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    A wonderful 6 night itinerary to Madrid, Seville and Barcelona

    • Madrid (3N)
    • Seville (1N)
    • Barcelona (2N)
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Visit El Rastro
    • Visit Casino de Madrid
    • Visit La Boqueria +4 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 7 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 45,951 /Person

    Spectacular 6 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

    • Lisbon (1N)
    • Seville (2N)
    • Barcelona (2N)
    • Leisure

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees
      • Flights excluded

      Starts from 49,135 /Person

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      Marvellous 11 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

      • Paris (1N)
      • Nice (2N)
      • Barcelona (2N)
      +3 cities
      • Leisure
      • Attraction
      • Monaco, Monte Carlo & Eze Medieval village
      • Semi-private VIP Guided Tour of the Alhambra from Seville
      • Private Tour of Sintra and Cascais

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • 3 activities
      • Private transfer
      • Visa fees
      • Flights excluded

      Starts from 97,261 /Person

      The best itinerary to explore the rejuvenating side of Spain

      • Barcelona (3N)
      • Seville (2N)
      • Madrid (3N)
      • Leisure
      • Attraction
      • Visit El Rastro
      • Visit Plaza de Espana

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • 2 activities
      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts from 1,00,000 /Person

      Awesome 9 day trip to Europe for Honeymoon

      • Barcelona (3N)
      • Seville (2N)
      • Madrid (3N)
      • Leisure

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,00,176 /Person

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        An ideal 9 night Spain itinerary for a Honeymoon getaway

        • Barcelona (3N)
        • Seville (2N)
        • Granada (2N)
        +1 cities
        • Leisure
        • Attraction
        • Skip-The-Line Alhambra and Generalife Expert Guided Tour
        • Madrid City Tour

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • 2 activities
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,10,000 /Person

        Lovely 7 day trip to Europe for Honeymoon

        • Rome (2N)
        • Venice (2N)
        • Barcelona (2N)
        • Attraction
        • Leisure
        • Roma Pass for 48 hours
        • Evening Free Walking tour in Venice
        • Venetian Islands Tour: Murano, Burano & Torcello +7 activities

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • 10 activities
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,13,971 /Person

        The perfect 7 day Spain Honeymoon itinerary to rejuvenate

        • Barcelona (1N)
        • Seville (3N)
        • Madrid (2N)
        • Leisure
        • Attraction
        • Toledo On Your Own Guided Walking Tour Half Day
        • Cathedral & Alcazar of Seville Guided Tour (Skip the Line)
        • Flamenco show in Triana with drink +2 activities

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • 5 activities
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,16,121 /Person

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        Dreamy itinerary for the best Honeymoon vacation to Europe

        • Lisbon (3N)
        • Albufeira (3N)
        • Lagos (2N)
        +1 cities
        • Leisure
        • Praia do Pinhao
        • City Sightseeing Seville Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • 2 activities
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,16,399 /Person

        Exotic 9 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

        • Seville (4N)
        • Barcelona (4N)
        • Attraction
        • Park Guell
        • Flamenco show in Triana with drink
        • Morning Access to Sagrada Familia with Optional Tower Access

        Inclusions (customisable)

        • Flights included
        • 3 activities
        • Shared transfer
        • Visa fees

        Starts from 1,18,000 /Person

        * prices are subject to change

        Spain Honeymoon Tour packages

        Considering a honeymoon with Sangria, Paella and Flamenco? Then Spain is a amazing choice - considering the fact that Spain is increasingly becoming a sort-after honeymoon package. Spain houses 17 autonomous regions whose landscapes and cultures are distinctly unique. It shares its border in the North with France while the South is out open to the Mediterranean. With a rich history and strong independent movements in the past, Spain offers a perfect blend of sassy beaches, buzzing nightlife and baroque architecture. Thanks to its Geography, all around the year its the best time to visit Spain. A honeymoon in Spain is a perfect choice and shall make it a perfect fairytale with our exclusive Spain honeymoon packages!

        Exclusive honeymoon packages for couples

        Pickyourtrail offers great Spain honeymoon packages that not just lets you explore the must-visit attractions, but will give you the local taste of Spain Conquistadors. The capital city - Madrid, is home to the famous Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor and Prado museum. Boasting of a rich repository of European artwork and architecture and sprinkled with historical monuments, beautiful gardens/parks and buzzing market streets, Madrid is an eventful spot for you lovebirds to explore. If you're done with Madrid, the next stop is Barcelona - the capital of Catalonia!, The city is literally a masterpiece of the master of architect himself - Antoni Gaudi. Famous for its museums and artwork, Barcelona is a vibrant city that makes for a perfect honeymoon destination. Had enough of culture and architecture? Our Spain honeymoon packages are here to spice your honeymoon a bit by including Ibiza in your trip. Buzzing beaches, amazing nightlife and great food! Satiate your thirst for adventure and thrill with your valentine here. Our Spain packages for couple isn't done with you just yet. A Spain honeymoon is incomplete without visiting the football stadiums of the rival clubs - Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. For the people here, they are more than just a football club. It is in fact a representation of freedom and independence. If you're a couple that follows the sport, use our Spain honeymoon holiday packages and take a tour of these clubs and earn your fanboy moment.

