Custom Honeymoon Tour Packages in Greece!

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The best itinerary to explore the exotic side of Greece

  • Theme
  • Leisure

6 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Mykonos (2N) → Santorini (2N) → Athens (1N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Luxury redefined : A 7 day Greece itinerary

  • Theme
  • Attraction
  • Leisure

6 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Santorini (3N) → Athens (2N)

4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Marvellous 10 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

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  • Leisure
  • Attraction

9 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Santorini (3N) → Mykonos (3N) → Athens (2N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

An epic 7 night Europe itinerary for the marvellous

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  • Attraction

7 NIGHTS: Athens (2N) → Mykonos (2N) → Santorini (2N) → Athens (1N)

3.5 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Dreamy 9 day trip to Europe for Honeymoon

  • Theme
  • Adventure
  • Leisure

8 NIGHTS: Berlin (1N) → Athens (2N) → Santorini (3N) → Athens (1N) → Berlin (1N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

An ideal 7 night Greece itinerary for a Honeymoon getaway

  • Theme
  • Leisure
  • Attraction

7 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Mykonos (2N) → Santorini (2N) → Athens (2N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

An incredible 9 day Greece itinerary for an unforgettable Honeymoon vacation

  • Theme
  • Attraction
  • Leisure

8 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Santorini (2N) → Mykonos (2N) → Athens (3N)

3.5 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Honeymoon special: marvellous 11 night trip to Europe

  • Theme
  • Leisure
  • Attraction

11 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Zakynthos (3N) → Santorini (3N) → Mykonos (2N) → Athens (2N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

Cultural travel in Greece for 6 nights stay

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  • Leisure

6 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Santorini (2N) → Mykonos (2N) → Athens (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

Stunning 10 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

  • Theme
  • Attraction
  • Leisure

9 NIGHTS: Athens (1N) → Mykonos (2N) → Santorini (3N) → Athens (3N)

Flights 2.5 Hotels Activities Shared transfer
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Greece Honeymoon Packages

Identical sugar-cube houses with a tinge of blue, azure blue seas, exhaustive history, and exotic parties, Greece has become every honeymooner’s dream. Situated in Southeast Europe, Greece is known as the cradle of Western civilization. Being one of the oldest countries in the world, Greece offers a quaint and serene atmosphere that surely adds sparkle and romance to your honeymoon. With several picturesque islands to its kitty, Greece boasts of architecture and landmarks dating back to 5th Century B.C. A Greece honeymoon is a perfect blend of history and culture in Athens, dark sandy beaches in Santorini and party scene in Mykonos. With tourists flocking the country throughout the year and hundreds of suggestions coming your way on how to go about your trip, Pickyourtrail is here to your rescue with its awesome Greece honeymoon tour packages!

Greece Honeymoon packages No of days Price*
Epic 9 night Greece Package 10 days/9 nights Rs. 47,183
2019 Exotic Greece Honeymoon Package 7 days/6 nights Rs. 49,000
Special Greece Honeymoon Getaway 8 days/7 nights Rs. 77,683
Romantic 10 day Greece Honeymoon Package 10 days/9 nights Rs. 1,08,665
Magnificent 7 day Greece Honeymoon 7 days/6 nights Rs. 1,12,992

Crafting Greece honeymoon package for newly weds

The most visited places in our Greece honeymoon packages from India are Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. Pickyourtrail's couple tour packages cover the best of the islands very meticulously and ensure you don't miss the must-do's!

Here is a list of places to visit in Greece for honeymoon.

Must visit places in Athens:-

Acropolis of Athens - A visit to the Acropolis of Athens and the hike up to the famous Parthenon is sure to take you back to 447 B.C. Parthenon, an ancient temple built in marble that housed the Greek goddess Athena, has a magnificent Doric style architecture, and also extensive history attached to it, making it a must visit place on your Greece honeymoon.

Temple of Zeus - Enjoy the rich history of Athens with a visit to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, a 6th Century BC temple located at the centre of Athens. This temple is dedicated to the head of the Olympian gods, Zeus.

Guard change at Syntagma Square - Witness the hourly changing of Evzones guarding the tomb of an unknown soldier at the Syntagma Square and get amazed by the spectacular coordination between the Evzones on their parade.

Monastiraki square - A lively and a busy square in Athens surrounded with traditional tavernas and restaurants and known for its iconic landmarks which include the ruins of Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora, this square is a good site to try the world-famous Greek salad and a pita pocket.

Athens Flea Market - This is a line of shops selling everything from artisanal soaps, handmade sandals, to all kinds of souvenirs to take home.

Plaka - A stroll through the Plaka at night is just the right kind of leisure walk. Dimly lit streets, with restaurants and ice creams parlours lining up on both sides, with an incredible view of Acropolis at night, a walk through this avenue is a serene experience not worth a miss.

