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Java Rain
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Java Rain Resorts in Chikmagalur- Splendour at its best!

Chikmagalur in Karnataka is like Paradise on earth. How incredible would it be to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the midst of nature? Java Rain Resorts in Chikmagalur offers to you one of the most tranquil getaways ever possible among the beautiful Mullayangiri hills. The aroma of coffee plantations along with spectacular views of the alpine Baba Budan Hills awaits you as you visit Java Rain Resorts. Get ready for the ultimate getaway in nature’s lap and rejuvenate your body and mind with the help of top-notch facilities and services.


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About Java Rain Resorts

Java Rain Resorts room
Image source: Java Rain Resorts Website

Awarded as the Travellers’ Choice 2020 by TripAdvisor, this is undoubtedly one of the most homely locations for a resort. The misty atmosphere and lush greenery surrounding the resort proves to be the ideal place to head to along with your better half. The exotic villa accommodation offered by this resort to be the perfect place even for a family vacation. If you are looking for one of the best resorts near Bengaluru, Java Rain Resorts are your ultimate pick.

Types of rooms

Java Rain Resorts have named their rooms after different coffee types across the world. All the villas have a total area of 1250 square feet, and expert architects have chiselled them into a perfect design. The beautiful interiors are lined with paintings hand-picked from Indonesia.

  1. Kaffa
  2. Qahva
  3. Fika (with city view/jacuzzi/private pool)

Location of Java Rain Resorts, Chikmagalur

This is one of the most accessible resorts near Bengaluru and is located at about 4 and a half hours drive from there. The view of Mullayangiri hills will prove that you have come close to the resort as it will welcome you in all its grandeur.
Address: Girija Estates, Survey no – 618, Karnataka 577101

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Dining experiences

Dining area
Image source: Java Rain Resorts Website

Two breathtaking restaurants exist in the Java Rain Resorts, again with very interesting names. One of them is called Mirra, which serves Global cuisine and specialities in baking and confectionery. The best part about dining in this restaurant is that it offers beautiful views of the Infinity Pool and the surrounding valleys. The Chefs at the restaurant are experienced and will ensure that they craft each plate to perfection.

Apart from this, there is another unique dining area called Crimson Peak. This is a typical tree bar which offers panoramic views of the hills. The sunset, which is visible from this spot is one of the best places to spend your evening. Relax with a drink or two and spend your evening just lazing around.

Unmissable experiences

Given that Java Rain Resorts is located alongside a mountain range, one of the best experiences to undertake is trekking. You can go on a hiking trail to the Mullayanagiri peak. Cycling trails are also organised along with guides to enjoy the natural beauty of the resort. When you talk about Chikmagalur, the instant thought is that of coffee plantations. Pay a visit to the exotic spice and coffee plantations located around the resort and soak yourself in the divine aroma.

Places to visit near Java Rain Resorts

The surrounding areas of Java Rain Resorts are filled with nature’s bounty. You will never run out of things to do when you visit this resort. Some of the top places that you can visit include Hirekolale Lake, the Jhari Waterfalls, Mullayanagiri hills and the famous Sringeri Mutt. Coffee breweries and roasteries are aplenty around this region. Apart from witnessing the whole process of extracting coffee beans, make sure you also take home some freshly brewed coffee beans. After all, a souvenir from your staycation to Chikmagalur is a must, right?

Other amenities

Speaking about the unique services that Java Rain Resorts offer, the list is just endless. Apart from an Infinity Pool, they also have spa services and cooking classes on a seasonal basis. The noteworthy spa services include Aroma Therapy, Swedish massage, Foot Reflexology and Indian Deep Tissue massage. All of these massages will ensure that you are set in the right holiday mood and will remove the tensions and knots from the muscles in your body.

The resort also organises wedding ceremonies and receptions apart from business events for the corporate traveller. If you choose to travel with Pickyourtrail, you will also be entitled to a complimentary candlelight dinner on one of the nights. Can it get more romantic than this?

Travel during the COVID-19 period

Java Rain Resorts is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that you have a safe staycation. Hand sanitizers and masks are made available to the clients and staff and norms of social distancing are mandatory. High touchpoints in the resort are sanitized from time to time and routine temperature checks are also done. Your three nights stay in this resort is as safe as it gets and you can look forward to a memorable time here.

Speaking of safe staycations, we bring to you some of the best deals to ensure that safety and travel are one and the same. Travel is evergreen and with just the right precautions in place, your dream trip is just around the corner. Let’s all take one step forward to ensure that your thirst for travel is quenched.


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