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    Switzerland Honeymoon Package!

    Planning a honeymoon soon? It's unlikely a surprise if Switzerland is where you're considering to go. Switzerland honeymoon package is simply synonymous - and rightly so. It is widely known as the fairytale destination for a magical honeymoon and has always been the top spot for those in love. With Bern as its capital city, this European country is landlocked by France, Italy, Germany and Austria. Surrounded by the high-peaked snowy Alps, sprinkled with beautiful turquoise lakes and bestowed with quaint alpine villages, a Switzerland honeymoon tour package from India is more than just a perfect choice to celebrate your love!

    Switzerland Honeymoon Packages from India
    Honeymooning Itineraries in Switzerland Sightseeing Routes in Switzerland Price* (Cost per visitor)
    Zurich in spotlight: 4-night heavenly honeymooning in a Swiss regionZurich₹ 65,818 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's mesmerizing 3-night honeymoon dealZurich₹ 75,746 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enchanting 6-day/5-night Switzerland honeymooning packageZurich₹ 78,037 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive 4-night Switzerland honeymooning tourist itinerary for the just-marriedZurichGeneva₹ 83,092 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 6-night honeymooning package to SwitzerlandLucerneZurich₹ 86,048 (airfare & accommodation included)
    5-night rousing honeymoon to Switzerland for doting matesParisZurich₹ 86,746 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 5-day/4-night honeymoon deal to SwitzerlandZurichLucerne₹ 89,749 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intimate Switzerland 5-day honeymooning packageLucerne₹ 90,210 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day magical Switzerland honeymoon vacation offer for the ideal coupleLucerneZurich₹ 91,740 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Exciting 7-day/6-night honeymoon package to SwitzerlandGenevaInterlakenZurich₹ 93,971 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Geneva featured: 4-night lovable honeymoon in the Alps landscapeGenevaInterlaken₹ 95,956 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day/5-night exciting honeymoon deal to SwitzerlandInterlakenLucerne₹ 99,111 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Idyllic 5-day/4-night Switzerland honeymoon trip plan for doting matesZurich₹ 1,01,002 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day ethereal honeymoon in Switzerland for soulmatesLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,03,165 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's intimate 9-day honeymooning itineraryParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,03,229 (accommodation included)
    6-day/5-night cuddly honeymooning package to SwitzerlandZurichLucerne₹ 1,05,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day divine Switzerland honeymoon tour package for soulmatesGenevaLausanneInterlaken₹ 1,05,520 (airfare & accommodation included)
    5-night cuddly honeymoon package to SwitzerlandZurichLucerne₹ 1,06,379 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day dreamy honeymooning package to SwitzerlandZurichGeneva₹ 1,07,183 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 6-night Switzerland honeymooning holiday package for romantic soulsParisLucerne₹ 1,12,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night amorous honeymoon to Switzerland for newlywed couplesZurichLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,13,621 (accommodation included)
    17-day/16-night sparkling Switzerland honeymoon dealBrusselsParisLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,15,033
    6-day/5-night adorable Switzerland honeymooning packageGenevaBernZurich₹ 1,15,408 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmeric 7-day/6-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersParisLucerne₹ 1,15,595 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy 5-day Switzerland honeymooning trip plan for the new lovebirdsInterlaken₹ 1,16,429 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Exciting 5-day/4-night honeymoon package to SwitzerlandLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,16,721 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome in spotlight: 11-night mesmeric honeymoon in a Swiss localityRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,16,892 (accommodation included)
    Venice special: 11-day idyllic honeymooning in the Alps localityVeniceLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,18,289 (accommodation included)
