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2 women in Myrtle Beach
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Beaches In South Carolina, USA – Into The Waves!

South Carolina is a perfect vacation destination. This state will provide you with everything which is required for a perfect vacation. South Carolina is a state in the United States and is also a famous tourist spot where you can chill with your friends and family. From rich culture to unique attractions, from lip-smacking dishes to hotspots which are blessed with nature, from adventure activities to historic sites, you have everything here. Wait, did I miss something? Oh yes, the famous beaches. Yes, South Carolina has 301 km long coastline and is filled with lovely beaches. Now that’s perfect for a vacation, huh? Love beaches? Make sure you add this place in your bucket list. Well, how about finding out the top 10 beaches in South Carolina? Interested? Have a read and find out everything that you need to know about these beaches.

A lady in the beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

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Top beaches in South Carolina

  • Myrtle Beach
  • Isle of Palms Beach
  • Folly Beach
  • Burkes Beach
  • Cherry Grove Beach
  • Edisto Beach
  • Coligny Beach
  • Surfside Beach
  • Litchfield Beach
  • Mitchellville Beach Park

1. Myrtle Beach

A kid playing with sand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Myrtle Beach is known as one of the best beaches in South Carolina and is also easily connected through different mode of transports. Some of the best things to do here are jet skiing, scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, paddle boarding and swimming. Also, make sure you taste the yummy dishes which are available nearby the beach resort. Myrtle Beach is not only about the gushing waves and water sports, but you also have plenty of interesting things to do nearby the beach. Interestingly, you have an amusement park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and many shopping stores. Sounds perfect, huh?

2. Isle of Palms Beach

A click of Isle of Palms Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

A 40-minutes drive from the east of Charleston will take you to the dreamy Isle of Palms Beach. It is ideal for activities such as sunbathing, swimming, parasailing, jet-skiing and many more. In addition, this beach is also loved for its lovely oceanfront resorts and luxury hotels. Trust me, they are literally luxury. If you don’t mind spending much money on your stay, a stay here is totally worth it. Also, there are many festivals which are celebrated here throughout the year. So, make sure you take part in such festivals to have a fun-filled time.

3. Folly Beach

Folly Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Folly beach is a lovely beach and takes only 20-minutes to reach from the east of Charleston. Like every other beach, Folly Beach is also famous for its water sports which include kayaking, surfing, pier fishing and many more. And yes, Folly Beach also offers many boat tours. That’s lovely, right? Take a boat tour and explore the beauty of Folly Beach.

4. Burkes Beach

Sunset at Burkes Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Burkes Beach is located in the famous Hilton Head Island which is known for its stunning beaches. Burkes Beach is one of the famous family-friendly beaches in South Carolina. One of the best ways to reach this beach is by cycling. Yes, you read it right. In addition, make sure you try surfing and fishing which are very famous here.

5. Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Cherry Grove Beach is located between the Little River and Myrtle Beach. This tiny beach is one of the less crowded beaches in South Carolina. So, if you are looking for a secluded beach in South Carolina, make sure you add the Cherry Grove Beach in your itinerary. Also, this is one of the perfect beaches for romantic couples and solo travellers. One of the must-try activities here is fishing. So, make sure you spend some time here fishing with your partner.

6. Edisto Beach

A boy running towards the beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

I am sure you will be running towards Edisto Beach just like this small boy. Such beauty! Edisto Beach is one of the lovely beaches in South Carolina and you can also indulge in multiple activities such as swimming, camping, fishing, trekking and hiking. That’s is cool, huh? Also, capture some of the spectacular views of the coastline here and fill your tummy with some delicious food which is available at the nearby restaurants.

7. Coligny Beach

Coligny Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here is another amazing beach from Hilton Head Island. Yes, Coligny Beach is also located in the Hilton Head Island and offers multiple fun-filled activities. In addition, you can also do a mini photoshoot with your better half. Trust me, you will find some lovely views which can be the perfect backdrop for your million dollar worth click.

8. Surfside Beach

A click in Surfside Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

This lengthy white sand beach is one of the famous beaches in South Carolina. Interestingly, Surfside Beach has a long boardwalk with restaurants, bars and fishing areas. Also, you will find many entertainment areas near Surfside Beach. Some of the best things to do here are to go swimming, fishing, and camping. And yes, surfers get ready to test your skills at Surfside Beach. The name says it all, right? Yes, Surfside beach is loved for its surfing experience and make sure you take part in surfing for a fun-filled experience.

9. Litchfield Beach

A couple at Litchfield Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

A 30-minutes drive from the Myrtle Beach will take you to the Litchfield Beach. It is an isolated beach with plenty of lovely cottages. One of the best things to do here is to roam around this sandy beach with your better half. Apart from that, you can indulge in swimming and fishing.

10. Mitchellville Beach Park

A kid in Mitchellville Beach Park
Image Credits: Unsplash

Mitchellville Beach Park is located in Hilton Head and is a perfect beach for families. You can build sandcastles with your kids, try activities such as kayaking and swimming, wander around with your loved ones and what not? In addition, make sure you arrive early because the beach gets overcrowded in the afternoon, especially during the weekends.

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Well, wasn’t that an amazing list of beaches in South Carolina which deserves a visit? It is, right? Your vacation to South Carolina can never be perfect without visiting these beaches. So, make sure you fill your itinerary with some colourful beaches. Already interested for a vacation? Well, quickly head to Pickyourtrail website and check on the travel packages to the United States. It’s time for a vacation with Pickyourtrail!

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