Panathenaic stadium - The only Olympic stadium in the world made out of complete Marble, make a visit to this stadium and run a fun race with your partner.

Greece Honeymoon Itineraries from India
Honeymooning Bundles in Greece Sightseeing Routes in Greece Price* (Cost per visitor)
9-day exciting Greece honeymoon bundleAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 54,291 (accommodation included)
9-day sweet Greece honeymooning tour package for the hopeless romanticsBerlinAthensSantoriniAthensBerlin₹ 69,969 (accommodation included)
11-day/10-night pleasure-seeking Greece honeymoon holiday itinerary for the newly wedAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 73,517 (accommodation included)
Wine-tasting Greece honeymoon itinerary for 8 days & 7 nightsAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 74,399 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens special: 7-night amorous honeymoon in a Grecian landscapeAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 75,743 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing 8-day Greece honeymoon packageAthensSantoriniNaxos IslandAthens₹ 76,803 (airfare & accommodation included)
Pleasure-seeking 7-day/6-night Greece honeymooning holiday package for spousal blissAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 86,110 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day sparkling Greece honeymoon bundleAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 86,515 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging honeymoon itinerary to Greece for 9 days & 8 nightsAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 86,797 (accommodation included)
Athens showcase: Sparkling 9-day honeymoon in a Mediterranean regionAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 87,057 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens in spotlight: 7-night effervescent honeymoon in a Greek regionAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 87,479 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frenzy 8-day Greece honeymoon packageAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 87,479 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens showcased: 8-day pleasure-seeking honeymoon in a Mediterranean regionAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 88,695 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-night bubbly honeymoon to Greece for the ideal coupleAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 88,695 (airfare & accommodation included)
Adorable 8-day Greece honeymoon dealAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 88,993 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's bubbly honeymooning package for 9 days & 8 nightsAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 89,990 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bubbling 8-day Greece package for honeymoonersAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 92,944 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frenzy 9-day/8-night Greece honeymoon planAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 93,800 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frenzy Greece 8-day honeymoon dealAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 94,767 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens foregrounded: 8-day dreamy honeymooning in a Mediterranean localityAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 95,375 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's stimulating honeymoon package for 9 days & 8 nightsAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 96,857 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens featured: 7-night mesmerizing honeymoon in a Greek settingAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 98,113 (airfare & accommodation included)
Cuddly 7-day/6-night honeymoon offer to GreeceAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 99,042 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sparkling Greece 8-day honeymoon packageAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 99,374 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sparkling Greece 6-night honeymooning packageAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 99,511 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bubbling 8-day Greece honeymooning planAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,01,482 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frenzy 8-day Greece honeymooning holiday package for your post-nuptial joyAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,02,471 (airfare & accommodation included)
Ethereal 6-night Greece honeymoon packageAthensZakynthosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,03,376 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens special: 8-night bubbling honeymoon in a Hellenistic terrainAthensSantoriniMykonosZakynthosAthens₹ 1,04,330 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's hypnotic honeymooning package for 11 days & 10 nightsAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,04,403 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day lovely honeymooning itinerary to GreeceAthensMykonosSantorini₹ 1,07,136 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's bewitching 6-day honeymoon bundleAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,07,697 (airfare & accommodation included)
5-night effervescent Greece honeymooning packageAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,09,810 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmeric 9-night Greece honeymoon trip package for romantic soulsAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,10,092 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night pleasure-seeking honeymoon to Greece for your post-marital blissAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,10,526 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day mesmerizing Greece honeymoon tour plan for the endlessly in loveAthensMykonosNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 1,11,329 (airfare & accommodation included)
Pleasure-seeking 8-night Greece package for honeymoonersAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,11,550 (airfare & accommodation included)
Beguiling 8-day/7-night Greece honeymoon itineraryAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,13,809 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's sensual 11-night honeymooning packageAthensMykonosNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 1,14,533 (accommodation included)
Endearing honeymoon offer to Greece for 9 days & 10 nightsAthensMykonosSantoriniParis₹ 1,16,038 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-night adorable honeymooning offer to GreeceSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,16,884 (airfare & accommodation included)
Romance reloaded 6-day/5-night Greece honeymoon tourist itinerary for romantic soulsAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,17,424 (airfare & accommodation included)
Heavenly 10-night Greece honeymoon dealAthensSantoriniMykonosParis₹ 1,19,243 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens highlighted: 7-night idyllic honeymoon in a Mediterranean terrainAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,19,250 (airfare & accommodation included)
Beguiling 7-day honeymoon itinerary to GreeceMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,20,362 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's ethereal honeymooning package for 8 days & 7 nightsAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,20,868 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day/6-night tempting Greece honeymoon tour bundle for the romantically inclinedAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,20,984 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night cuddly Greece honeymooning packageAthensSantoriniNaxos IslandAthens₹ 1,21,695 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens featured: 11-day sparkling honeymoon in a Grecian regionAthensMykonosCreteSantorini₹ 1,21,711 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day intimate Greece honeymoon planMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,21,772 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day cuddlesome honeymoon to Greece for romantic couplesAthensMykonosSantorini₹ 1,22,850 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day celestial honeymooning itinerary to GreeceAthensSantoriniVenice₹ 1,23,284 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sparkling 9-day/8-night Greece honeymooning packageAthensCorfuZakynthosSantorini₹ 1,23,303 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day stimulating Greece honeymoon offerMilanVeniceFlorenceRomeAthens₹ 1,23,405 (airfare & accommodation included)
