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Need to know what is currently happening in the travel industry? Are you confused about some places easing restrictions while some making the lockdown more intense? Then you are on the right page. Here, you will find everything about the latest news & updates in the tourism industry. If you are bored with lockdown and planning to travel post the pandemic, check out this page to know about tourism getting resumed in most of the places. We will update you on everything which includes countries opening up post-COVID-19, airline operations, staycations, restrictions while you travel and many more. With this, you will develop a glimmer of hope for your next travel with safety precautions that have to be followed. For one, travelling post the outbreak of COVID-19 and intensive lockdown is not just travelling but much-needed therapy. There’s nothing like exploring your favourite places after months of being at home. Also, there are many countries that are waiting for the tourists to come back and fill in the void. Keep yourself updated with all the recent improvements in terms of restrictions getting lifted up. It is almost time to be ready to start packing your bags and escape out of your home finally. When you are all set to travel, you can plan your destination and let us know your choices! Unlock #SafeTravel with Pickyourtrail!