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    If you're planning for a honeymoon, Italy is a perfect choice. Located in southern Europe, Italy boasts of a variety in landscapes, culture and cuisine across its multiple international tourists cities. With its capital Rome which is home to the Vatican, Italy has long coastlines along the Mediterranean with ranges of Alps - thus offering a beautiful blend of breathtaking landscape, sunny beaches, history and culture for your perfect honeymoon. The cities in it are various and the flavours are many - so, it's common to be carried away and left confused on planning an itinerary. This is where Pickyourtrail comes to your rescue with our exclusive Italy honeymoon packages!

    Exclusive Itineraries for couples to explore Italy

    Italy Honeymoon Packages from India
    Honeymooning bundles in Italy Sightseeing Routes in Italy Price* (Cost per visitor)
    6-day sensual Italy honeymoon dealNaplesFlorence₹ 53,093 (accommodation included)
    Mesmeric 9-day/8-night Italy itinerary for honeymoonersRomeFlorenceMilan₹ 62,342 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 7-day/6-night Italy offer for honeymoonersRomeNaplesMilan₹ 66,425 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sparkling 11-day honeymoon plan to ItalyRomeFlorenceMilanVenice₹ 67,626 (accommodation included)
    Mesmerizing 5-night honeymoon package to ItalyVenice₹ 68,008 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 7-day Italy honeymoon packageRomeVenice₹ 71,278 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day mesmeric honeymooning to Italy for doting lifematesRome₹ 71,683 (airfare & accommodation included)
    5-day magical honeymooning package to ItalyRomeVenice₹ 73,638 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring honeymoon package to Italy for 8 days & 7 nightsMilanSorrentoRome₹ 73,707 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day/6-night adorable honeymoon package to ItalyRomeMilanVenice₹ 73,842 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day enchanting Italy honeymoon bundleRomeMilan₹ 74,991 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Exciting 8-night Italy honeymooning itineraryRomeNaplesFlorenceMilan₹ 75,154 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-night hypnotic Italy honeymooning holiday itinerary for your post-marital blissMilanVeniceRome₹ 75,455 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's mesmerizing honeymoon itinerary for 6 days & 5 nightsRomeNaplesMilan₹ 75,699 (airfare & accommodation included)
    5-day/4-night romance reloaded Italy honeymoon packageRome₹ 77,453 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day/6-night hypnotic Italy honeymooning bundleVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 77,474 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intriguing 9-day honeymoon package to ItalyMilanVenice₹ 79,081 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome highlights: Lovable 5-night honeymooning in a Hellenistic localityRomeSorrentoMilan₹ 79,314 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's magical 8-night honeymooning packageRomeNaplesMilan₹ 79,789 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Endearing 7-day/6-night Italy honeymoon bundleRomeParis₹ 80,345 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 9-day/8-night Italy honeymoon dealRomeMilanVenice₹ 80,364 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Exciting 9-night Italy honeymoon trip package for the romantic coupleRomeSorrentoMilanVenice₹ 81,230 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbly 8-day/7-night Italy honeymoon packageRomeFlorenceMonterossoMilan₹ 81,988 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day mesmeric honeymooning itinerary to ItalyRomeVenice₹ 82,013 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day lovely honeymooning bundle to ItalyVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 82,746 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/10-night ethereal Italy honeymoon bundleRomeNaplesFlorenceTurinMilan₹ 83,531 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome highlighted: 8-night dreamy honeymooning in a Roman terrainRomeNaplesBolognaTurinMilan₹ 84,572 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night stimulating Italy honeymoon vacation plan for wild-eyed romanticsRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 84,717 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night bewitching Italy honeymoon offerRomeNaplesFlorenceVenice₹ 85,000 (accommodation included)