Santorini in spotlight: 7-day lovable honeymooning in a Grecian landscapeSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,24,380 (airfare & accommodation included)
Intimate Greece honeymooning plan for 8 days & 7 nightsAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,25,140 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day alluring Greece honeymoon trip package for couplesSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,25,288 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's spellbinding honeymoon package for 7 days & 6 nightsAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,27,614 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's engaging 7-night honeymoon packageAthensSantoriniNaxos IslandAthens₹ 1,30,888 (accommodation included)
Athens special: 9-day bewitching honeymoon in a Greek regionAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,31,672 (airfare & accommodation included)
Intriguing 8-night Greece package for honeymoonersVeniceRomeSantoriniAthens₹ 1,32,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day/7-night lovable Greece honeymooning tourist package for doting soulmatesAthensSantoriniNaxos IslandAthens₹ 1,32,685 (accommodation included)
Beautiful 6-night Greece honeymoon packageAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,33,166 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-night dreamy Greece honeymooning tourist package for your post-marital joyAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,33,750 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night adorable Greece honeymoon trip offer for couplesAthensZakynthosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,34,391 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens highlights: 9-day dazzling honeymoon in a Hellenistic settingAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,34,598 (airfare & accommodation included)
Endearing 9-day/8-night honeymoon package to GreeceAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,35,542 (airfare & accommodation included)
Wine-tasting Greece 14-day honeymooning dealAthensCephaloniaMykonosIosSantorini₹ 1,37,570 (airfare & accommodation included)
Venice highlights: Exciting 9-day honeymoon in a Greek settingVeniceFlorenceSantoriniAthens₹ 1,37,629 (airfare & accommodation included)
Idyllic 8-night honeymooning deal to GreeceAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,37,905 (airfare & accommodation included)
Idyllic 9-day/10-night Greece honeymooning bundleAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,40,808 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night sparkly Greece honeymooning tourist package for romantic couplesAthensMykonosSantoriniVenice₹ 1,41,910 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing 8-day/7-night Greece honeymooning packageParisSantoriniMykonos₹ 1,45,820 (airfare & accommodation included)
Joyful 11-day Greece honeymoon tourist package for your post-marital blissAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,47,703 (accommodation included)
Beautiful 9-day/10-night Greece package for honeymoonersVeniceAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,48,310 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens highlights: 9-day divine honeymoon in a Mediterranean terrainAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,50,389 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-night alluring honeymoon package to GreeceParisRomeSorrentoFlorenceSantoriniAthens₹ 1,51,647 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-day surreal honeymooning in Greece for the perfect pairAthensSantoriniCreteAthens₹ 1,53,029 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing 9-night Greece honeymooning offerAthensMykonosSantoriniAmsterdam₹ 1,54,016 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day cuddly honeymoon to Greece for your post-nuptial joyAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 1,55,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's intriguing 11-day honeymoon packageAthensSantoriniMilosMykonosAthens₹ 1,55,184 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day effervescent Greece honeymooning bundleAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,56,772 (airfare & accommodation included)
16-day/15-night effervescent Greece honeymoon holiday deal for newlywed matesParisVeniceFlorenceRomeSantoriniAthens₹ 1,56,830 (airfare & accommodation included)
17-day bewitching honeymoon deal to GreeceLondonAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,57,975 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night ethereal honeymooning package to GreeceAthensMykonosNaxos IslandSantoriniAthens₹ 1,60,586 (airfare & accommodation included)
10-night celestial Greece honeymooning planAthensSantoriniRome₹ 1,63,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
Spellbinding 9-night Greece bundle for honeymoonersAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,64,985 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night exciting Greece honeymoon tour package for spousal blissAthensMykonosSantoriniIstanbul₹ 1,81,512 (airfare & accommodation included)
Frenzy Greece 8-night honeymooning packageAthensSantoriniMykonosAthens₹ 1,85,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 9-night Greece honeymoon trip itinerary for the romantically inclinedAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 1,90,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's endearing 13-day honeymoon itineraryAthensNaxos IslandSantoriniZurichLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,90,897 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enchanting 16-day Greece itinerary for honeymoonersAthensSantoriniMykonosSorrentoVeniceMilanZurich₹ 1,90,952 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day/13-night stimulating Greece honeymoon holiday offer for your post-marital joyAthensSantoriniMykonosIstanbulGoremeIstanbul₹ 1,98,781 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bubbly honeymooning package to Greece for 24 days & 23 nightsMilanVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRomeSantoriniMykonosAthensIstanbul₹ 2,02,475 (accommodation included)
13-day/12-night ethereal honeymooning package to GreeceAthensSantoriniAthensDubrovnikSplitPlitviceZagreb₹ 2,09,912 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-night spellbinding honeymoon package to GreeceAthensSantoriniAthensDubrovnikSplitPlitviceZagreb₹ 2,09,912 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bubbling 15-night Greece package for honeymoonersAthensMykonosNaxos IslandIosSantoriniCreteAthens₹ 2,14,427 (airfare & accommodation included)
Dazzling 13-night Greece package for honeymoonersAthensSantoriniKusadasiGoremeIstanbul₹ 2,23,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's endearing honeymoon package for 14 days & 13 nightsAthensSantoriniKusadasiGoremeIstanbul₹ 2,26,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
Engaging 21-day/20-night Greece honeymoon tourist offer for doting matesAmsterdamIbizaMalagaSevilleBarcelonaAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 2,27,437 (accommodation included)
17-day sensuous honeymoon in Greece for newlywed couplesSorrentoAthensMykonosSantoriniAthensDubrovnikSplitZagreb₹ 2,29,705 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night rousing honeymoon package to GreeceAmsterdamParisSantoriniAthens₹ 2,30,576 (airfare & accommodation included)
Effervescent 25-night Greece honeymoon packageNiceParisAmsterdamPragueViennaBudapestAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 2,31,956 (airfare & accommodation included)
Athens in spotlight: 9-day attractive honeymoon in a Hellenistic landscapeAthensSantoriniIosMykonosAthens₹ 2,33,773 (airfare & accommodation included)
Greece's mesmerizing honeymoon itinerary for 16 days & 15 nightsAthensSantoriniMykonosKusadasiGoremeIstanbul₹ 2,50,000 (accommodation included)
Athens in spotlight: Mesmeric 15-day honeymoon in a Greek landscapeAthensSantoriniAthensVeniceMilanLucerneZurich₹ 2,81,134 (airfare & accommodation included)
London attractions: 18-night engaging honeymoon in a Grecian settingLondonBrusselsAmsterdamParisLucerneVeniceMykonosAthens₹ 4,16,167 (airfare & accommodation included)