    Alluring 7-night honeymoon deal to SwitzerlandLucerneGenevaZurich₹ 1,19,760 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surrealistic 11-day/10-night Switzerland honeymooning trip bundle for spouses deeply in loveMontreuxGenevaBaselZurich₹ 1,21,648 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Idyllic 9-day Switzerland honeymoon bundleAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,21,769 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lucerne attractions: 8-night engaging honeymoon in the Alps landscapeLucerneGenevaBaselZurich₹ 1,24,461 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive 7-day/6-night Switzerland honeymooning trip package for the romantic coupleParisInterlakenZurich₹ 1,27,003 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's intriguing 6-night honeymoon packageParisLucerne₹ 1,29,083 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 7-day Switzerland honeymooning packageZurichVenice₹ 1,30,469 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's divine 6-night honeymoon packageZurichZermattInterlaken₹ 1,31,261 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensual 9-day Switzerland honeymoon packageParisLucerneRome₹ 1,31,629 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmerizing 7-night Switzerland honeymooning planInterlakenLucerneZermattZurich₹ 1,34,211 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day/6-night stimulating Switzerland honeymoon packageLucerneZermattZurich₹ 1,34,677 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 8-day/7-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersGenevaBernZermattInterlaken₹ 1,35,226 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day rousing Switzerland honeymoon trip package for you and your spouseInterlakenLucerne₹ 1,35,565 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 8-day Switzerland plan for honeymoonersLucerneZermattZurich₹ 1,37,184 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Divine 9-night Switzerland offer for honeymoonersLucerneSalzburgVienna₹ 1,37,222 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcase: 9-day hypnotic honeymoon in a Swiss settingParisZurichVienna₹ 1,37,579 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 10-night Switzerland offer for honeymoonersRomeMilanLucerne₹ 1,38,287 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's spellbinding 13-night honeymoon packageRomeFlorenceVeniceMilanLucerneZurich₹ 1,38,490 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-night funfilled honeymoon itinerary to SwitzerlandZurichLucerne₹ 1,38,948 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Tempting 13-day/12-night Switzerland honeymoon holiday deal for lovebirdsRomeVeniceLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,39,511 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Heavenly 7-night honeymooning offer to SwitzerlandInterlakenZermattLucerne₹ 1,39,522 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's idyllic 9-day honeymoon packageLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,39,538 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive 11-day/10-night Switzerland honeymoon packageRomeVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,40,841 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy Switzerland honeymoon package for 13 days & 12 nightsZurichInterlakenInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 1,41,663 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day attractive honeymooning deal to SwitzerlandLausanneLucerneZurich₹ 1,41,991 (airfare & accommodation included)
    10-night wine-tasting Switzerland honeymoon tourist package for newlywed couplesParisLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,42,755 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcase: Intriguing 8-day honeymoon in the Alps localityParisZurich₹ 1,43,657 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcased: Engaging 8-day honeymoon in a Swiss landscapeParisLucerne₹ 1,44,650 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's beguiling 10-night honeymoon bundleParisVeniceFlorenceLucerne₹ 1,45,823 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lucerne highlighted: 10-night memorable honeymooning in a Swiss settingLucerneZurichZermattInterlaken₹ 1,47,038 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome highlights: 9-day joyful honeymooning in the Alps regionRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerne₹ 1,47,793 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enchanting 7-night Switzerland honeymoon tour package for diehard romanticsParisLucerne₹ 1,48,677 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensuous 8-day/7-night honeymooning plan to SwitzerlandGenevaZermattLucerne₹ 1,49,369 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Memorable 8-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersZurichLucerneZermattInterlaken₹ 1,49,384 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day/7-night ethereal Switzerland honeymooning tour bundle for lovebirdsGenevaLausanneLuganoInterlaken₹ 1,52,851 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intriguing Switzerland honeymoon package for 9 days & 10 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneZurich₹ 1,52,922 (accommodation included)
    Bubbly 12-day/11-night honeymoon itinerary to SwitzerlandParisFrankfurtInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,53,184 (accommodation included)
