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The best time to visit Ukraine – An ultimate guide to experiencing its different seasons

“Laskavo Prosymo do Ukrayiny” which means Welcome to Ukraine. Ukraine is a wonderful country in Europe that boasts historic moments and natural beauty. Blessed with two amazing seasons, the country should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Take a look at the region’s snow-capped mountains, the famous black sea and lot more. Here are the different seasons in Ukraine, to guide to your next holiday plan.

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Different seasons in the country of Ukraine

What is the summer season like in Ukraine?

Ukraine experiences summer between the months of June and September. But unlike every other region, Ukraine experiences a mild summer. The days are pleasant and sunny. The nights tend to be cold which makes your stay in the country of Ukraine the best. The summer season is indeed the best time to visit Ukraine. Many tourists around the world, prefer to visit the country during this time. Thus, summer is the peak season for tourism in Ukraine.

City Centre in Ukraine
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Things to do in Ukraine during summer

  • Go on a hiking trip with your partner or friends at the Carpathian Mountains. These mountains are also called as the Green Pearl of Ukraine.
  • Head to natural springs flowing in Ukraine and have a pleasant time.
  • There are several fairs put in Ukraine in the summer season. Head to the local fairs to shop some souvenirs.
  • Take a dip in the Black Sea and take several Instagrammable pictures to share it with your friends.

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What is the winter season like in Ukraine?

Ukraine experiences the season of winter between November and January. The city experiences extreme cold in the month of January. People IN Ukraine enjoy frequent showers of snow. The view gets so blissful in this season. You can step out and enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains or stay inside your room and sip a cup of hot chocolate.

Things to do in Ukraine during winter

  • The Carpathian Mountains seem to look stunning as if they are dipped into ice creams. They look fully white, surrounded by huge valleys and mountains. It is the perfect spot for skiing.
  • Christmas is what winter brings to the land. People love their holiday here. Take part in carnivals that happened around the city.
  • Enjoy the Malanka festival in Ukraine, that is celebrated annually on the 13th of January.
Carpathian Mountains
Image Source: Unsplash

What is like during the rest of the year in Ukraine?

Ukraine experiences rainfall during the winter season. The month of February is when rainfall gets high and the city is drenched fully. Though the rainfall continues, the city never stops. Go on dinner dates and enjoy game screenings at nearby restaurants and bars. If you are the person who loves to save money on travel, well, we suggest you travel here in February. Avail maximum discounts on all consumer goods and also get to experience Ukraine.

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Between the months from April and May, the snow disappears from the city. Although there is no snow, the city enjoys a soothing chill climate. As the year reaches the month of April or Mid May, the tourists start to flock inside. However, during these two months, the number of tourists is comparatively less.

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