Must visit places in Mykonos -

Little Venice - An impressive area in the heart of Mykonos built in Venetian style architecture with restaurants lined up by the shore, and with everything you see in Blue and white. Enter this space and get transported to a different world altogether. Stop by at the Caprice restaurant for a candlelit dinner by the shore and make your partner feel extra special on your honeymoon. Also visit the Paraportiani church, one of the very many there are on the island.

Windmills of Mykonos - Old age windmills, but now an iconic landmark of Mykonos that has been a prime location for various Bollywood movies, make your visit to the windmills just in the nick of time and witness the most picturesque sunset in Mykonos.

Delos island - A 5-hour Delos Island Day trip from Mykonos to cruise out and explore the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and the Delos sanctuary is a tour to take on your honeymoon in Mykonos.

Super Paradise beach - This beach is synonymous to party in Mykonos. Clubbers, models, jet setters, VIPs, this is the place they come to, to party. Don’t be surprised if you find a celebrity in the crowd dancing next to you. Indulge in all kinds of water sports this place has to offer with your partner.

Must visit places in Santorini -

Oia - A coastal town with jampacked whitewashed houses on clifftops that overlook a vast caldera of blue waters and provide a breathtaking view of Santorini sunset is a reason enough to make your Santorini honeymoon.

Amudi bay - A bay below the town of Oia is famous for restaurants found by the shore. Lunch or Dine by a restaurant and enjoy food while enjoying scenic views of the caldera.

But just because these are the famous spots, don't let your journey confined by them. Add to your already existing Santorini honeymoon package, few other islands. We offer other exciting Greece honeymoon destinations that let you explore Greece in-depth by touring the Ionian islands - Corfu Islands, Rhodes, Heraklion - Crete, etc. All of these places offer adventure, architecture, art, and history. Based on what you prefer, we generate itineraries so you don't get to miss out on anything.

Make your own Greece honeymoon package itinerary

Our Greece honeymoon tour packages include everything from flights and 4-star accommodation to itineraries and entry passes. Everything in our itineraries is customizable and that's what makes us unique. Make your own mix of fun, adventure, and history and we'll make sure your Greece honeymoon is as romantic as it can get! Pickyourtrail also caters to packages that suit family vacations, adventure-themed holidays, etc. So, let us know where you want to go and we'll ensure you have a great holiday!