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Paris is the home to beautiful aesthetics, the world of fashion and art and much more. But achieving the bungee jump takes longer. Bungee jumping, in Paris, might take a little bit longer and one needs to take a detour to accomplish this task. It just takes a few hours of driving to reach the bungee jumping spot and one can easily get onto this adventure ride at once!

Although there are several activities available to do for entertainment in Paris, there is not an actual spot to do bungee jumping in Paris. Thankfully, there are several amazing spots nearby the city that offer bungee jumping in France that one can reach within a few hours of drive. Some of the important places are listed below,

1. Artuby Bridge

Height: 182 m

Average Traveling time from Paris: 3 hrs

Pont de l'Artuby or Artbury bridge is located in Verdon, this place has one of the highest bungee jumping spots. Registration is done between 9 am and 12 pm and the jumps are made on the order of arrival. Bookings are mandatory. The jump is open for people with a minimum age of 15 (needs parental guidance) and a medical certificate is required for people above 55 years.

2. Viaduc de Pélussin

Height: 65 m

Average travelling time from Paris: 5 hrs and 43 mins

Viaduc de Pélussin is located near Lyon. This is one of the oldest bungee jumping locations with more than 20 years of experience. The bridge is located overlooking the Rhone valley and this is a fun place to do bungee jumping with a beautiful backdrop.

3. The Coquilleau viaduct

Height: 52 m

Average Travelling time from Paris: 4 hrs 30 mins

Visiting the Coquilleau viaduct is one of the fun adventure activities in Paris. Located in Vendée, the bridge is surrounded by beautiful green scenery and a river to accommodate you. Despite its height, the effect of the bungee jump is still the same.

4. The bridge of Ponsonnas

 Height: 103 m

Average Travelling Time from Paris: 6 hrs 27 mins

Pont Ponsonnas or the bridge of Ponsonnas is one of Europe's highest. Doing bungee jumping here is the best thing to do in Paris, adventure-wise. Located in the Rhône-Alpes, This location provides a beautiful atmosphere for the jump. This is a single-jump activity and is conducted multiple times a day. This is one of the popular bungee jumping spots.

5. The Souleuvre viaduct

Height: 61 m

Average travelling time from Paris: 3 hrs 22 mins

The Souleuvre Viaduct is a partially demolished railway bridge, located above the Souleuvre River in Normandy. This is a great place to do bungee jumping, especially the beginners. One will get a memorable experience out of this jump. Several tourists seem to enjoy this quirky adventure.

  To complete the adventure activities in Paris, the options are available throughout the entire country and it allows the person to experience this thrilling sport of bungee jumping and satisfy the needs of a true adventurer. It might take a few additional hours to achieve it, but it is worth the hours spent! 

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