    Celestial 9-day/10-night honeymoon plan to SwitzerlandParisLucerneZurich₹ 1,54,003 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-night bubbling honeymoon to Switzerland for the perfect pairParisLucernePrague₹ 1,54,037 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensuous Switzerland honeymooning plan for 9 days & 10 nightsAmsterdamParisZurich₹ 1,55,149 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal 9-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersAmsterdamAntwerpLucerne₹ 1,55,915 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day sensual honeymooning in Switzerland for spousal blissParisZurichInterlakenLucernePrague₹ 1,55,976 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/8-night mesmerizing honeymoon package to SwitzerlandZurichMontreuxLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,56,754 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris highlighted: Enchanting 10-night honeymoon in a Swiss regionParisAmsterdamLucerneZurich₹ 1,57,318 (airfare & accommodation included)
    10-night spellbinding Switzerland honeymoon dealZurichZermattLausanneLuganoLucerne₹ 1,58,162 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enticing Switzerland 9-day honeymoon packageAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,58,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-day surreal Switzerland honeymooning itinerarySt MoritzZermattInterlakenLucerneBasel₹ 1,60,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day idyllic honeymoon to Switzerland for soulmatesInterlakenZermattLucerneZurich₹ 1,61,922 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night exciting honeymoon package to SwitzerlandZurichLucerneSalzburgVienna₹ 1,64,723 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensual 11-day Switzerland honeymooning trip package for newly wedsLondonParisLucerne₹ 1,64,982 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Beguiling 16-night honeymoon package to SwitzerlandAmsterdamParisInterlakenZurichSalzburgVienna₹ 1,65,889 (accommodation included)
    Cuddly Switzerland 9-day honeymooning packageInterlakenZermattLucerneZurich₹ 1,66,273 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lovely Switzerland 8-night honeymoon packageZurichInterlakenParis₹ 1,67,257 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Romance reloaded 13-day/12-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersLucerneLuganoZurichLausanneZermattInterlaken₹ 1,68,438 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night rousing Switzerland honeymoon planGenevaInterlakenZurichLuganoMontreux₹ 1,68,944 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Zurich showcased: Enticing 12-night honeymoon in a Swiss settingZurichLuganoLucerneMontreuxZermattInterlaken₹ 1,70,356 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris special: 7-night magical honeymooning in a Swiss settingParisLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,71,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Beguiling 9-day honeymoon plan to SwitzerlandVeniceLucerneInterlakenSalzburgVienna₹ 1,72,204 (airfare & accommodation included)
    10-night idyllic Switzerland honeymooning trip package for doting soulmatesParisLucerneInterlakenVeniceRome₹ 1,75,017 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lucerne featured: 11-day magical honeymooning in a Swiss settingLucerneInterlakenZermattZurich₹ 1,76,609 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day/12-night lovable honeymooning package to SwitzerlandGenevaLucerneZurichMontreuxZermattInterlaken₹ 1,77,466 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night stimulating honeymoon package to SwitzerlandLucerneLuganoMontreuxZermattInterlaken₹ 1,78,671 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's cuddly honeymooning plan for 13 days & 12 nightsZurichBaselBernZermattLausanneInterlaken₹ 1,79,846 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night adorable Switzerland honeymooning offerInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,80,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Stimulating 12-night Switzerland honeymoon tourist package for the perfect coupleParisLucerneVenicePisaRome₹ 1,81,122 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night divine Switzerland honeymooning packageZurichMontreuxZermattInterlakenLucerne₹ 1,81,474 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddly 18-day Switzerland honeymooning tourist offer for doting soulmatesParisZurichInterlakenZermattLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,83,140 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day cuddly honeymoon in Switzerland for lovebirdsGenevaInterlakenZurichBernLucerneMontreux₹ 1,84,164 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Tempting 12-day/11-night Switzerland offer for honeymoonersAmsterdamMontreuxLucerneZurich₹ 1,85,255 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day lovely Switzerland honeymoon trip deal for romantic couplesAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,85,368 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day adorable honeymoon in Switzerland for newlywed matesRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,85,395 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day memorable honeymoon in Switzerland for the new coupleLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,87,609 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intriguing Switzerland 