        Spain Honeymoon Packages from India
        Honeymooning Itineraries in Spain Sightseeing Routes in Spain Price* (Cost per visitor)
        Bewitching 10-night honeymoon bundle to SpainMadridGranadaSevilleBarcelona₹ 63,636 (accommodation included)
        Surrealistic 4-night Spain honeymooning tour bundle for the newlywedsBarcelona₹ 64,592 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona showcased: 6-night beguiling honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingBarcelonaViennaPrague₹ 65,409 (accommodation included)
        6-night lovable honeymoon to Spain for spouses with benefitsMadridValenciaBarcelona₹ 67,039 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Idyllic Spain 6-night honeymooning packageMadridIbizaBarcelona₹ 70,874 (airfare & accommodation included)
        4-night enthralling honeymoon to Spain for the perfect pairBarcelona₹ 73,890 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Hypnotic 8-day/7-night honeymooning itinerary to SpainBarcelonaMajorcaIbizaMadrid₹ 76,849 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day dreamy honeymoon offer to SpainBarcelonaIbizaValenciaMadrid₹ 78,342 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Funfilled 9-day Spain honeymooning trip package for your post-nuptial joyMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 78,426 (airfare & accommodation included)
        4-day mesmerizing Spain honeymoon holiday deal for the romantically inclinedBarcelona₹ 78,987 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Dreamy 8-day Spain honeymoon vacation bundle for romantic couplesBarcelonaIbizaSevilleMadrid₹ 79,716 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day/8-night ethereal Spain honeymooning tourist package for doting matesMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 81,825 (airfare & accommodation included)
        8-day spellbinding honeymoon itinerary to SpainMadridSevilleMadrid₹ 83,601 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day/8-night dreamy Spain honeymooning tour plan for newlywed couplesMadridMajorcaIbizaBarcelona₹ 83,765 (airfare & accommodation included)
        8-day/7-night endearing Spain honeymoon vacation deal for spousal blissMadridSeville₹ 84,343 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Lovely Spain honeymooning package for 9 days & 10 nightsBarcelonaGranadaMadrid₹ 84,942 (airfare & accommodation included)
        8-night beautiful honeymooning itinerary to SpainMadridValenciaSevilleBarcelona₹ 85,850 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's exciting 6-night honeymoon packageParisBarcelonaMadrid₹ 86,417 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Frenzy 12-day honeymoon package to SpainBarcelonaMajorcaMadrid₹ 87,489 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day/8-night beguiling Spain honeymoon packageParisBarcelonaMadrid₹ 87,527 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Celestial Spain 11-day honeymooning packageMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 87,627 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's engaging 8-night honeymoon packageBarcelonaMajorcaMalaga₹ 89,362 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bewitching 4-day/3-night Spain honeymoon packageBarcelona₹ 90,673 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-night celestial Spain honeymooning tourist offer for the new lovebirdsBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 90,846 (airfare & accommodation included)
        15-day hedonistic honeymoon in Spain for the newlywedsBarcelonaCosta BravaIbizaValenciaMadridGranadaMalaga₹ 90,975 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Endearing Spain honeymoon package for 11 days & 10 nightsMadridSevilleMajorcaIbizaBarcelona₹ 91,411 (airfare & accommodation included)
        12-day bubbly honeymooning to Spain for romantic spousesBarcelonaIbizaValenciaMadrid₹ 94,130 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bubbling 9-day/8-night Spain honeymoon trip package for romantic spousesMadridValenciaMalagaBarcelona₹ 94,724 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Mesmerizing 11-night Spain offer for honeymoonersBarcelonaIbizaSevilleMalagaMadrid₹ 94,898 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Lovely Spain 8-night honeymoon packageBarcelonaCosta BravaBarcelonaParis₹ 95,630 (accommodation included)
        8-night engaging Spain honeymoon packageBarcelonaSevilleGranadaMadrid₹ 96,501 (airfare & accommodation included)
        7-day/6-night endearing Spain honeymoon vacation offer for the newly marriedMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 96,632 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's ethereal 11-night honeymooning packageMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 96,905 (airfare & accommodation included)
        8-day amorous honeymooning package to SpainBarcelonaSevilleGranadaMadrid₹ 97,292 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Rousing 9-night Spain honeymooning packageMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 97,409 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Intriguing 10-night Spain honeymoon planMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 97,867 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Madrid featured: 13-day sweet honeymoon in a Spanish regionMadridBarcelonaIbizaMajorcaGranadaMalaga₹ 99,078 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's amorous 9-day honeymooning packageParisNiceBarcelonaMadrid₹ 99,760 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Alluring honeymoon package to Spain for 9 days & 8 nightsMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 99,789 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day enchanting honeymoon in Spain for your post-marital joyMalagaGranadaSevilleMadridBarcelona₹ 99,918 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's endearing 10-night honeymoon packageMadridMalagaSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,00,225 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Madrid highlighted: Ethereal 12-night honeymooning in a Mediterranean landscapeMadridGranadaMalagaValenciaBarcelona₹ 1,00,240 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Endearing Spain 8-night honeymoon packageMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,00,252 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day/10-night mesmeric honeymoon package to SpainMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,00,446 (airfare & accommodation included)
        14-day/13-night amorous honeymooning package to SpainBarcelonaCosta BravaIbizaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,01,459 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spain's mesmeric 14-night honeymoon itineraryBarcelonaIbizaSevilleMalagaMadrid₹ 1,01,471 (airfare & accommodation included)
        15-night heavenly honeymooning to Spain for romantic soulsMadridMajorcaValenciaBarcelona₹ 1,04,800 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Malaga showcase: 6-night bubbling honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingMalagaIbiza₹ 1,05,524 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day mesmerizing Spain honeymoon tour deal for your post-nuptial joyBarcelonaIbizaMajorcaGranadaMadrid₹ 1,05,910 (airfare & accommodation included)
