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8 Tips when Buying Gold at the Deira Gold Souk

Dubai is the capital of the UAE. The city is unlike anything else on our planet. Entirely man-made, the city is quite famous for its bold architecture and stunning styles. Dubai has its own fusion mixed in its style and heritage. The city will make you fall in love with it at first sight. Though it is said to be a year-round destination, we suggest you visit the city of dessert between November to March when it’s much cooler. Explore the city’s glitz and glam by visiting the souks and uncover the different traditions of the multifaced city.

When traveling or vacationing, shopping is something everyone does irrespective of gender or age. So while you are in Dubai, get all the fun you can by visiting the souks as the place is filled with souks. Almost every nook you visit, you’ll find them there. The markets in Dubai include gold, spices, silks, perfumes, and other varieties of goods that can be sold and purchased. The option is truly limitless here, and read on to know about one of the amazing places to buy Gold – The Deira Gold Souk

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Gold souk in Dubai
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One such place is the Deira Souk, Dubai. Located in Dubai’s one of the most fascinating districts, the place has literally everything. From traditional dhows to gold, it gives you a hell of an authentic experience. Deira is the commercial city of Dubai that revolves only around the souk. Though the stores there seem to be modern and blingy, business done here is the same as it was done a century ago. 

The Deira Gold Souk is the largest gold market to exists in the world. The market has 18karat & 22karat gold pieces, jewelry, and ornaments for sale. There are roughly about 10-15 tons of gold in the souk alone. Very popular among the tourist, the souk is flocked by tourists day and night. 

8 Tips for shopping at the Souk

  1. Know the correct price
  2. Know the types of gold available
  3. Pick the right color
  4. Choose the right jewelry
  5. Try Bargaining
  6. Try not to be too stringy
  7. Explore other stores
  8. Know the making price

1. Know the correct price

Being a tourist spot, each seller might have different pricing of gold. Head out to the information centers in the souk, that help you by not just navigating but also by computing the value of gold and the best deals available. 

2. Know the types of gold available

Not all golds are the same. Golds come in different karats and different purity. The purest form of gold is soft and breaks when there is a human touch. Only by mixing out different earth metals like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel, gold hardens and ornaments are made.  So do lots and lots of research before buying them. 

3. Pick the right colour

Gold is made in different colors these days by mixing alloys in it. There is rose gold, white gold, bright gold, antique gold, matte gold, etc. Select which one you prefer to wear without any hurry. After all, you are far away from home and you need to be very careful while picking out your jewel. 

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4. Choose the right jewellery

There are different kinds of ornaments that come in different sizes. People tend to get carried away when surrounded by a huge sum of gold. Be wise and pick the one you want, the representative will weigh them and hand it over to you to try or buy. 

Gold store at Deira souk
Image source: Google Images

5. Try Bargaining

Every buyer has a price set. It may be higher from the day’s gold price or lower. If it is low, well and good, if it is on the higher end, bargain. Try and reduce the price by at least 25% so that you get a good price for your product. 

6. Try not to be too stingy

We as humans love to bargain. But make sure that you are not too stingy. The place is filled with tourists day and night and if not you, they are always going to get another customer. It might be you, who might end up not getting what you want. 

7. Explore other stores 

Souk is filled with stores. So wander around and gather necessary information first and then proceed to shop, that way you have all details in hand and they don’t cheat you. 

8. Know the making price

To make gold ornaments, there is always a making price. The cost incurred to make the ornament. So try to know the making price and check if the listed price is high or low and then proceed to buy. 

Dubai souk in the night
Image source: Unsplash

Must-haves & do’s

  1. Always take your sunglasses along. You might never know when you’ll need it.
  2. Wear fully covered clothes. Dubai is a religious place and they have strict laws for clothing too. Make sure you don’t wear revealing clothes. 
  3. Carry a bottle of water always along to keep you hydrated at all times. 
  4. Carry dollars or cash in hand. Might come in handy while making small purchases.

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How to reach there? 

The Souk is about 6kms long. It starts from Deira’s Gold Souk and goes all the way to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht. So if you are planning on shopping, make sure you have an entire day in hand exclusively for it. 

You can either take a taxi directly to Gold Souk or use the train to reach the Deira Old Souk station, from there, it is just a few minute’s walks away to the Gold Souk. 

Open Hours

The Deira souk is open all day. However, the timing might differ. It is open from 10 AM – 10 PM from Saturday – Thursday and 4 PM – 10 PM on Fridays only due to prayer calls.

Dubai has always sold the best golds ever. In fact, history says that the Indian or Iranian traders set up their shops in Deira to sell and make profits. To date, the Deira Souk has been selling the best and cheapest gold compared to other areas nearby. With the above tips, we hope you are extra cautious while buying gold.

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