7-night honeymoon packageParisLucerneZurich₹ 1,87,730 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-day/11-night funfilled Switzerland honeymooning holiday package for romantic couplesPragueSalzburgInterlakenGrindelwaldZermattZurich₹ 1,89,950 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 14-day/13-night Switzerland honeymoon tour package for you and your spouseParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,90,063 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris highlights: Surrealistic 9-night honeymoon in the Alps landscapeParisInterlakenLucerneVenice₹ 1,90,143 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-night spellbinding Switzerland honeymoon tour package for the endlessly in loveAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniZurichLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,90,897 (airfare & accommodation included)
    16-day/15-night magical honeymoon plan to SwitzerlandAthensSantoriniMykonosSorrentoVeniceMilanZurich₹ 1,90,952 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day amorous honeymooning package to SwitzerlandParisMontreuxLucerneZurichParis₹ 1,92,500 (accommodation included)
    Switzerland's surreal 11-day honeymooning bundleParisGenevaLucerneZurich₹ 1,92,745 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-night enthralling Switzerland honeymoon planAmsterdamParisStuttgartLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,96,299 (airfare included)
    17-day romance reloaded Switzerland honeymoon packageFrankfurtMunichZurichSalzburgBudapestViennaPragueFrankfurt₹ 1,96,550 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring Switzerland honeymoon package for 12 days & 11 nightsInterlakenBernZermattLausanneBaselGeneva₹ 1,97,551 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lovable 11-night Switzerland package for honeymoonersGenevaZermattInterlakenLucerneZurich₹ 1,98,421 (airfare & accommodation included)
    15-day/14-night idyllic Switzerland honeymoon tour package for doting lifematesParisZurichFlorenceVeniceRome₹ 2,05,064 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Interlaken in spotlight: Magical 15-night honeymoon in a Swiss regionInterlakenLucerneMontreuxVeniceFlorenceRomeParis₹ 2,05,913 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's attractive 10-night honeymooning dealParisNiceMontreuxLucerne₹ 2,07,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-day intimate honeymooning in Switzerland for your post-nuptial joyBerlinLucerneRomeVenice₹ 2,10,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day lovely honeymooning to Switzerland for doting lifematesParisZurichZermattInterlakenParis₹ 2,10,223 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day/12-night dazzling honeymoon offer to SwitzerlandLucerneInterlakenZermattZurich₹ 2,11,072 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmerizing 15-day Switzerland honeymooning itineraryRomeVeniceNiceParisLucerneZurich₹ 2,18,288 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's funfilled 19-night honeymoon packageParisLondonZurichLucerneInnsbruckSalzburgVeniceRome₹ 2,22,446 (accommodation included)
    Lucerne foregrounded: Enthralling 13-day honeymoon in the Alps landscapeLucerneInterlakenZermattZurich₹ 2,23,462 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intimate 15-day Switzerland package for honeymoonersPragueLucerneInterlakenZermattMilan₹ 2,25,280 (airfare & accommodation included)
    19-night bubbling Switzerland honeymoon tourist offer for soulmatesParisGenevaLucerneSalzburgViennaPrague₹ 2,45,722 (accommodation included)
    15-day/14-night beguiling Switzerland honeymoon planInterlakenZermattMontreuxParisAmsterdam₹ 2,46,074 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Venice in spotlight: 13-day lovely honeymoon in the Alps settingVeniceSorrentoLucerneInterlakenZurich₹ 2,47,893 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day memorable Switzerland honeymoon packageMontreuxZermattInterlakenLucerneSalzburgInnsbruckVienna₹ 2,49,250 (airfare & accommodation included)
    18-night frenzy Switzerland honeymooning planRomeFlorenceZermattInterlakenMontreuxParisFrankfurt₹ 2,72,233 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 15-day/14-night Switzerland honeymoon tour itinerary for romantic spousesAthensSantoriniAthensVeniceMilanLucerneZurich₹ 2,81,134 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day divine honeymoon in Switzerland for the endlessly in loveParisMontreuxLucerneZurich₹ 2,87,687 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Wine-tasting 18-night Switzerland honeymoon packageAmsterdamInterlakenZermattComoPragueBudapest₹ 3,26,050 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Switzerland's idyllic 16-night honeymoon packageZurichLucerneInterlakenParisAmsterdam₹ 3,91,921 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Pleasure-seeking honeymoon package to Switzerland for 24 days & 23 nightsViennaInnsbruckZurichZermattInterlakenStrasbourgParisLondonBirmingham₹ 4,07,810 (airfare & accommodation included)
    19-day surrealistic honeymooning package to SwitzerlandLondonBrusselsAmsterdamParisLucerneVeniceMykonosAthens₹ 4,16,167 (airfare & accommodation included)

