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8 NIGHTS: Sydney (4N) → Melbourne (4N)

Activities Private transfer Flights

5 NIGHTS: Melbourne (1N) → Port Douglas (1N) → Cairns (2N) → Melbourne (1N)

4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

10 NIGHTS: Sydney (6N) → Melbourne (3N) → Sydney (1N)

Flights 3.5 Hotels Activities Private transfer Visa fees

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

6 NIGHTS: Melbourne (3N) → Sydney (3N)

Flights 4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

6 NIGHTS: Cairns (4N) → Brisbane (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

9 NIGHTS: Sydney (3N) → Cairns (3N) → Gold Coast (3N)

Activities Private transfer Flights

9 NIGHTS: Perth (3N) → Melbourne (3N) → Gold Coast (3N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

13 NIGHTS: Adelaide (3N) → Melbourne (4N) → Sydney (4N) → Brisbane (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

7 NIGHTS: Gold Coast (3N) → Melbourne (4N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

8 NIGHTS: Melbourne (4N) → Sydney (4N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees
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Australia Honeymoon Packages

With so much diversity and variety in landscape, Oz has to offer, choosing the right Australia honeymoon vacation package becomes challenging. Gradually climbing its way up to become one of the most sort-after destinations for vacation worldwide, Australia—which is a country, and continent as well—offers a perfect mix of adventure and amour, history, spectacular natural wonders, culture, beaches, and nightlife. Well-known for obvious landmarks such as Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and its share of unique Fauna like Kangaroos, Emus, Koala, etc. and Canberra, being its capital, other popular cities here include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.

Tailor-made Australia Romantic Holiday Packages for Couples

Pickyourtrail’s getaway packages for the newly-weds offer exciting Australia itineraries that can cover pretty much the entire country, based on your interests and the intimacy that accompanies it. If you’re beachside lovers looking for adventure, then our plans will make sure you head to Gold Coast. Known as the surfers’ paradise, this city has a great collection of theme parks, adventure rides, numerous beaches, and an amazing nightlife. Gold Coast is sure to make you fall in love with Australia. But if you want more adrenaline-pumping activities, our itineraries know where to take you and your spouse.

Next destination: Cairns! This beautiful city in Queensland is home to the Great Barrier Reef. Dive into and swim with your soul mate in the world’s largest coral reef system, giving life to rich and colorful marine life stretching to over 2,300 km (1400 mi), a phenomenal experience that will never fade away from your life. Once you’ve struck this off the bucket list, head to the sunny beaches where you can surf and indulge in other water sports. Interested much in art and culture? Our romantic packages in Australia include the must-see Sydney Opera House. Explore the cultural heritage here and hop on to ferry that'll take you to the Harbour Bridge, where the nightlife is amorously buzzing as well. If you’re craving the beach already, visit the popular glitzy Bondi beach of Sydney. Or, enjoy the long ride along the coastline, southwards to the Sunshine Coast, the ideal place to enjoy the sunset on the beachside, romantically. For those couples interested in history and culture, our itineraries include visits to the National Museum, War memorials and the parliamentary building in Canberra, Victorian-era architecture, galleries and museums in Melbourne, wineries, and gardens in Darwin, etc.

