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Sun set in Batumi
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Must-See Attractions in Batumi

Batumi, the Capital City of Adjara, is majorly known for its Beaches and Booze. But most of the times people tend to miss out its must-see attractions which will you make you admire the city even more. Fun Fact, Batumi has its own flag, Its own dialect and its own delicious cuisines. Batumi is also well known for its fantastic amalgamation of architecture dated back to 15th Century and to that of 19th Century. Apart from it, Batumi is also well known for its beautiful nature, Cafe culture and vibrant markets. In the outskirts the city, you’ll find Roman ruins to one of the region’s most significant botanical gardens and also some fantastic hikes in Georgia’s best National Parks.

Below are few of the must-see attractions in Batumi:

  • Bike or take a stroll in Batumi Boulevard
  • Admire the Statue of eternal love
  • Go back in time in Batumi’s Old Town

1. Bike or take a stroll in Batumi Boulevard

Strolling along the coastline of Batumi is relaxing and packed with social meetings. The road is the most seasoned fascination of the city; its development began in 1881 when the Governor doled out Reseller, a German nursery worker to make a recreation centre along the shore of the Old Town.

These days, its length ranges to 12 kilometres and is partitioned into ‘old’ and ‘new’ avenues. You can see the first park with the new expansion of current seats, models and wellsprings. During mid-year, the road is filled with seashore bars, clubs and bistros. Watch the lovely nightfall from here and trust me; this is something that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Batumi beach
Image credits: Pixabay

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2. Admire the Statue of eternal love

Given the fact that Batumi is well known for its architectural marvels, one of them is the statue of eternal love. The famous Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze made this statue of Ali and Nino. The glimpse of these two statues moving towards each other, then merging and then moving away every 10 minutes is a sight to behold.

The motivation of this remarkable milestone is Kurban Said’s epic of a similar name. The book recounts to an emotional story between Georgian Christian little girl of an aristocrat and an Azerbaijani Muslim kid set in Baku in 1918.

Eternal love in Batumi
Image Credits: Pixabay

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3. Go back in time in Batumi’s Old Town

There’s nothing you would love more than walking around this beautiful old town with your camera. Batumi Old Town isn’t as large or environmental as Tbilisi’s. However, there are still some brilliant pearls to be found.No wonder this is one of the Must-See Attractions in Batumi.

These buildings in the old town date back to the end of 19th Century but they look a lot earlier. Don’t forget to look out for those black and white pictures of these buildings on the streets.

Old town in Batumi
Image Credits: Pixabay

These are few of the must-See Attractions in Batumi’s for free will certainly blow your mind with its natural beauty. Moreover, tourist places in Batumi are worth visiting with your loved ones. Book your Georgia packages through Pickyourtrail and enjoy a hassle-free vacation. If you want to quickly chat with our destination expert, drop your Whatsapp query here.

Additionally, you can also refer to the guides page and also download the Pickyourtrail app from Play Store or IOS. Happy travelling!

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