    Popular places to visit in Switzerland during the honeymoon

    The land of the alps bestowed with soaring mountains, shimmering lakes, medieval towns, and greenery is a perfect honeymoon destination. Though a bit expensive than the other European countries, Switzerland still makes up for it with the amazing list of destinations. At the heart of Switzerland is the popular ski resort of St. Moritz. An all-year-round destination, St. Moritz is abundant with tranquil lakes & forests. The luxury resort spot is packed with skiing, hiking options, and restaurants.

    For a peaceful walk along the lakeside, Montreux is the best. The hilltop resort town is also known for its week-long Jazz festival. Find refuge in one of the many charming chalets dotting Zermatt. Incredibly beautiful, Zermatt adds a magical ambience to your honeymoon. For a completely unique stay experience, try the Whitepod hotel. Eco-friendly, the hotel comes with stunning views. Get closer to the crashing waterfalls of Rhine. Painted in the best of blue, the cruise ride to the scenic waterfall is sure to mesmerize you. Done with the cruise? Go on a cable car ride to Mount Pilatus and Mount Titlis. The views from the top are simply unparalleled. Still not satiated? Take a trip to the fascinating Sphinx Observatory.

    Best time to visit Switzerland for honeymoon

    Given the varied landscape of Switzerland, different places within the country have different temperatures. But, in general, Switzerland has a temperate climate. High season in Switzerland is during July, August, and December - April. Especially, during the end of the year, all the ski resorts are abuzz with honeymoon tourists. This is also the time when the prices are high. If you are looking for a steal on the resort prices, then try visiting Switzerland between October and December. The prices are lower than ever. Meanwhile, the best time to visit Switzerland is during Spring & Autumn which is from April to June and September.

    Explore your Swiss honeymoon Trip

    Known for being the financial and economic hub, Zurich and Geneva is home to many banking giants. Step a couple of kms away from the biggest cities of the country and find yourself lost in awe of the serene Swiss beauty. Honeymoon trip to Switzerland to Switzerland is easy, but deciding what to do whilst you're there could be tricky. This is where Pickyourtrail comes into the picture. Since Switzerland honeymoon has something for everyone, our Switzerland honeymoon packages offer exciting itineraries that cater to a variety of interests. If you're looking for history and architecture, Lucerne is the place for you. It's got the ever-white Alps for a background sprinkled with 14-century medieval architecture. What's a Switzerland honeymoon without the Alps exploration! Although the snowy white mountains run across the entire country, Switzerland boasts of the posh alpine village and ski resorts like St. Moritz, Aletsch Glacier, Saas Fee that attract elite tourists and celebrities from all over the world. Our Switzerland packages for couple make sure that you enjoy every bit of the Alps by taking you on chocolate and cheese trains that give you the local flavour of Swiss and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Alps.

    However, if you're an adventurous couple our Switzerland honeymoon packages offer you perfect suggestions like Zermatt, Grindelwald and Interlaken - which are filled with ski runs, hike trails, tough terrain for mountain bikes and plenty of winter sports for you love birds. Additionally, you could take the gondolas to explore and get to the trekking spots.

