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Best Indoor Water Parks You Must Check Out From All Over The World

Water parks can not always stay open throughout the year as they’re influenced by factors such as wind and rain. Now that autumn season is here, water parks are where you will find most of the crowds heading to. Hence, indoor water parks are the best alternatives to beat the factors letting people not enjoy it all year round. Indoor water parks are the new trend. It has taken the industry by storm and there is a new one showing up and old ones growing their size. With so many water parks rapidly opening up, find below the list of the best indoor water parks to visit from all over the world.

Best Indoor Water Parks

1.Tropical Islands Resort (710,000 sq ft)

Indoor Water Parks:Tropical Islands Resort
Credits: Google Images

This indoor water park gained attention when famous YouTuber Casey Neistat posted a video of the fun he had inside of this mega water park. The park is located in Krausnick, Germany. The Tropical Islands Resort is the largest indoor water park on Earth. The water park is located inside a 107 meter (351 ft) long hangar that holds as the world’s biggest single hall without supporting columns. The structure was first made as a zeppelin hangar, but the airship it was supposed to shelter was never made. It was also called Aerium. A company based in Malaysia purchased the hangar and transformed it into the Tropical Islands Resort. Additionally, you will see scenery full of rainforests, beaches, mock sun, palm trees, orchids, and birdsong inside of it.

2.World Waterpark (225,000 sq ft)

World Waterpark is North America’s largest indoor water park. It is located inside of part of the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada. The mall is one of the biggest malls in the world. The park has a maximum limit of entertaining 40,000 guests. The highlights are the huge slides called Twister and Cyclone, which are both 25 meters (83 ft) long. Additionally,  it holds one of the world’s biggest indoor wave pool with waves of nearly 5 to 6 feet high swooping you in on the fun.

3.Kalahari Resorts Sandusky (173,000 sq ft)

Kalahari Resorts Sandusky: Indoor Water Parks
Credits: Google Images

The Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky is the biggest indoor water park in the United States Of America. The water park includes a unique roof that has been built in a way which allows in natural sunlight. This allows people to receive sunlight and also gain a tan at any point in time around the year. Moreover, the resort also holds inside a wave pool, two artificial surfing simulators and a basketball pool. The best adventure rides to check out while you’re here are Tanzanian Twister, Rippling Rhino and Swahili Swirl. Make sure not to miss out on these!

4.Beijing National Aquatics Center (129,000 sq ft)

The Beijing National Aquatics Center is also identified as the Water Cube. This was constructed for the swimming races as part of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Post the Olympics getting done, the building sustained an overhaul to transform half of its interiors into an indoor water park. The revamped Water Cube holds various water rides and fun slides, wave pools. Additionally, you can enjoy several spa areas on site.

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