    Lovely 9-night Italy plan for honeymoonersVeniceMonterossoFlorenceRome₹ 85,142 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmeric 9-day/8-night honeymoon package to ItalyRomeMilanFlorenceVenice₹ 85,422 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day/7-night magical honeymoon plan to ItalyRomeSorrentoVenice₹ 85,920 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day alluring honeymoon to Italy for newlywed matesRomeVeniceFlorenceNaples₹ 85,951 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's intimate honeymooning package for 7 days & 6 nightsMilanVenice₹ 85,988 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Frenzy Italy 8-night honeymooning planRomeSorrentoFlorenceVenice₹ 87,404 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day sparkly Italy honeymooning trip package for spousal blissRomeFlorenceMilanVenice₹ 87,519 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome foregrounded: 8-night cuddlesome honeymoon in a Roman terrainRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 88,098 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome highlights: 9-night beautiful honeymooning in an Italian localityRomeMilanPisaFlorenceVenice₹ 88,663 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Milan showcased: Joyful 5-day honeymoon in a Roman localityMilanVenice₹ 89,046 (airfare included)
    Italy's lovable 9-day honeymoon packageRomeSorrentoFlorenceVenice₹ 89,828 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/10-night spellbinding honeymoon plan to ItalyRomeVeniceFlorenceNaples₹ 90,247 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome attractions: Idyllic 10-night honeymoon in a Hellenistic settingRomeCapriNaplesMilan₹ 90,390 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Engaging 11-night Italy honeymooning packageRomeNaplesFlorenceVeniceMilanRome₹ 90,553 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Adorable 9-day/10-night honeymooning itinerary to ItalyRomeSorrentoFlorenceBolognaMilan₹ 91,154 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal Italy 7-night honeymooning packageRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 92,282 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbling Italy 7-day honeymoon itineraryRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 92,322 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's bubbly honeymoon itinerary for 11 days & 10 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 92,911 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome showcase: 9-day tempting honeymoon in an Italian terrainRomeAmalfi CoastFlorenceVenice₹ 92,944 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day divine honeymooning to Italy for your post-nuptial blissRomeMilanFlorenceVenice₹ 94,201 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night frenzy Italy honeymooning packageRomeFlorenceMilan₹ 94,308 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome attractions: 8-day memorable honeymooning in a Mediterranean regionRomeTurinVenice₹ 96,216 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day intriguing honeymoon in Italy for lovebirdsRomeFlorenceTurinMilan₹ 96,250 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Venice highlighted: 7-day attractive honeymooning in an Italian localityVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 96,684 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Tempting 9-day Italy honeymooning vacation bundle for the romantically inclinedMilanFlorenceNaplesRome₹ 96,835 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 8-night Italy package for honeymoonersRomeSorrentoPisaMilan₹ 96,995 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day stimulating honeymoon in Italy for soulmatesRomeSorrentoFlorenceVenice₹ 97,456 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's sensual honeymoon package for 11 days & 10 nightsViennaPragueRome₹ 97,970 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sparkling honeymoon offer to Italy for 9 days & 8 nightsRomeNaplesFlorenceVenice₹ 98,090 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surrealistic 7-day honeymoon package to ItalyRomeSorrentoVenice₹ 98,323 (airfare & accommodation included)
    10-night tempting honeymoon to Italy for your post-marital blissParisFlorenceRome₹ 98,877 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Memorable 14-night Italy package for honeymoonersParisNiceVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 99,020 (accommodation included)
    Magical Italy 9-day honeymoon packageVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,00,481 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Magical 8-night honeymoon package to ItalyRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,01,686 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddly 13-day/12-night Italy package for honeymoonersMilanRomeAmalfi CoastFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,03,105 (accommodation included)
