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Best Beaches in Bali

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Bali is a popular destination for its white-sand beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. From the tranquil waters of Jimbaran Bay to the rugged shoreline of Uluwatu, there’s something for everyone. Here, we explore 12 of the best beaches in Bali that offer something unique and unforgettable.


Seminyak Beach, Best for Everything

Seminyak Beach is the spot for you if you want to be in the heart of all the beachside delights in Bali. There are numerous beach bars, five-star hotels, and some of Seminyak's top restaurants along this spectacular 5 km stretch of golden sand, not to mention renowned beach clubs in every direction. Stretching from the outskirts of Kuta up to the cliffsides of Canggu, Seminyak Beach is a vacation spot unto itself. Learn to surf in the gentle whitewash, relax in the sun on a soft beanbag, or have a round of sundowners at La Plancha while listening to Ibiza-style music.


Nusa Dua Beach, Perfect for Family Time

Nusa Dua Beach is an expanse of beautiful white sand that never ends and is so pristine it almost seems manmade. It parallels the shore of the resort area of Nusa Dua, and is bounded by beautifully groomed lawns and five-star hotels that have been gently veiled by palm trees and organic building materials. The shoreline is teeming with family-friendly restaurants, water activities, and even a retail center, in addition to the beaches' immaculate cleanliness and tranquil waves. The beach has so many areas to relax and rest in that it is the perfect location for a fun-filled family day out that won't exhaust the kids.


Echo Beach, Best for People Watching

What was once a popular site for a romantic seaside BBQ has now evolved into one of the best coastal hangouts to see and be seen. With several surf spots in every direction and shabby-chic bars dotted over the black sands facing the ocean, Echo Beach is Canggu's watering hole (literally). And Oh Wow! What a beautiful ocean view! Brazilian-cut bikini-clad beach ladies, scruffy-haired surfers, and adoring Bali dogs walking with their foreign owners are all common sights. This vibrant, locally owned shoreline is a playground for sun, surf, and fun during the day and a breezy party location at night.


Jimbaran Bay, Best for Seafood and Sunsets

Jimbaran Bay offers seafood, breathtaking sunsets, and a seductive ambiance.
The sparkling sands of this 3 km long, soft white beach are not only famous for their stunning landscape but also for being the location of the morning markets where local fishermen sell their freshly caught seafood. As the seafood capital of the island, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of beachfront barbecues strewn throughout the shoreline, frying up the day's fresh catch for your snacking pleasure as the sunsets. It's the ideal bay for stand-up paddle-boarding excursions!


Thomas Beach, Ideal for Secluded Beach Walks

Thomas Beach is one of the quietest beaches on Bali's Bukit Peninsula and the greatest beach in Bali!  Ever since a few trendy Uluwatu eateries grew up at the entrance to this quiet cove, Thomas Beach is no longer a hidden gem. This quiet sliver of white sand beach, accessible only by a gravel track and then a twisting flight of stairs, is well worth the descent down the cliff. This is a picture-perfect beach, complete with dazzling turquoise waves and striking stones that jut out of the sand.


Sanur Beach, Best for Sunrise and Cycling

sanur beach.jpg

If you're looking for a relaxing day by the sea, travel to tranquil Sanur Beach for a leisurely beach day. Sanur's main seaside feature, in addition to its apparently endless stretch of white sand, is the almost 5 km long coastal promenade. This ocean walkway winds through hotels, beachfront restaurants, wooden fishing boats, and a few exquisite old homes constructed decades ago by affluent foreigners who were captivated by Bali. Go for a romantic stroll with a partner or go cycling with the family for some fitness.

Top tip: Sanur is in a great position for magnificent sunrises, so get up early.