    Switzerland Honeymoon Tour Packages with prices (airfare & hotels included)

    Switzerland Honeymoon packages No of days/nights Destinations Price*
    Romantic couples guide: 11 day Switzerland honeymoon itinerary 11 days/10 nights 10 NIGHTS: Geneva (2N) → Interlaken (2N) → Zurich (2N) → Bern (2N) → Lucerne (2N) Rs. 1,45,610 (with airfare, hotels)
    The perfect 15 day Switzerland honeymoon itinerary for couples 15 days/14 Nights 14 NIGHTS: Zurich (2N) → Montreux (2N) → Bern (2N) → Zermatt (2N) → Lausanne (2N) → Lucerne (2N) → Interlken (2N) Rs. 1,92,608 (airfare,hotels included)
    Passionate 11 day Switzerland honeymoon itinerary 11 days/10 nights 10 NIGHTS: Lucerne (2N) → Geneva (2N) → Zermatt (2N) → Interlaken (2N) → Zurich (2N) Rs. 1,67,350 (with airfare, hotels)
    The complete France and Switzerland itinerary for an exotic honeymoon 10 days/9 nights 9 NIGHTS: Paris (3N) → Interlaken (2N) → Lucerne (2N) → Zurich (2N) Rs. 1,47,362 (with airfare, hotels)
    The amazing 8 day Switzerland honeymoon itinerary for couples 8 days/7 nights 7 NIGHTS: Lucerne (3N) → Geneva (2N) → Zurich (2N) Rs. 1,19,761 (with airfare, hotels)

    Customize Switzerland Travel all you want!

    Pickyourtrail's Switzerland honeymoon packages are crafted keeping your interests in mind that ensures you get the best of Switzerland at your own pace. The packages include itineraries that are customisable to the very detail - which makes us stand apart. The itineraries cover everything from flights and standard 4-star accommodation to entry passes and best suggestions during leisure. Our itineraries also cater to varied other interests like family vacations, island and, etc. So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is let us know your interests and your end-to-end honeymoon itinerary is ready to go. Customize your itinerary and truly personalize your fairytale Switzerland honeymoon with us!

    Read more

    An epic 13 night Europe itinerary for the incredible

    • Rome (2N)
    • Positano (2N)
    • Venice (2N)
    +3 cities
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Evening Free Walking tour in Rome
    • Lake Lucerne
    • The Trevi fountain +8 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 11 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.84,000 /Person

    The perfect 9 night Switzerland itinerary for the adventure lovers

    • Geneva (2N)
    • Lucerne (2N)
    • Zurich (2N)
    +1 city
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Jet d'Eau
    • Zurich Opera House
    • Schilthorn Explorations (from Murren) -Best combined with Swiss Pass +4 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 7 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.95,000 /Person

    Blissful 6 day trip to Europe for Honeymoon

    • Montreux (5N)
    • Glacier 3000- Best Combined with Swiss Pass
    • Golden Pass Panoramic- Best Combined with Swiss Pass

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 2 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,06,414 /Person

    A Honeymoon itinerary: A fantastic 5 night Europe trip

    • Lucerne (3N)
    • Paris (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Lake Lucerne
    • Visit Interlaken from Lucerne
    • Titlis Experience -Best combined with Swiss Pass +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.1,16,268 /Person

    A fantastic 6 night Europe honeymoon itinerary

    • Paris (2N)
    • Lucerne (3N)
    • Zurich (1N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Open Tour Paris Hop-On-Hop-Off
    • Skip the Ticket Desk Line: Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise
    • Schilthorn Explorations (from Murren) -Best combined with Swiss Pass +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,29,669 /Person

    An incredible 5 day Europe itinerary for an unforgettable Honeymoon vacation

    • Interlaken (4N)
    • Kid_friendly
    • Leisure
    • Visit Alpenwildpark am Harder
    • Jungfraujoch from Interlaken - Best combined with Swiss Pass
    • Visit Zermatt from Interlaken- Best Combined with Swiss Pass +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 5 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,41,650 /Person