    9-day surrealistic honeymooning in Italy for wild-eyed romanticsParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,03,229 (accommodation included)
    Magical 5-night Italy honeymoon vacation package for the romantically inclinedRome₹ 1,03,931 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 9-day/8-night honeymoon package to ItalyParisRome₹ 1,04,766 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy Italy 7-day honeymooning packageVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,05,634 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's wine-tasting 7-day honeymoon packageRomeFlorence₹ 1,06,888 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day/6-night enthralling honeymoon package to ItalyRomeMilanVenice₹ 1,07,655 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day tempting honeymoon to Italy for the newlywedsPadovaComoTurinNaplesMilan₹ 1,14,776 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbly 17-day/16-night Italy honeymoon bundleBrusselsParisLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,15,033
    Exciting 7-night Italy honeymoon offerRomeBellagioVenice₹ 1,15,139 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris highlighted: 7-day beguiling honeymoon in an Italian settingParisRome₹ 1,15,211 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddlesome 11-night Italy honeymoon packageRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,16,892 (accommodation included)
    12-day/2-night bewitching Italy honeymoon tour package for the ideal coupleRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,17,349 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-night romance reloaded honeymoon to Italy for the newly marriedParisVeniceRome₹ 1,17,867 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enchanting 11-day honeymoon bundle to ItalyVeniceLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,18,289 (accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 7-day Italy honeymooning packageRomeFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,19,179 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day spellbinding honeymoon itinerary to ItalyParisVenice₹ 1,20,105 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Venice foregrounded: 9-night hedonistic honeymoon in a Roman terrainVeniceFlorenceSorrentoNaplesRome₹ 1,20,199 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/8-night engaging Italy honeymoon bundleRomeNaplesFlorenceVenice₹ 1,20,980 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Hypnotic 8-day/7-night honeymoon package to ItalyAthensSantoriniVenice₹ 1,23,284 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's surreal 11-day honeymoon packageMilanVeniceFlorenceRomeAthens₹ 1,23,405 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lovely 8-day Italy honeymoon packageRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 1,23,594 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sweet 9-day/8-night Italy honeymooning offerVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,26,088 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 9-night Italy honeymooning tourist itinerary for the just-marriedRomeFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,28,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's romance reloaded 8-night honeymooning itineraryRomeFlorenceVenice₹ 1,30,422 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Exciting 9-day/10-night Italy honeymooning dealParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,30,434 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's exciting 6-night honeymoon planZurichVenice₹ 1,30,469 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surrealistic Italy 9-day honeymoon packageVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,31,317 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's exciting honeymoon deal for 9 days & 8 nightsParisLucerneRome₹ 1,31,629 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's lovely 8-night honeymoon packageVeniceRomeSantoriniAthens₹ 1,32,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Idyllic Italy honeymooning itinerary for 14 days & 13 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,33,665 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intimate Italy honeymoon package for 11 days & 10 nightsRomeSorrentoFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,33,682 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sparkling 8-day/7-night honeymoon plan to ItalyRomeAmalfi CoastFlorenceVenice₹ 1,33,735 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive 9-day/8-night honeymoon package to ItalyRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,33,859 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/8-night hypnotic Italy honeymoon tour deal for doting lifematesParisFlorenceNaplesRome₹ 1,34,526 