this could turn out to be a little expensive. However, the best option to travel across countries is by taking a train. European train rides are designed intricately such that you will be able to witness the best nature scenes of Europe. On the other hand, if you are travelling within a country to different destinations, prefer taking a metro which is easily accessible and pocket friendly at the same time. The metro in most of the countries is Beijing as early as 5.30 am while it operates until late night. Consider the hop on hop off options for quickly travelling to important tourist destinations nearby. Hire a cab to travel in your own sweet time. Also, if you are looking for a cheaper option, rent a bicycle and explore your favourite city in your own way. Countries like Greece have the ferry option enabling you to island hop efficiently. Try the maximum of these transport options in your Europe honeymoon trip for the best holiday.

Book European Honeymoon Packages with Pickyourtrail

Our Europe honeymoon packages all inclusive from India offer unique itineraries for every couple based on their interests and are entirely customisable to suit every season of the year. One of the key factors that makes us stand apart is our ability to customise everything from flight and stay to food and experiences - thus make it solely the bestEurope tour package for couple for you. Our Europe holiday packages are not limited to just honeymoon - but also cater to other themes and interests like adventure, art & culture, nature and leisure etc. There's always something for everyone here. So let us know your preferences and start packing. We'll do the entire planning and make sure you have the best European honeymoon package!

Frequently Asked Questions on Europe Honeymoon

How much does a honeymoon to Europe cost?

A Europe honeymoon trip for an average 8 - 10 days duration should work out to around Rs.1,25,000 to 1,40,000 all inclusive per person - including flights, hotels, activities and transfers.

Which are the best honeymoon destinations to visit in Europe in December?

Some of the best honeymoon destinations in December are Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Rovaniemi, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bruges, Zurich and Budapest. December in Europe is all about the Christmas charm. Make the most of the Christmas markets and pack yourself plenty of souvenirs to bring home.

Which are the best honeymoon destinations to visit in Europe in August?

Some of the best destinations to add to your Europe honeymoon package will be Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Amsterdam, in the month of August.

Which are the places to visit in Europe on Honeymoon?

Santorini in Greece, Paris in France, Mykonos in Greece, Majorca in Spain, Bruges in Belgium, Hallstatt in Austria and Venice in Italy are some of the best places to visit in Europe for a honeymoon.

Which are the famous beaches to visit in Europe on a honeymoon?

Mykonos, Cyprus, Sicily, Corsica, Lanzarote, Malta, Sardinia and Ibiza have some of the famous beaches to visit in Europe on a honeymoon.

What are the adventurous things to do in Europe for couples?

Hike to the top of cliffs and push yourself to the edge in the fjords of Norway, Canyoning in Interlaken, Switzerland, Kiteboarding in Tarifa, Spain, Skydiving in Tirol in Austria for spectacular mountain views, Skiing in Bulgaria, Kayaking in Lake Garda in Italy, and Biking in Amsterdam are some of the best adventure things to do in Europe for couples.

How many days are ideal to visit Europe for a honeymoon?

To make the most out of this continent, you should at least spend 8 - 12 days for an ideal European honeymoon vacation in some of the major countries.

What is the best time to visit Europe for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Europe is from June to August. Most honeymooners prefer December to February because of the cold weather and snow activities.

What are the visa requirements for couples travelling to Europe?

For your vacation to Europe, you need to apply for a Schengen visa individually with all the necessary documents like passports, wedding certificate, employment contract, bank statement of last 6 months, round trip international flights, accommodation booking throughout the stay, Income Tax Return and NOC if needed. Also, now you can do the visa application process completely online.

Which are the most popular destinations for shopping in Europe?

Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, London, Berlin, Porto, Budapest, Rotterdam and Manchester are some of the best cities to go happy shopping on your Europe vacation.

Which are the most popular activities for couples to do on a European honeymoon?

Exploring the museums in Rome, northern lights and blue lagoon in Iceland, wine tasting in Greece, a visit to the Eiffel Tower, lakes and adventurous activities in Interlaken, a train journey from Interlaken to Jungfrau are some of the others worth doing things on a Europe honeymoon.

Which European country is best for honeymoon?

If you’re planning a Europe honeymoon package, here are some of the best countries to visit:
Paris, France - One of the most visited destinations through the year by honeymooners
Budapest, Hungary - Another top destination with beautiful hot springs and cooler climatic conditions
Rome, Italy - The city of Rome with street food and its ancient architecture is also one of the best destinations for a honeymoon.

Which European city is best for a honeymoon?

Here are some of the most stunning cities in Europe to visit on your honeymoon: - Paris, Tuscany, Santorini, Amsterdam, Barcelona.

Where should I honeymoon in the Mediterranean?

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in the Mediterranean:

Santorini, Greece over the years has become a widely proposed honeymoon destination with its beautiful landscapes looking upon the sunsets.
Costa del Sol, Spain also known as the Sun coast, is located in the southern part of Malaga and is considered one of the safest destinations by travellers.

Is Spain good for honeymoon?

Spain like most European countries boasts medieval streets and ancient architecture along with beautiful beaches. Honeymooners have a variety of activities to choose from, places to visit and cuisines to taste whilst in Spain. Here are some of the most romantic places to visit in Spain: - Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Majorca, Malaga.

What is the most romantic city in Europe?

Venice in Italy, Prague in Czech Republic and Bruges in Belgium are amongst the most romantic cities in Europe.

What should I pack for my honeymoon in Europe?

Your packing list for a honeymoon in Europe will largely depend upon the duration of your stay and the activities you plan on doing. Here are some of the essentials to pack:
- Shirts: 4 t-shirts or tank tops, 2 long sleeved shirts or sweaters, and 2 nicer tops for dinner.
- Pants: 2 pairs.
- Shorts and/or skirts: 4 or 5 pairs
- Underwear and socks: 7-10 pairs
- Sleepwear: 1 or 2 sets
- Swimwear: 1 or 2 bathing suits
- Formal wear: 1-2 full outfits
- Jacket: 1

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Perfect 5 Nights Switzerland Honeymoon Package

  • Lucerne (2N)
  • Interlaken (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 9 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from82,287 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 2 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,94,269 /Person

Romantic Greece and Turkey Honeymoon Packages

  • Istanbul (3N)
  • Fethiye (3N)
+5 cities
  • Hotels
  • 12 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,26,451 /Person

Exotic Spain Honeymoon Tour Package

  • Tenerife (2N)
  • Valencia (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,45,367 /Person

Romantic 12 Nights Europe Honeymoon Package

  • Rome (2N)
  • Venice (2N)
+4 cities
  • Hotels
  • 10 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,78,162 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,22,770 /Person

Incredible 9 Nights European Honeymoon Packages

  • Prague (2N)
  • Budapest (3N)
+3 cities
  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from73,584 /Person

Splendid 7 Nights Europe Trip Packages for Couples

  • Istanbul (2N)
  • Pamukkale (2N)
+3 cities
  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,60,854 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 11 activities
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from1,13,702 /Person

Exciting 15 Nights Europe Honeymoon Tour Packages

  • Istanbul (4N)
  • Goreme (3N)
+3 cities
  • Hotels
  • 11 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from2,27,299 /Person

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