        12-day/11-night cuddlesome Spain honeymoon trip package for newly wedsMadridValenciaSevilleMajorcaIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,07,418 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day dazzling Spain honeymoon vacation itinerary for newlywed lovebirdsMadridTenerifeBarcelona₹ 1,07,774 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona special: 9-day alluring honeymoon in a Mediterranean localityBarcelonaGranadaMadrid₹ 1,08,104 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Divine 11-day/10-night Spain package for honeymoonersMalagaMadridIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,09,709 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Exciting 11-day Spain package for honeymoonersBarcelonaMajorcaGranadaCordobaMalaga₹ 1,10,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
        7-night engaging honeymoon to Spain for spouses with benefitsMadridSevilleCordobaBarcelona₹ 1,10,821 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona highlighted: 14-day engaging honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingBarcelonaCosta BravaIbizaSevilleGranadaMadrid₹ 1,11,351 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Enticing 12-day/11-night Spain deal for honeymoonersBarcelonaIbizaValenciaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,11,874 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bewitching 9-day/8-night honeymoon package to SpainMadridSevilleIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,12,268 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day/10-night pleasure-seeking honeymoon offer to SpainBarcelonaValenciaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,13,434 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona featured: 8-night amorous honeymooning in a Mediterranean landscapeBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,14,219 (airfare & accommodation included)
        7-night rousing honeymoon bundle to SpainMadridIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,14,259 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Divine 10-night honeymoon package to SpainBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,14,608 (airfare & accommodation included)
        12-night bubbling honeymoon to Spain for lovebirdsBarcelonaIbizaValenciaSevilleMalagaMadrid₹ 1,15,017 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Divine 9-night Spain honeymooning packageBarcelonaIbizaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,15,723 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-night surrealistic honeymoon to Spain for spouses with benefitsBarcelonaGranadaMadrid₹ 1,16,039 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bewitching 9-day honeymoon package to SpainBarcelonaIbizaValenciaMalaga₹ 1,16,468 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day spellbinding honeymoon to Spain for spouses deeply in loveBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,16,546 (airfare & accommodation included)
        16-day rousing Spain honeymoon offerMadridBarcelonaValenciaSevilleLagosLisbon₹ 1,16,640 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Endearing 11-day Spain package for honeymoonersMadridTenerifeSevilleBarcelona₹ 1,18,198 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona showcase: 6-night romance reloaded honeymooning in a Spanish landscapeBarcelonaSevilleMalaga₹ 1,20,217 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Magical 5-day honeymooning package to SpainParisBarcelona₹ 1,20,748 (airfare & accommodation included)
        7-day/6-night bubbly honeymooning plan to SpainIbizaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,21,149 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Romance reloaded 8-day Spain honeymooning itineraryMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 1,22,286 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day hypnotic Spain honeymoon packageBarcelonaSevilleMalagaMadrid₹ 1,22,756 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day/10-night tempting Spain honeymoon planBarcelonaIbizaMajorcaMalagaMadrid₹ 1,22,991 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bewitching 4-day/3-night Spain honeymooning vacation package for the newly marriedBarcelona₹ 1,25,180 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Mesmeric 12-day/11-night honeymoon itinerary to SpainTenerifeSevilleValenciaCosta BravaBarcelona₹ 1,25,559 (airfare & accommodation included)
        12-day stimulating honeymoon package to SpainMadridSevilleMalagaIbizaBarcelona₹ 1,26,293 (airfare & accommodation included)
        9-day idyllic Spain honeymoon trip plan for spouses with benefitsBarcelonaSevilleGranadaMadrid₹ 1,30,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Spellbinding 19-day/18-night Spain package for honeymoonersLisbonLagosSevilleTenerifeBarcelona₹ 1,31,559 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Hypnotic 8-night honeymooning bundle to SpainBarcelonaIbizaMajorcaMalaga₹ 1,31,859 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Dreamy 13-day Spain honeymooning tour package for the newlywedsMadridSevilleBarcelonaBrusselsRome₹ 1,31,959 (airfare & accommodation included)
        14-night sensuous Spain honeymoon packageParisBarcelonaVeniceRome₹ 1,35,373 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Bubbly honeymooning package to Spain for 9 days & 10 nightsTenerifeMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 1,35,513 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Effervescent 14-day Spain package for honeymoonersMadridIbizaMajorcaSeville₹ 1,38,760 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Celestial Spain honeymooning package for 8 days & 7 nightsBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,41,772 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Surreal 11-day/10-night Spain honeymoon packageAmsterdamBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,42,007 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Barcelona attractions: Engaging 14-night honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingBarcelonaSevilleMadridLisbonBarcelona₹ 1,43,750 (accommodation included)
        Sweet 7-night Spain honeymooning trip package for the just-marriedMadridSevilleBarcelona₹ 1,46,722 (airfare & accommodation included)
        12-day sweet honeymooning in Spain for the hopeless romanticsIbizaMalagaParisMarbellaSeville₹ 1,47,199 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Mesmerizing 12-day honeymoon package to SpainLisbonSevilleBarcelona₹ 1,54,211 (airfare included)
        Hedonistic 21-day/20-night honeymoon itinerary to SpainRomeFlorenceVeniceMilanPragueAmsterdamParisBarcelonaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,63,308 (airfare & accommodation included)
        11-day/10-night surreal Spain honeymoon packageBarcelonaSevilleMadrid₹ 1,65,919 (accommodation included)
        23-day/22-night surrealistic Spain honeymooning packageMadridBarcelonaMalagaSevilleLisbonPortoEdinburghInvernessEdinburghLondon₹ 1,79,763 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Engaging 13-night Spain package for honeymoonersBarcelonaMadridGranadaSevilleLagosLisbon₹ 1,83,030 (airfare & accommodation included)
        17-night ethereal Spain honeymoon vacation package for the new coupleBarcelonaRomeVeniceFlorenceNiceParisBrussels₹ 1,89,346 (airfare & accommodation included)
        10-night idyllic honeymoon bundle to SpainBarcelonaIbizaSevilleLisbonMadrid₹ 2,00,978 (airfare & accommodation included)
        Hypnotic Spain honeymoon deal for 21 days & 20 nightsAmsterdamIbizaMalagaSevilleBarcelonaAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 2,27,437 (accommodation included)
        Dazzling 11-day Spain honeymooning packageLisbonBarcelonaParisAmsterdam₹ 2,54,927 (airfare & accommodation included)