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome showcased: Memorable 10-night honeymooning in a Hellenistic landscapeRomeParisMechelen₹ 1,35,188 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-day idyllic Italy honeymooning tour package for newlywed matesMilanVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,36,822 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intriguing Italy honeymoon package for 9 days & 10 nightsVeniceFlorenceSantoriniAthens₹ 1,37,629 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensual Italy honeymoon package for 14 days & 13 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceMilanLucerneZurich₹ 1,38,490 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/8-night intimate honeymoon offer to ItalyLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,39,538 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome attractions: 9-night cuddlesome honeymoon in a Roman terrainRomeVenicePrague₹ 1,40,063 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day ethereal honeymoon bundle to ItalyRomePisaVeniceParis₹ 1,40,385 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmerizing 11-day/10-night Italy package for honeymoonersRomeVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,40,841 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Magical 8-night Italy honeymooning holiday package for the newly wedParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,45,144 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 9-day/10-night Italy package for honeymoonersFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,46,721 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome showcase: 9-day romance reloaded honeymoon in an Italian regionRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerne₹ 1,47,793 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day surrealistic honeymooning in Italy for newlywed couplesVeniceAthensSantoriniAthens₹ 1,48,310 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris in spotlight: Lovable 11-day honeymooning in a Hellenistic settingParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,49,304 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day ethereal Italy honeymooning trip package for newlywed lovebirdsParisRomeSorrentoFlorenceSantoriniAthens₹ 1,51,647 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day lovable honeymoon in Italy for romantic soulsRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneZurich₹ 1,52,922 (accommodation included)
    Effervescent 11-night Italy honeymooning vacation deal for the new coupleParisFrankfurtInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,53,184 (accommodation included)
    Sweet 2-night Italy honeymoon tour package for newly wedsRomeFlorenceVeniceInnsbruckVienna₹ 1,53,290 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Mesmeric honeymoon package to Italy for 9 days & 8 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,55,549 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Memorable 3-night Italy package for honeymoonersRomeVeniceParisBrusselsAmsterdam₹ 1,56,813 (airfare & accommodation included)
    16-day sparkly honeymooning in Italy for the ideal coupleParisVeniceFlorenceRomeSantoriniAthens₹ 1,56,830 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Frenzy 12-night Italy honeymooning planAmsterdamRomeFlorenceMilan₹ 1,57,328 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enchanting 11-day honeymoon offer to ItalyAthensSantoriniRome₹ 1,63,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    21-day/20-night bubbling Italy honeymoon planRomeFlorenceVeniceMilanPragueAmsterdamParisBarcelonaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,63,308 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-night sensuous Italy honeymoon vacation package for your post-nuptial blissParisVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,64,852 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day divine honeymooning offer to ItalyRomeSorrentoFlorenceTurinVenice₹ 1,65,896 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's cuddlesome 14-day honeymooning packageMilanVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,67,271 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-night dreamy honeymooning package to ItalySalzburgBudapestRomeParisLondon₹ 1,70,140 (accommodation included)
    Surreal Italy 9-day honeymooning packageVeniceLucerneInterlakenSalzburgVienna₹ 1,72,204 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Endearing 10-night Italy honeymooning trip package for the perfect pairParisLucerneInterlakenVeniceRome₹ 1,75,017 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's intimate 9-day honeymooning packageInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,80,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day surreal Italy honeymoon trip offer for newlywed matesParisLucerneVenicePisaRome₹ 1,81,122 (airfare & accommodation included)
