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Festung Hohensalzburg
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8 Most Beautiful Castles in Austria That Are Jaw Dropping Beautiful

Thinking about the rich and remarkable history of Austria and its region, it does not shock anyone that the nation is dispersed with great castles, fortifications, and castles that live right up ’til today to relate to the account of the nation’s astounding past. Trust us, the castles in Austria takes you to a magical getaway.

Managed by the houses Habsburg and Habsburg-Lorraine, part of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire a while later, the account of Austria’s supreme past can’t be told quickly. Influenced by the Thirty Years’ War and German Peasants’ War, some Austrian Castles endured a larger number of wickedness than others. In any case, fortunately, many were protected because of their vital area in the Alpine locales of the nation. Well, how about we take a tour on the top 8 most impressive Castles in Austria.


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8 Most Beautiful Castles in Austria

  • Schloss Ort
  • Hohensalzburg Castles
  • Riegersburg Castle
  • Hohenwerfen Castle
  • Burg Hochosterwitz
  • Franzensburg
  • Burg Kreuzenstein
  • Kufstein Castle

1. Schloss Ort

Schloss Ort Castle in Austria
Image Credits: Unsplash

Schloss Ort is beautifully situated on Traunsee lake, surrounded by the most dazzling view and magnificent pinnacles of Salzkammergut mountains. Establishments of the Castle go back to the late eleventh century, notwithstanding, constant improvement works were made up until the mid-thirteenth century. 

The Castles, which is its own island, is connected with the land by a 123-meter long footbridge. Schloss Ort is perhaps the most established structure in the locale. Throughout the long term, the possession has changed a few times. 

The palace was put on the map on account of Austrian TV arrangement “Schlosshotel Orth”. 

2. Hohensalzburg Castles

Magnificently overlooking the beautiful city of Salzburg, Hohensalzburg Castles is one of the city’s fundamental attractions and a flat out diamond. The historical backdrop of the Castles ranges for more than 900 years. Going back to the eleventh century, the medieval Castles is one of the biggest wholly safeguarded Castle towers in the entire of Europe. 

There was a fruitless endeavour to assault the post in the sixteenth century during the German Peasants’ War. In 1800, nonetheless, the Castles was given up to the French during the Napoleonic War of the Second Coalition. 

Initially, the Castles was worked to shield the territory and ecclesiastical overseers from expected assaults. 

3. Riegersburg Castle 

Riegersburg Castle in Austria
Image Credits: Unsplash

The medieval Riegersburg Castle is a terrific structure roosted 482 meters over the ocean level on the head of a sensational mountain edge torpid spring of gushing lava in the Austrian province of Styria. Basalt from the slope was utilised in the structure of the Castles, and that used to be a typical practice in the foundation of ridge palaces to use promptly accessible materials. 

The construction of the Castle started before the mid-twelfth century even though an exact date is obscure. The Castle was first referenced recorded as a hard copy around 1138. It is realised that the palace was a secure Castle – something that is not very difficult to envision thinking about its fantastic area. 

These days, the palace is more pleasant. Surrounded by grape plantations, it generous overlooks the view as visitors can visit the Castle and the historical centre inside. 

4. Hohenwerfen Castle 

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria
Image Credits: Google Images

At the point when you think you have seen many fantastic peak posts, surprisingly protected, Hohenwerfen Castle rises up out of the separation, and it’s practically difficult to accept its striking intrigue. Situated at the very heart of Salzach Valley, an easy 40-minute drive from Salzburg, the more than 900-year old Castle welcomes visitors from great distances abroad as one of the most-visited traveller objections in the entire nation. 

The surrounding view truly is picture perfect. As River Salzach courses through the valley, the Castle sits high above it, 623 meters over the ocean level that is. Underneath the palace sits the Austrian market town of Werfen. Thick woodlands spread the elevated scene, and the Berchtesgaden Alps, just as Tennen Mountains, encase the view.

5. Burg Hochosterwitz 

The great stone Castle that is Burg Hochosterwitz, situated in the south of the nation, isn’t just a massive case of medieval protective design in Austria yet additionally one of the nation’s significant vacation spots. 

As the Castle sits on a twisting street on a Dolomite rock, it is secured by a great number of 14 sustained entryways. The plan of the Castle has been left unaltered since the sixteenth century. 

6. Franzensburg 

Franzensburg, situated in Lower Austria, is one of the most fantasy-like Castles in the entire nation and stands apart with its relatively novel structure. Inherent the primary portion of the nineteenth century, Franzensburg was really worked as an exhibition hall. The Castle was planned dependent on medieval components; in this way, it has been applauded for making progress toward historicism. 

The beautiful Castle park with the nearby lake was intended to mirror the style of English arranged nurseries. The château park covers 250 sections of land. 

7. Burg Kreuzenstein 

Burg Kreuzenstein in Austria
Image Credits: Unsplash

Burg Kreuzenstein is one of the most pleasant Castle in Austria. Situated in Lower Austria on a delightful lush slope, Burg Kreuzenstein rises 265 meters over the ocean level, and the flow Castle was reconstructed on the remaining parts of a past medieval château. 

Johann Nepomuk Graf Wilczek, polar traveller, humanitarian, and a chamberlain at the court of Emperor Franz Joseph I was resolved to remake the Castle around 1874. Initially, he had just wanted to redesign the Chapel of Kreuzenstein as a family burial chamber. All things considered, rapidly it developed into the rebuilding of the entire château. 

The reclamation cycle, along with conspicuous planners work in the reconstructing of notable structures, took roughly thirty years. The current Castle highlights portions of the first medieval structure as well as parts of other medieval structures from across Europe that were bought for the rebuilding cycle. Subsequently, the design has both unique medieval highlights just as neo engineering. 

8. Kufstein Castle

Kufstein Castle in the dynamite locale of Tyrol is both fantastic and overwhelming with its tremendous and secure appearance. The Castle pinnacles over the abutting scene 507 meters over the ocean level. 

While the specific date of the structure of the post is obscure, it was first referenced recorded as a hard copy around 1205. From as far back as the fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years the Castle was battled about by Tyrol and Bavaria. 


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