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Khajjiar mountain
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Travel To Khajjiar, India’s Mini Switzerland In 2024

Khajjiar is a tiny hill station in North India in Himachal Pradesh which is often referred to as the ‘Mini Switzerland of India‘. The place is filled with picturesque scenery, natural fresh air blowing from the mountains and encompassing dense deodar forests. The snow-capped mountains add icing to its beauty during the winters. To visit Khajjiar and make the most of it, go on reading our guide.

What to explore in Khajjiar, India

Most tourists think if they plan a vacation to a hill station they wouldn’t have much in their pockets to explore. But you’re wrong! Khajjiar has amazing adventurous, natural wildlife culture, tourists spots and much more to offer. All this added together will make your vacation to the Abode of snow a dream vacation.

Khajjiar village view
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Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar Lake is located amidst the saucer-shaped verdant meadows and the dense forests. This location is the perfect picturesque spot which attracts not only the locals but also the tourists. What’s authentic about this place is the floating island which is nothing but a bunch of turf growing on the lake’s surface. This sight I bet is breathtaking! Not only this there are a bunch of youngsters travelling every year to the lake to get their adrenaline fix. You can even enjoy all your adventurous activities like paragliding, horseback riding, zorbing and many other exciting activities on this scenic hill town. If you’re not one who enjoys the adventures fear not, you can relax amidst the mesmerizing nature and soak yourself in its beauty.

Khajjiar lake
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Khajji Nag Temple

On the banks of the Khajjiar Lake is the Khajji Nag Temple. This temple was said to be built in the 12th century. Its also said that this temple was specially dedicated to the Lord of Serpents, Khaji Nag. What’s that stands out the most in this temple is its ‘Hindu-Mughal architecture‘. Beautifully built with its gilded dome and intricate wood carvings, the temple has idols of snakes, Lord Shiva, Goddess Hadimba, and images of Pandavas and Kauravas.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Head to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to various types of flora and fauna. Don’t be surprised when you come across Himalayan black marten, jackal, leopard, barking goral, deer, bear and langur during your tour. The whole place is jam-packed with a picturesque landscape, dense forests which also makes this place a perfect location for trekking.

Explore the Khajjiar villages

Going so far and don’t visit the locals and their livelihood? Not a chance, the next best part of this place is the Ladi and Rota village. The apple orchards unbeatable views of snow-loaded hills and Mount Kailash is a must-visit. This place is famed for these. Take a long stroll within the thin local street and soak yourself in the tranquil vibes and pristine nature.
The icing on the cake is the cosy homestay which gives you the opportunity to live the tranquil life of the mountains. Don’t miss out to sample the authentic Himachal fare!

How To Get to Khajjiar, India

The best way to reach here is to take a flight to Kangra Airport, which is 78 miles away. Post that travel take a bus or a cab and travel on road to read this beautiful place. There is also a railway station about 58 miles away at Pathankot.

Sign board
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Why wait so long? Pack your bags and get going to India’s Switzerland Khajjiar. Visit to check out more exciting vacation packages and help us make this your dream vacation.

Unwrap the world! Unwrap Khajjiar!

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