    18-day/17-night joyful Italy honeymooning planParisZurichInterlakenZermattLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,83,140 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Celestial Italy 12-day honeymooning planRomeFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,84,357 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day/12-night sensual honeymooning package to ItalyRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,85,395 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lucerne attractions: Dazzling 9-day honeymoon in an Italian landscapeLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,87,609 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Engaging 13-day/12-night Italy package for honeymoonersRomeSorrentoFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,88,669 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Celestial Italy 18-day honeymooning packageBarcelonaRomeVeniceFlorenceNiceParisBrussels₹ 1,89,346 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day celestial honeymoon to Italy for lovebirdsParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,90,063 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's intriguing 9-night honeymoon offerParisInterlakenLucerneVenice₹ 1,90,143 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbly 14-day/13-night Italy honeymooning tour plan for the romantically inclinedRomeSorrentoFlorenceTurinVenice₹ 1,90,938 (airfare & accommodation included)
    16-day sensual Italy honeymooning trip offer for the romantic coupleAthensSantoriniMykonosSorrentoVeniceMilanZurich₹ 1,90,952 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's intimate 16-day honeymooning packageRomeSorrentoFlorenceVeniceMilan₹ 1,95,249 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sweet 12-day honeymoon package to ItalyRomeSorrentoFlorenceMilan₹ 1,99,383 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's pleasure-seeking honeymoon package for 24 days & 23 nightsMilanVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRomeSantoriniMykonosAthensIstanbul₹ 2,02,475 (accommodation included)
    Exciting Italy 15-day honeymooning bundleParisZurichFlorenceVeniceRome₹ 2,05,064 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rome showcase: Enthralling 14-night honeymoon in a Hellenistic localityRomeFlorenceVeniceAmsterdam₹ 2,05,301 (airfare & accommodation included)
    15-night lovable Italy honeymoon holiday package for your post-marital joyInterlakenLucerneMontreuxVeniceFlorenceRomeParis₹ 2,05,913 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's bewitching 12-day honeymoon offerBerlinLucerneRomeVenice₹ 2,10,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    15-day/14-night bewitching Italy honeymoon trip package for the new coupleRomeVeniceNiceParisLucerneZurich₹ 2,18,288 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddly Italy honeymooning package for 20 days & 19 nightsParisLondonZurichLucerneInnsbruckSalzburgVeniceRome₹ 2,22,446 (accommodation included)
    Attractive 14-night Italy package for honeymoonersLondonAmsterdamParisRomeVenice₹ 2,24,792 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-night sensual Italy honeymooning packagePragueLucerneInterlakenZermattMilan₹ 2,25,280 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Romance reloaded 16-night honeymoon plan to ItalySorrentoAthensMykonosSantoriniAthensDubrovnikSplitZagreb₹ 2,29,705 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Italy's sparkling 19-day honeymoon offerParisAmsterdamPragueViennaSalzburgVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 2,39,147 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Engaging Italy honeymoon package for 12 days & 11 nightsRomeSorrentoVenice₹ 2,43,930 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day dreamy Italy honeymoon offerVeniceSorrentoLucerneInterlakenZurich₹ 2,47,893 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day spellbinding Italy honeymoon packageSorrentoRomeMunichAmsterdam₹ 2,48,880 (airfare & accommodation included)
    19-day bubbly honeymooning offer to ItalyRomeFlorenceZermattInterlakenMontreuxParisFrankfurt₹ 2,72,233 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bewitching 15-day honeymoon plan to ItalyAthensSantoriniAthensVeniceMilanLucerneZurich₹ 2,81,134 (airfare & accommodation included)
    19-day frenzy honeymooning in Italy for wild-eyed romanticsAmsterdamInterlakenZermattComoPragueBudapest₹ 3,26,050 (airfare & accommodation included)
    18-night idyllic Italy honeymooning tourist bundle for the perfect coupleLondonBrusselsAmsterdamParisLucerneVeniceMykonosAthens₹ 4,16,167 (airfare & accommodation included)