        Spain Honeymoon Tour Packages from India with prices (airfare & hotels included)

        Spain Honeymoon packages for couples No of days/nights Destinations Price*
        The most romantic 8 day Spain honeymoon itinerary 8 days/7 nights 7 NIGHTS: Barcelona (2N) → Majorca (2N) → Ibiza (2N) → Madrid (1N) Rs. 76,849 (with airfare, hotels)
        The ideal 7 day Spain honeymoon itinerary for culture vultures 7 days/6 Nights 6 NIGHTS: Madrid (2N) → Valencia (2N) → Barcelona (2N) Rs. 67,039 (airfare,hotels included)
        Relaxing 9 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers 9 days/8 nights 8 NIGHTS: Barcelona (2N) → Costa Brava (2N) → Barcelona (1N) → Paris (3N) Rs. 95,630 (with airfare, hotels)
        The perfect 10 day Spain itinerary for the adventure couples 10 days/9 nights 9 NIGHTS: Madrid (3N) → Seville (2N) → Ibiza (2N) → Barcelona (2N) Rs. 1,00,446 (with airfare, hotels)
        Honeymoon special: romantic 12 night trip to Europe 6 days/5 nights 5 NIGHTS: Lisbon (3N) → Seville (2N) → Madrid (4N) → Barcelona (3N) Rs. 2,08,512 (with airfare, hotels)

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