Australia Honeymoon Packages from India
Honeymooning Itineraries in Australia Sightseeing Routes in Australia Price* (Cost per visitor)
Tempting 9-day Australia itinerary for honeymoonersSydneyMelbourne₹ 47,834
Heavenly 5-night Australia package for honeymoonersMelbournePort DouglasCairnsMelbourne₹ 79,547 (accommodation included)
10-night lovely Australia honeymooning vacation package for newlywed matesSydneyMelbourneSydney₹ 98,543 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day exciting honeymoon in Australia for the endlessly in loveMelbourneSydney₹ 1,05,721 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surrealistic 6-night Australia package for honeymoonersCairnsBrisbane₹ 1,06,307 (airfare & accommodation included)
Ethereal 9-day honeymoon package to AustraliaSydneyCairnsGold Coast₹ 1,12,050
Perth foregrounded: Exciting 9-night honeymoon in Australia settingPerthMelbourneGold Coast₹ 1,22,913 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day memorable honeymoon in Australia for the romantic coupleAdelaideMelbourneSydneyBrisbane₹ 1,23,964 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's bubbling 7-night honeymoon packageGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,26,168 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 6-night Australia itinerary for honeymoonersSydneyGold Coast₹ 1,33,396 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sparkling 9-day Australia honeymoon packageMelbourneSydney₹ 1,35,978 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-day idyllic Australia honeymoon tour deal for doting lifematesSydneyCanberraSydney₹ 1,38,441 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/8-night ethereal Australia honeymooning holiday package for spousal blissRotoruaQueenstownMelbourne₹ 1,38,750 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/8-night scenic Australia honeymoon tourist plan for the newlywedsCairnsMelbourneSydney₹ 1,40,637 (accommodation included)
11-day scenic Australia honeymoon tourist package for your post-nuptial blissMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,45,935 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's scenic 11-day honeymooning packageMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,48,215 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's beguiling 9-night honeymoon offerSydneyGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,51,599 (airfare & accommodation included)
Beautiful 5-day Australia honeymooning offerSydney₹ 1,52,692 (airfare & accommodation included)
10-night idyllic Australia honeymooning tour package for the newlywedsGold CoastHamilton IslandMelbourne₹ 1,54,206 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmeric 9-night Australia deal for honeymoonersSydneyCairnsGold Coast₹ 1,55,457 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day surrealistic honeymooning to Australia for newlywed matesSydneyGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,55,787 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day heavenly honeymooning package to AustraliaMelbourneHobartSydney₹ 1,56,521 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night funfilled Australia honeymooning trip package for newlywed lovebirdsDarwinMelbourneSydney₹ 1,58,868 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night intriguing Australia honeymoon holiday package for newlywed matesMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,59,785 (airfare & accommodation included)
Bewitching Australia 12-night honeymoon packageMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,60,030 (airfare & accommodation included)
7-night stimulating Australia honeymoon planSydneyGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,60,122 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's sensual 9-night honeymooning packageSydneyGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,60,726 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-day/7-night scenic Australia honeymooning tourist bundle for the new coupleCairnsSydney₹ 1,61,971 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night hedonistic honeymooning deal to AustraliaSydneyCairnsMelbourne₹ 1,62,574 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-night magical honeymoon plan to AustraliaMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,63,511 (airfare & accommodation included)
Exciting 9-night honeymoon bundle to AustraliaMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,64,374 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 11-day honeymoon package to AustraliaGold CoastCairnsSydney₹ 1,64,883 (airfare & accommodation included)
15-day/14-night bubbling Australia honeymoon bundleGold CoastSydneyMelbourne₹ 1,65,313 (airfare & accommodation included)