    Our Italy honeymoon packages offer some of the best itineraries that lets you explore the country with a pinch of romance. An Italy honeymoon is nothing without a Gondola journey across the streams of Venice, sitting hand-in-hand and listening to the sweet Italian melodies sung by the Gondolier. Explore the ancient architecture in Rome and get to see one of the holiest places in the world - Vatican. Shop all you want with your partner in Milan - the world fashion hub! Taste world's best pizzas at its place of origin - Naples! And best of all, lose yourself in the amazing view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa at Florence and get one of the 8 wonders of the world struck off your bucket list with your valentine. While these may be the must-visit tourist attractions, Pickyourtrail's amazing Italy honeymoon packages takes you to off-beat places as well - making sure you get the local Italian experience. Spend a night at Cinque Terre and explore the picturesque 5 villages along the Mediterranean. For the adventurous couple, visit Lake Como and try out zip-lining and bungee-jumping. Having explored the beaches, historical architecture, the shopping hubs and local villages, how is your honeymoon complete without the Alps? Our Italy honeymoon packages has itineraries that include exploring the Dolomites and the neighbouring Alpine villages. Imagine waking up to snow-capped Alps with your better half!

    Why Pickyourtrail?

    With so much to do and see in Italy, where do you begin? Our Italy honeymoon packages offer exciting itineraries which includes everything from flights and standard 4-star accommodation to entry passes. We offer professional suggestions on where to go and how to use the internal travel. On top of that, we even offer round the clock customer support during your trip! We also cater to other exclusive themed packages like - family vacations, adventure backpacking with friends, etc that are crafted to suit your interests. The best part about our packages is that every detail of the itinerary is customisable. Create your own itineraries thus making sure this honeymoon is a fairytale with your valentine - just like the way you want it! Simply let us know your preferences and we'll do the planning for you. All that's left from your end is to connect with us.

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    The most scenic Italy itinerary for 4 nights

    • Florence (2N)
    • Rome (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours
    • Vivaldi's Four Seasons meets Bach's Masterpieces
    • Italian Opera Concert in Santa Monaca Church +3 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 6 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.57,201 /Person

    A classic 6 night itinerary for a perfect Italy honeymoon

    • Rome (2N)
    • Florence (2N)
    • Milan (2N)
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica tour
    • Skip the Line: Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Tour
    • Highlights of Tuscany: Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Pisa & Lunch in a Winery +1 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 4 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.58,519 /Person

    Stunning itinerary for the best Honeymoon vacation to Italy

    • Rome (3N)
    • Florence (3N)
    • Venice (2N)
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours
    • Venetian Islands Tour: Murano, Burano & Torcello
    • Skip-the-line ticket to the Vatican Museum & the Sistine Chapel +1 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 4 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts fromRs.62,636 /Person

    The perfect 7 day Italy Honeymoon itinerary to rejuvenate

    • Rome (4N)
    • Venice (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Evening Free Walking tour in Rome
    • Roma Pass for 72 hours
    • Spanish Steps +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.95,914 /Person

    The ideal Italy honeymoon itinerary for 6 nights

    • Rome (2N)
    • Venice (2N)
    • Milan (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours
    • Murano Burano Islands guided cruise & Venice Lagoon panoramic tour in 4 hours!
    • Milan City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour +1 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 4 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts fromRs.1,08,221 /Person

    A 14 day Italy itinerary to quench your wanderlust

    • Rome (4N)
    • Florence (4N)
    • Bologna (1N)
    +2 cities
    • Leisure

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts fromRs.1,14,261 /Person

      The most exotic 7 day Italy honeymoon itinerary

      • Rome (2N)
      • Sorrento (2N)
      • Milan (2N)
      • Leisure
      • Attraction
      • Sistine Chapel
      • Roma Pass for 48 hours
      • Amalfi and Ravello Full-Day Tour from Sorrento +1 activities

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • 4 activities
      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts fromRs.1,17,900 /Person

      The most exciting 7 night Italy honeymoon itinerary

      • Milan (2N)
      • Naples (3N)
      • Rome (2N)
      • Leisure
      • Attraction
      • Milan City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
      • Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi Day Tour from Naples
      • Pompeii Day Trip from Naples +2 activities

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • 5 activities
      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts fromRs.1,18,781 /Person

      The perfect 8 night honeymoon itinerary to Italy and Austria

      • Rome (2N)
      • Venice (2N)
      • Salzburg (2N)
      +1 city
      • Attraction
      • Leisure
      • Roma Pass for 48 hours
      • Murano Burano Islands guided cruise & Venice Lagoon panoramic tour in 4 hours!
      • Bavarian Mountains and Salt-Mines Tour from Salzburg +2 activities

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • 5 activities
      • Shared transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts fromRs.1,20,754 /Person

      The perfect 6 night Europe honeymoon itinerary to rejuvenate

      • Paris (2N)
      • Venice (2N)
      • Rome (2N)
      • Attraction
      • Leisure
      • Skip the Line: Louvre Museum Ticket
      • Skip the Ticket Desk Line: Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise
      • Murano Burano Islands guided cruise & Venice Lagoon panoramic tour in 4 hours! +2 activities

      Inclusions (customisable)

      • Flights included
      • 5 activities
      • Private transfer
      • Visa fees

      Starts fromRs.1,21,385 /Person

      * prices are subject to change
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