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London Street Art
Written by Athul K V on June 8, 2023 Share on

Best Places to Witness Street Art in London

The city of London is famous for its history and dynamic lifestyle. It is also one of the main hubs for the top quality street art in the world. The street artists of London are creating colourful and thought-provoking masterpieces all around the city. From Murals that cover huge walls to the detailed stencil works and tags adorn the hippy and happening London streets. Artists use it as a big canvas to create beautiful works which give a fresh identity for London and its streets. From the famous Banksy to a number of undiscovered artists, the London street art scene is flourishing. Let’s look at the best places to see some of the finest street arts in London.

London Street Art
Image Credits: Pixabay

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This is a playground for London street artists and the artworks here change very frequently. Some of the best works of artists such as ROA and Orrible (among others) can be found here. Most notable places such as Princelet Street, Brick Lane, and Fashion Street have varieties of murals, sculptures and stencil work. Shoreditch has become a must-see for street art enthusiasts and tourists as well who can take walking tours to enjoy the urban artwork of London. Brick Lane is already famous for its diverse food market, peppy bars and also is a classic shopping destination. Head over to Rivington street which has the works of some of the best artists such as Banksy, Cranio and Rolla.

Shoreditch Wall Art
Image Source: Pixabay


Croydon is home to the RISE gallery which promotes the upcoming artists in the London street art field. The Queen’s Garden in Croydon has a wall for emerging artists to showcase their talents. The place is filled with new and innovative artworks and is an emerging space for upcoming talented artists. Katharine Street, High Street, Park Street and St George’s Walk have the best works of the local artists.


Being one of the most visited tourist locations in London, Camden has some of the best street arts in the capital city of London. The most famous artist in the area is Bambi, but you can also find works of Gregos, Kobra etc as well. Take a stroll from Mornington Crescent to Camden Road and you will see stunning art pieces along the way. Miller Street, Hawley Street, and Hawley Mews are home to some of the best graffiti work in London. Camden’s street art is increasingly getting popular among locals and tourists alike.


Southbank is the underground centre for the London skate community and the walls of the skate park are packed with the works of popular graffiti artists. Leake Street tunnel is home to both graffiti artists and enthusiasts. Located closely to the Waterloo station, Leake street is very popular and one of the most visited places as well for its street art. The artworks here are very much celebrated because of the popularity of the tunnel and the artworks change almost every day due to the traffic of artists in the area.

Leake Street tunnel graffiti
Image Source: Pixabay

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The London Street Art scene is big and widely appreciated. Artists are using these spaces for artistic as well as social causes, which makes it even more relevant. If you are planning to explore London, make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing artworks. To plan your trip to London, visit Pickyourtrail website and check out London packages. You can also customise an international trip online.

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