Lovely 9-day Australia plan for honeymoonersMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,65,352 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day spellbinding Australia honeymoon tour package for diehard romanticsCairnsAdelaideAlice SpringsMelbourneCanberra₹ 1,67,164 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 16-day Australia honeymooning packageMelbourneApollo BayMelbourneCairnsPort DouglasGold CoastSydney₹ 1,70,534 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/8-night amorous Australia honeymooning holiday offer for the newlywedsMelbourneSydney₹ 1,73,611 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enthralling Australia 9-day honeymooning itineraryMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,74,158 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day hypnotic Australia honeymooning itineraryMelbourneGold CoastCairnsSydney₹ 1,74,412 (airfare & accommodation included)
9-day/10-night funfilled honeymoon package to AustraliaSydneyCairnsMelbourne₹ 1,74,651 (airfare & accommodation included)
Rousing 9-night honeymoon itinerary to AustraliaGold CoastSydneyMelbourne₹ 1,77,070 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day ethereal Australia honeymooning packageMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 1,79,095 (airfare & accommodation included)
Tempting 11-day/10-night Australia honeymoon tour package for the ideal coupleSydneyCairnsGold Coast₹ 1,79,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 11-day Australia honeymooning tour bundle for the newly marriedSydneyGold CoastCairnsSydney₹ 1,81,719 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-day/12-night scenic honeymoon package to AustraliaMelbourneCairnsSydney₹ 1,82,363 (airfare & accommodation included)
Heavenly 9-night Australia honeymooning trip bundle for the ideal coupleMelbourneGold CoastCairnsSydney₹ 1,82,415 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sydney featured: Scenic 13-day honeymoon in an Oz settingSydneyMelbourneCairnsGold Coast₹ 1,84,281 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne attractions: Lovely 9-day honeymooning in an Aussie settingMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,84,436 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 11-day Australia package for honeymoonersMelbourneSydney₹ 1,86,767 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day cuddly Australia honeymoon offerMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 1,87,750 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmerizing honeymoon package to Australia for 14 days & 13 nightsMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 1,87,774 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-night ethereal Australia honeymooning trip bundle for the just-marriedMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 1,88,168 (airfare & accommodation included)
5-night romance reloaded Australia honeymooning packageSydneyMelbourne₹ 1,89,090 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 11-day Australia honeymoon planMelbourneSydneyGold CoastCairns₹ 1,89,670 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic Australia 11-day honeymoon packageMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,89,683 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne featured: 11-day amorous honeymoon in an Aussie landscapeMelbourneGold CoastCairnsSydney₹ 1,90,565 (airfare & accommodation included)
Amorous Australia honeymoon plan for 9 days & 10 nightsSydneyCairnsGold Coast₹ 1,91,583 (airfare & accommodation included)
Beautiful 14-day Australia offer for honeymoonersGold CoastHamilton IslandSydneyMelbourne₹ 1,91,692 (airfare & accommodation included)
10-night dreamy honeymoon to Australia for romantic soulsMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 1,96,237 (airfare & accommodation included)
Mesmeric Australia 11-night honeymooning packageSydneyGold CoastMelbourne₹ 1,98,006 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 10-night Australia honeymoon tourist package for your post-nuptial blissMelbourneCairnsSydney₹ 1,99,960 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sydney showcase: 9-day scenic honeymooning in an Aussie settingSydneyCairnsMelbourne₹ 2,00,860 (airfare & accommodation included)
Dreamy 8-night honeymooning offer to AustraliaBrisbaneGold CoastMelbourneSydney₹ 2,02,238 (airfare & accommodation included)
8-night surreal Australia honeymooning packageSydneyCairnsMelbourne₹ 2,02,317 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-night scenic Australia honeymooning holiday plan for diehard romanticsMelbourneSydneyGold CoastCairns₹ 2,02,492 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic Australia 11-day honeymoon bundleMelbourneHamilton IslandSydney₹ 2,02,710 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sensuous 15-day Australia honeymoon trip package for newlywed couplesMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,02,930 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's sparkling 9-night honeymoon bundleCairnsSydneyMelbourne₹ 2,03,324 (airfare & accommodation included)
