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Paris Cycle Tour: Pedal Through the City of Light's Splendor

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Paris is certainly one of the most fascinating and captivating cities in the world, with its rich cultural past, stunning architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine. One of the greatest ways to explore Paris is through a cycling tour, which allows you to absorb in the city's unique ambiance while discovering its major sites and hidden jewels. A Paris cycle tour will take you through the city's charming streets, revealing its beautiful parks, gardens, boulevards, and many other popular monuments. With a skilled and pleasant guide on your side, you'll explore the city's hidden gems and secret corners that only a local would know about. So, book Paris packages and embark on a Paris cycle tour to enjoy the enchantment of this wonderful city.


A Paris cycle tour is a guided bicycle journey that takes you through the streets of Paris, exploring the city's iconic sites, neighbourhoods, and hidden jewels. Depending on the schedule, the journey normally lasts 3 to 4 hours and covers a distance of 10 to 20 kilometres. The tour is led by a skilled guide who will share intriguing information and insights about Paris' history, culture, and way of life. The guide will also ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout the tour by supplying you with a high-quality bike, a helmet, and any essential safety equipment. 

The tour usually starts in the city centre, near a well-known site such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. From there, you'll ride through the city's streets and boulevards, passing by iconic locations like Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Champs-Elysées, and the Arc de Triomphe. The tour also includes visits to some of Paris's most attractive parks and gardens, such as the Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuileries Gardens, and see the iconic Seine cruise and Paris illuminations. You'll also have the chance to visit the city's most picturesque neighbourhoods, like the Marais, the Latin Quarter, and Montmartre. Overall, a cycle tour of Paris is a wonderful way to discover more about the city's rich cultural past, dynamic neighbourhoods, and breathtaking landmarks while also getting some exercise and fresh air. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, a Paris cycle tour is guaranteed to be the best part of your trip to the City of Lights.

Essential Information about Paris Cycle Tour

  • Price: Paris cycling tours cost between €30 and €70 per person, depending on the length of the tour and the operator.
  • Duration: A typical Paris cycle trip lasts 3–4 hours and covers a distance of 10–20 kilometres, depending on the route and itinerary.
  • Meeting point: When you purchase your cycling tour, the operator will specify the meeting point. It is frequently located near a well-known site, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum.
  • Inclusions: The tour price often includes a high-quality bike, a helmet, and any necessary safety equipment. Some trips may also include a food or beverage.
  • Language: Although most Paris cycling tours are offered in English, several operators also offer excursions in French, Spanish, and German.
  • Group size: Group sizes for Paris cycle excursions can range from 8 to 20 persons. Private tours for fewer guests can also be available from some operators.
  • Cancellation policy: Before booking your tour, make sure to verify the operator's cancellation policy. Some companies may have severe cancellation policies, while others may provide more flexible options.

Best Paris Cycle Tour Operators

There are a number of good Paris cycling tour operators that provide high-quality trips with experienced guides, comfy bikes, and intriguing routes. Here are some of the best Paris cycle tour companies to consider:

  • Fat Tyre Tours: It is a well-known operator that provides a variety of bike tours in Paris, including the popular Paris Day Bike Tour and the Paris Night Bike Tour. Their tours are led by knowledgeable tour operators and include a variety of popular landmarks and neighbourhoods.
  • Blue Fox Travel:  Blue Fox Travel offers bike excursions in Paris, including the Highlights Bike Tour and the Hidden Paris Bike Tour. They also have e-bikes for individuals who desire a more comfortable ride.
  • Paris Bike Tour: Paris Bike Tour provides a variety of bike tours in Paris, including the Paris Highlights Bike Tour and the Versailles Bike Tour. Their tour guides are informed and enthusiastic about Paris, and their bikes are well-kept and comfortable.
  • Bike About Tours: It provides a variety of bike tours in Paris, including a Paris Night Bike Tour and a Paris Day Bike Tour with a Seine River Cruise. It can also be a good option to choose to explore Paris.

Things to know before you go

  • Dress appropriately: For the cycling tour, dress comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes. The weather in Paris can be unpredictable, so carry a light jacket or raincoat if necessary.
  • Understand the rules of the road: Paris is a busy city with heavy traffic, it's crucial to understand the rules of the road and how to keep safe when cycling. Follow your guide's directions and instructions.
  • Carry a water bottle: Hydration is crucial, especially on a bike tour. Bring a reusable water bottle that you can refill at water fountains or shops along the way.
  • Carry a small bag: Carry your essentials, such as your phone, camera, wallet, and any additional clothes you may require.
  • Arrive early: Arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour time to sign in, get fitted for your bike, and listen to the safety instructions.
  • Follow the tour itinerary: Stick to the tour itinerary and don't go off on your own. Follow your guide's recommendations for the finest routes and sights to see to make the most of your tour.


A Paris cycle tour is an excellent way to discover the city's landmarks, neighbourhoods, and hidden gems on two wheels. So, what are you hanging out for? Pack your luggage, buy Paris tour packages from Pickyourtrail, and see the splendours of this great city for yourself. Pickyourtrail allows you to personalise your Paris itinerary and have the vacation of your dreams. See you soon :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the schedule, an average Paris cycling trip lasts for 3–4 hours and covers a distance of 10–20 kilometres.


No, you do not have to be an expert cyclist to participate in a Paris cycling tour. However, you should be able to ride a bike and feel safe on the road.

Yes, cycling in Paris is safe as long as you follow the rules of the road and wear a helmet. The city of Paris features a large network of bike lanes and bike-friendly streets.


Yes, the cruise journey is an amazing option to reach Paris.


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