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Bajra Sandhi Monument: Symbolizes Bali's Struggle for Independence

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The Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali is a great example of the country's remarkable culture and history. The monument itself is a large stone structure which stands at a height of approximately forty-five feet and is made up of three main sections. The first section is the base, built from a single piece of stone and features intricately carved reliefs depicting traditional Balinese scenes. The second section features 33 dioramas depicting incidents in Balinese history, while the third section is a meditation space with a panoramic view of Denpasar. The incredible monument stands tall and serves as a reminder of the Balinese people’s unyielding spirit. Count on this place when curating your Bali package.  

Know about the Bajra Sandhi Monument History

The Bajra Sandhi Monument honours the struggles of the Balinese people throughout history. When we talk about the history of Bajra Sandhi Monument, it was built in 1987 and was inaugurated by the then-president of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnoputri, in 2003.

The shape of the monument looks like a giant Balinese Hindu bell or bajraas its name, is Bajra Sandhi, which translates to "Gong of Power," which is a symbol of unity and strength of the Balinese people. Inside the monument, you can find several dioramas depicting significant moments in Balinese history, such as the Battle of Puputan, the Indonesian National Revolution, and the Bali bombings. You can climb up to the top of the monument and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole Denpasar city. Also, you can relax in the beautiful park near the monument.

Things to do at Bajra Sandhi Monument

Explore the Stunning Architecture

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is one of the most important and interesting architectural landmarks in Bali. It features three sections, namely Utama Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Nista Mandala. The monument also has a large open-air pavilion that is surrounded by a pond, and the entire place is made from granite and concrete. The pavilion has a thatched roof and is supported by pillars. The walls of the pavilion are decorated with reliefs that depict the history of Bali. The monument is a popular tourist attraction and one of the good places to visit in Bali to learn about the history of Bali. The monument is surrounded by many gardens and sculptures, which visitors can explore to learn more about the cultural aspects of the region.

Visit the Towering Peak to Enjoy the Views

The monument is a beautiful sight, and it is worth a visit. The tower's peak offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding area. Visitors to the monument can explore the history and culture of the area through its various displays, including statues, reliefs, and inscriptions. With its stunning historical architecture and rustic ambiance, this place offers a great spot for vacation photographs. 

Highlights of the Bajra Sandhi Monument

Come here to unwind in the therapeutic waters and admire the sunset from the gorgeous garden.
The garden area of the monument is a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate with friends and family, thanks to its lush flora, stunning pools, and fascinating architecture.
Explore the place and learn about its rich background and its significance to Bali’s history.
Take a stroll around the place to soak in the tranquil environment,One of the best things to do in Bali.

Timings and Entry fee for Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument Opening Hours: The monument is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Bajra Sandhi Monument Entrance Fee: Each person visiting the monument should pay an entrance fee. It is IDR 30,000 (Rs. 160) for an adult and IDR 15,000 (Rs. 80) for a child below the age of 17.

How to Reach the Bajra Sandhi Monument?

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is situated in the heart of Denpasar city. It is located about 3.3 kilometres from the centre of Denpasar and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach. Furthermore, the location is conveniently accessible by public transit. Take bus K3B to Kantor Samsat bus stop, then walk 10 minutes to the Bajra Sandhi Monument.

Distance from other cities to Bajra Sandhi Monument

PlacesKilometresTravel Duration
Ubud23.3 kms 40 minutes 
Kuta 13.4 kms17 minutes 
Canggu 14 kms20 minutes 
Seminyak10.8 kms15 minutes 





Best time to visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument

The monument is located in the center of Denpasar, so it is easy to get to. The best time to visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument is during the day when the sun is shining. Moreover, the place is best visited in the morning or evening when the sun is not too hot.

Places to Visit Near the Bajra Sandhi Monument


Bajra Sandhi Monument is in the heart of Denpasar which makes it easy for you to explore the other nearby attractions like:

Bali Museum

The Bali Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Bali. The museum has a wide variety of exhibits that showcase the island’s art, music, dance, and other aspects of its rich heritage. Visitors can also watch traditional Balinese dances and gamelan performances or take part in workshops where they can learn how to make traditional arts and crafts.

Werdhi Budaya Art Centre

The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre is a must-see for any art lover visiting Bali. Housed in a beautiful Balinese-style building, the centre showcases a wide range of traditional and contemporary art from both local and international artists. The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre is home to an impressive collection of Balinese paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, and textiles. The centre also hosts regular exhibitions of both traditional and contemporary art, making it a great place to see the latest work from local artists.

Sanur Beach 

This beautiful stretch of sand is popular with tourists and boasts a stunning view of the offshore island of Nusa Lembongan. Sanur Beach is the perfect place to while away a lazy day, with plenty of sun loungers and parasols available for hire. If you’re feeling active, there is also a good selection of water sports on offer, including jet skiing, banana boat rides, and stand-up paddle boarding for you to enjoy here.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bajra Sandhi Monument

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The monument was built to commemorate the struggle of the Balinese people during the Indonesian struggle for independence. The monument is a symbol of the unity and strength of the Balinese people.

The monument is 28 metres tall and 24 metres in diameter.

There are 70 steps leading up to the main platform of the monument, where you can get a panoramic view of Denpasar city.

The entry charge ticket office is located at Bajra Sandi's main gate. When paying, make sure you have enough Indonesian Rupiah on hand because many tourist attractions in Bali do not accept credit cards.

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