Amorous 12-day/11-night honeymoon package to AustraliaSydneyHamilton IslandMelbourneGold Coast₹ 2,06,836 (airfare & accommodation included)
15-night scenic honeymoon deal to AustraliaMelbourneSydneyHamilton IslandGold CoastCairns₹ 2,07,261 (accommodation included)
Melbourne foregrounded: 11-night scenic honeymoon in an Oz landscapeMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,07,310 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 11-day honeymooning bundle to AustraliaMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,07,976 (airfare & accommodation included)
Australia's lovable 11-night honeymooning packageMelbourneGold CoastSydney₹ 2,09,351 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day engaging honeymoon to Australia for romantic soulsSydneyCairnsGold CoastMelbourne₹ 2,09,597 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surreal 13-night Australia package for honeymoonersMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,10,163 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 13-day Australia honeymoon tour itinerary for the new lovebirdsSydneyMelbourneCairnsGold Coast₹ 2,15,410 (airfare & accommodation included)
Enticing 9-night Australia honeymoon vacation package for romantic spousesSydneyCairnsGold CoastMelbourne₹ 2,15,488 (airfare & accommodation included)
12-day/11-night sensuous honeymoon plan to AustraliaSydneyCairnsGold CoastMelbourne₹ 2,20,262 (airfare & accommodation included)
Attractive 11-day Australia honeymoon holiday plan for doting soulmatesSydneyHamilton IslandMelbourneGold Coast₹ 2,21,765 (airfare & accommodation included)
Stimulating 14-day Australia honeymooning bundleSydneyCairnsGold CoastMelbourne₹ 2,22,263 (airfare & accommodation included)
Memorable 11-day/10-night Australia honeymoon trip package for diehard romanticsGold CoastMelbourneCairnsSydney₹ 2,26,656 (airfare & accommodation included)
16-day/15-night scenic Australia honeymooning planMelbourneApollo BayMelbourneCairnsPort DouglasGold CoastSydney₹ 2,30,550 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day hypnotic honeymoon to Australia for spouses deeply in loveSydneyCairnsGold CoastMelbourne₹ 2,31,006 (airfare & accommodation included)
15-day scenic honeymoon to Australia for you and your spouseCairnsGold CoastByron BaySydneyLeuraSydneyHobart₹ 2,32,627 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne attractions: 12-day scenic honeymooning in an Aussie settingMelbourneSydneyGold Coast₹ 2,33,615 (airfare & accommodation included)
Sydney in spotlight: 13-night scenic honeymoon in Australia settingSydneyGold CoastCairnsMelbourneSydney₹ 2,33,715 (airfare & accommodation included)
13-day hypnotic Australia honeymoon bundleSydneyWhitsunday IslandsHamilton IslandAdelaide₹ 2,35,137 (airfare & accommodation included)
Surreal 12-night honeymoon package to AustraliaMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,41,002 (airfare & accommodation included)
11-day/10-night scenic honeymoon package to AustraliaMelbourneSydneyCairnsGold Coast₹ 2,45,827 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne showcase: 12-night scenic honeymooning in Australia settingMelbourneCairnsSydneyCanberraSydney₹ 2,50,301 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne attractions: Scenic 21-night honeymoon in an Oz landscapeMelbourneCairnsSydneyAucklandMelbourne₹ 2,50,581 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 14-day/13-night Australia honeymooning tour plan for doting soulmatesMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,56,494 (airfare & accommodation included)
14-day scenic honeymoon package to AustraliaSydneyBrisbaneMelbourneQueenstownFranz JosefChristchurch₹ 2,65,196 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic 14-day/13-night Australia honeymoon dealSydneyGold CoastCairnsMelbourne₹ 2,66,402 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne highlights: 19-day scenic honeymoon in Australia settingMelbourneCairnsGold CoastSydney₹ 2,67,503 (airfare & accommodation included)
Auckland foregrounded: 27-night hedonistic honeymoon in an Aussie landscapeAucklandRotoruaQueenstownLake TekapoWanakaFranz JosefChristchurchMelbourneCairnsSydney₹ 2,71,405 (accommodation included)
Australia's adorable honeymooning deal for 16 days & 15 nightsGold CoastSydneyMelbourneQueenstownFranz JosefChristchurch₹ 3,20,261 (airfare & accommodation included)
Spellbinding Australia 15-night honeymooning packageGold CoastSydneyMelbourneQueenstownFranz JosefChristchurch₹ 3,20,261 (airfare & accommodation included)
Scenic Australia 13-night honeymoon packageGold CoastCairnsWhitsunday IslandsHamilton IslandSydney₹ 3,20,388 (airfare & accommodation included)
Melbourne special: Heavenly 9-day honeymooning in Australia regionMelbourneSydneyGold Coast₹ 3,26,053 (airfare & accommodation included)

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