    A fantastic 7 night Italy and Switzerland honeymoon itinerary

    • Rome (2N)
    • Venice (2N)
    • Lucerne (2N)
    +1 city
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours
    • Murano Burano Islands guided cruise & Venice Lagoon panoramic tour in 4 hours!
    • Titlis Experience -Best combined with Swiss Pass +1 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 4 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,46,829 /Person

    An epic 8 night Europe itinerary for the glorious

    • Paris (4N)
    • Lucerne (3N)
    • Zurich (1N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Lake Lucerne
    • Visit Zermatt from Lucerne
    • Rigi Cog Railway, The real Swiss life - Best Combined with Swiss Pass +5 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 8 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,48,141 /Person

    The exotic 8 night Switzerland and Austria honeymoon itinerary for couples

    • Vienna (2N)
    • Innsbruck (2N)
    • Lucerne (3N)
    +1 city
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Vienna City Card
    • Swarovski Crystal Worlds Admission Ticket Including Shuttle Transfer from Innsbruck
    • Schilthorn Explorations (from Murren) -Best combined with Swiss Pass +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,53,702 /Person

    A rejuvenating 9 night Switzerland itinerary

    • Geneva (2N)
    • Lucerne (3N)
    • Zurich (2N)
    +1 city
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Bahnhofstrasse
    • Schilthorn Explorations (from Murren) -Best combined with Swiss Pass
    • Pilatus World's steepest Cog Railway - Best combined with Swiss Pass +6 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 9 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.1,55,536 /Person

    * prices are subject to change

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the best time to visit Switzerland?
    Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations for obvious reasons. The snow-capped peaks, the beautiful vistas, unlimited snow sports are unmissable. Or if it's just leisure you're looking at, you can always relax by a roaring bonfire with a mug of world-famous Swiss hot chocolate or cheese fondue in hand. To get the best of Switzerland, you just have to make sure that you’re touring during the right time. Our experts have researched on the best time to visit Switzerland, read on to know more! Switzerland is perennially good to go anytime, June - August is the best time to be here, given all activities are available. If you want to try out winter sports and want to experience winter here, January & February are the months for you
    What is the ideal stay duration for a Switzerland tour?
    While there are about twenty-six cantons here in Switzerland, exploring just two top cities like Bern and Zermatt would take anywhere between 5 - 6 days.
    What is the Switzerland Tourist Visa process for Indians?
    You will require a Schengen Visa ( tourist visa ) to visit Switzerland. A general visitor visa (tourist visa) will normally allow you to stay in Europe for 3 months. It takes around 15 working days for Visa to get processed from the embassy's end. Pickyourtrail's visa success rate is 99% so a hassle-free Visa process is guaranteed. For Schengen Visa, our visa experts will get in touch with you to initiate the complete process once you make your first payment. You will also have access to our mobile app where you will get timely updates on your visa processing.
    What are the main regions of the country worth exploring?
    Bern, Zermatt, Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken, Geneva and Montreaux are definite must-adds to your Switzerland itinerary. With these places, you catch a glimpse of both Switzerland's glitzy cities and its rustic alpine landscapes.
    Which currency should I use in Switzerland?
    You should carry your money in Swiss franc. Euro is also accepted but in very few places. For longer stays, it is better to carry Swiss franc.
    How reliable is the public transport in Switzerland?
    Switzerland is home to one of the world's best public transport system. The rail system is not only well-connected and salient but offers panoramic views of mountains and alpine valleys nearby. The Swiss Rail Pass lets you access everything from trains to buses to boats and even cable cars.
    What are the most scenic Switzerland train tours to take here?
    The railway isn't just an impeccably connected way to travel inside Switzerland. It is also a brilliant way to access the country's best views. Bernina and the Glacier Express are two train journeys that you absolutely must take while there.
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