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A beautiful click in Port Douglas
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These top 7 attractions in Port Douglas will make you visit this town repeatedly!

There’s nothing like Australia – Well, that’s very true. I am sure people who have visited Australia would agree on this. If you haven’t visited Australia, it’s time to plan your vacation! How about starting your vacation at Port Douglas? Heard about this beautiful town? If not, gear up and get ready to explore this stunning town. Port Douglas is a lovely little town lying in the Northern part of Queensland, Australia. It is a perfect mix of sea, rainforest, water sports, a rich ecosystem with many more amazing things to do. We here at Pickyourtrail have curated a list of top 7 attractions in Port Douglas for a lovely vacation. Have a read and find out the top attractions in Port Douglas and get ready to craft your own itinerary.

A click in Port Douglas
Image Credits: Unsplash

Top 7 attractions in Port Douglas

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Daintree National Park
  • Four Mile Beach
  • Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas
  • Macrossan Street
  • White Water Rafting
  • Port Douglas Court House Museum

1. Great Barrier Reef

A beautiful click in Great Barrier Reef
Image Credits: Unsplash

Your vacation to Port Douglas won’t be a complete one without visiting the famous Great Barrier Reef. Located about 72 kilometres from the main town, this is one of the famous attractions in Port Douglas. You can simply snorkel, scuba dive or just enjoy the beautiful views of the underwater marine life. Also, you can have a birds-eye view of the reef from the helicopter. Marvellous, right? In addition, half-day or full-day tours to the Low Isles are popular here. Make sure you spend some time here with your family and friends for a lifetime experience.


North-Eastern Australia, off the coast of Queensland

2. Daintree National Park

A click inside Daintree National Park
Image Credits: Google Images

Daintree National Park is spread over 12,000 square kilometres & is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is filled with lush green vines and canopies. Love trekking? Well, you will love Daintree National Park. You will come across some beautiful sights and this place will guarantee you some adventure moments. Make sure you explore this place with your friends and family for a lovely experience.


2333 Cape Tribulation Rd, Cape Tribulation Queensland 4873

3. Four Mile Beach

A click of Four Mile Beach which is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas
Image Credits: Google Images

Four Mile Beach is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas and is beautifully lined up with palm trees making it one of the best beaches in Australia. Interestingly, this beach is just about a five minutes walk from the town. One can simply sit and enjoy the beauty, do Kitesurfing, have a lovely walk with your loved ones, play with the crabs and swim in the netted areas. Sounds cool?


Port Douglas QLD 4877, Australia

4. Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

A click inside Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas
Image Credits: Unsplash

This place is an award-winning environmental habitat. Impressive, right? This place is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas and a must-visit place for Wildlife lovers. You will find crocodiles, pythons, pretty Koalas, Australian birds, kangaroos and many more. Also, never miss the lovely experience of having breakfast with the birds and picnic with the parrots. Imagine having your breakfast with the colourful birds! Pretty cool, right?


Port Douglas Rd, Port Douglas, Queensland- 4877, Australia

5. Macrossan Street

A click of Macrossan Street which is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas
Image Credits: Google Images

How can a vacation be without shopping, right? Macrossan Street is the main street which runs through the centre of the town. You can find restaurants including Indian restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques, cafe shops, entertainment venues and art galleries. So, make sure you get ready with your shopping list and purchase the best from Macrossan Street. Also, make sure you visit the Ngarru Art Gallery which is located in Macrossan Street and is one of the finest art galleries in Australia. The gallery displays indigenous arts such as fibre weavings and many more. You can also find many modern arts as well.


1/31 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

6. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Barron river
Image Credits: Google Images

How about some adventure in Port Douglas? The Barron river provides a thrilling 2-hours rafting experience with a scenic float trip over the calm waves and offers white water rafting up to level 3. The Baron river gives the best experience for the first-timers & for kids who are below six years. Looking for more adventure? Well, then you can reach the Tully river which is one of Australia’s top rafting adventure area which offers level 3 and 4.


Barron Gorge National Park, Port Douglas

7. Port Douglas Court House Museum

Port Douglas Court House Museum in Port Douglas
Image Credits: Google Images

Port Douglas Court House Museum is one of the top attractions in Port Douglas. It was built-in 1879 & is said to be the second oldest courthouse which was open for the public. Love courtroom stories and history? Well, then you should definitely visit this beautiful place. In addition, this courtroom exhibits the story of Ellen Thompson, the only woman who was ever hung to death in Queensland. Interestingly, you will find many other stories of events which took place here.


Wharf Street, Port Douglas, Shire of Douglas, Queensland

That was an amazing list of top 7 attractions in Port Douglas, right? Looks like Port Douglas is the ideal destination for your vacation? If yes, do not delay anymore, start planning your vacation. Reach Pickyourtrail and check out some amazing Australia Tour Packages. Also, leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options. Interestingly, you can even customize your own travel itinerary. Also, download the Pickyourtrail App to get complete support throughout your vacation. Choose Pickyourtrail and have a splendid vacation!

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