Keramas Beach, Perfect for Pool Hangs & Front-Row Surf Seats

Keramas Beach is a sight to behold, especially when Mount Agung is in the background and pounding waves are in front of you. Keramas, a town on the east coast away from the crowds, is best known for Komune Beach Club, a stand-alone beachside resort. A magnificent infinity pool is at the center of this idyllic location, which is tucked between the dramatic black sands and the glittering ocean beyond. Sit down on the beachfront daybeds, relax by the pool, or get a room at the adjacent Hotel Komune to see the dusk surf sessions. Double points are awarded if you go during a yearly surf contest that draws world-class surfers.


Amed Beach, Spot-on for Diving & Snorkeling

Exceptional in beauty, Amed Beach offers some of Bali's best diving experiences. Due to its black beaches and distant, towering volcanoes, Amed is unlike other seaside destinations. It's still a goodie, though. The northeastern coast of Bali's island is home to Amed, which is well known for its gorgeous panoramas that make for picture-perfect vacation backdrops. Amed is also home to one of the island's most colorful reefs, a coral garden that is as well-known for its color as it is for sea diving and snorkeling. An expedition beneath the waves here frequently includes a drive to nearby Tulamben to visit the submerged US Liberty Shipwreck, which is teeming with aquatic life and beauty.


Bingin Beach, Great for Boho Vibes & Epic Surf

Bingin Beach can be difficult to find unless you know where you're going or who to follow. This cliff-based beach is a favorite among Bali's sunbathers and surfers because of its perfect waves and small sandy coves for swimming at low tide. Although getting to and from the beach requires some level of physical fitness (there are unsteady, rocky steps from the top of the cliff to the sand), your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded. The cliffside is lined with dozens of inexpensive beach accommodations, making this a great place for no-frills sunset picnics or affordable vacations. You can find some great healthy cafés nearby as well, which are ideal for refueling after a surf session.


Medewi Beach, an Ideal one for Sunset and Surf

Medewi is a lesser-known beach on Bali's west coast that offers a glimpse of Bali before tourism swept over. You can visit this best beach in Bali for a peaceful getaway, not an action-packed day at the beach, with secluded villages and expansive rice paddies dotting the palm-fringed shoreline. Medewi is a remote surfing location that is far enough away from the crowds to ensure unobstructed surfing time in the water. Tourists looking for uncrowded, outstanding waves flock here. The best time to visit Medewi is during the golden hour when its westward-facing enchantment truly shines.


Blue Lagoon Beach, the Best Place for Spotting Nemo

Blue Lagoon on Bali's eastern coast is an azure, beachy cove with calm waves, white sands, and a palm tree backdrop; it's the definition of paradise. You'll find rocky hills and green knolls on either side of the lagoon, which wonderfully frame the bay for those priceless vacation photos. Under the turquoise ocean, Blue Lagoon is home to swarming coral reefs and abundant underwater fauna, quite the contrast to the isolated sands and calm nooks on the shore. Snorkeling and diving boats are on a mission to look for Nemo in the lagoon's heart.


Padang Padang Beach, Best for Celeb-Spotting

Perhaps you are familiar with this lovely bay from the popular "Eat, Pray, Love" movie, when Julia Roberts falls madly in love with her Brazilian hunk. The likelihood is that you'll fall in love here as well, not just with the tanned surfer throngs but also with the serene cove-like seas lapping off the bright white bay, framed by striking rock formations and bordered by top-notch waves. Even though Padang Padang Beach is a small beach located approximately 10 minutes north of Uluwatu, the scenery is really breathtaking. The best time to go is just before daybreak when you can view Padang Padang in all its brilliant, natural splendor and before the crowds of tourists arrive in search of Ms. Roberts.

Bali is a paradise for beach lovers, with some of the most stunning beaches in the world. From the isolated shores of Blue Lagoon to the famous surfing spots of Uluwatu, there are many great beaches in Bali for every type of traveler. Planning to explore Bali’s beaches? Pickyourtrail is here to make your dream a reality. Check out Bali vacation packages, customize your itineraries, and enjoy hassle-free holidays.

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

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