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Outlander Filming Locations In Scotland

Scotland is known for its rich whiskey varieties. Visiting one of the 109 distilleries is a great way to sample the country’s national drink while in Scotland. Historically, Scotch whiskey production dates back to the 11th century. Some of the Outlander movie scenes have been filmed in Scotland. Let’s know few more details of the outlander filming locations in Scotland.

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Outlander filming locations in Scotland

  • Doune Castle
  • Falkland
  • Glencoe
  • Culloden Battlefield
  • Glasgow
  • Devil’s Pulpit
  • Blackness Castle

Doune Castle

In many episodes of Outlander season 1, Doune Castle is used as Castle Leoch, the headquarters of the Mackenzie clan. Here they introduced many important characters, including Murtagh, Mrs. Fitz and Laoghaire MacKenzie, as well as Colum MacKenzie, landlord of the clan, his wife Letitia and their son Hamish. Much of the castle was used for filming. The huge inner courtyard and the large hall, as well as the surrounding outdoor area, were used effectively. An interesting exception was the Castle Doune kitchen. A set was built to closely recreate the castle’s kitchen to make filming easier.

Doune Castle Scotland
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Falkland, a small town in Fife, Scotland, was used to represent the city of Inverness. Frank and Claire arrive there on their second honeymoon. There they meet Mrs. Baird, the mysterious owner of her bed and breakfast, as well as the Like the Outlander version of Inverness. Falkland is a quiet and friendly town on the edge of the fantastic Scottish countryside. Like Frank and Claire, you can drive into town and park on the high street across from Ms. Baird’s B. & B (the real Covenanter hotel). In addition to a drink or lunch, you can also stay in one of the hotel rooms, including the room that Frank and Claire rented.


Glencoe appears in the opening credits of every episode of Outlander. With its breathtaking mountain scenery, it is a perfect example of the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. After defeating the Jacobite Rebellion of 1689-90, the British government had to guard the Scottish highlands.

Glencoe Scotland
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Culloden Battlefield

According to the Daily Record, historians who maintain Scotland’s Culloden battlefield accuse novel and TV series fans for trampling the area around the Clan Fraser Memorial. Some even left snippets of Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in the Starz drama. The Battle of Culloden was teased at the end of season two and featured in the season three premiere episode of Outlander. It was a brief re-enactment of the actual confrontation that took place on April 16, 1745 between British troops and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobite troops. In the series, Jamie eventually kills Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies).


In Outlander, the Glasgow Cathedral crypt was used as the interior of L’Hopital des Anges in Season 2. During her stay in Paris, Claire volunteered to work in the hospital of Mother Hildegarde and the nuns of the Couvent des Anges. In Season Two, Episode 7, Claire is brought to L’Hopital when she experiences pregnancy-related pain and the heartbreaking birth of her stillborn daughter. Believe in one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series. The Glasgow Cathedral (also known as the High Kirk of Glasgow or St. Mungo’s Cathedral), consecrated in 1197, is owned by the Church of Scotland. It is north of High Street and east of Cathedral Street, next to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Nearby attractions include Provand’s Lordship (Glasgow’s oldest house) and the renowned St. Mungo’s Museum of Art and Religious Life.

Glasgow Scotland
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Devil’s Pulpit

Finnich Glen appears in season 1 episode 6 (The Garrison Commander) and is used as the source of Saint Ninian, also known as the source of the liar. Dougal asks Claire to drink from the spring. When she does, he accepts that he has to trust her. Glen, often known as Devil’s Pulpit, is a 30 meter deep gorge near Drymen and Loch Lomond. It can be reached via a 200 year old staircase towards the gorge. Various stories and legends are entwined around the pulpit. Devil speaks to his followers, others that it was once the site of witch executions, and some will tell you that the Druids used it to hold secret meetings.

Blackness Castle

Located near the village of Blackness in Scotland, Blackness Castle is an impressive 15th century fortress. It was used in Outlander to represent Fort William, where Jamie was flogged by Captain Randall and where Jamie’s father died. Later, in the midseason finale of the first season, Jamie breaks into the castle, saves Claire from Black Jack’s hands and jumps into the water. Blackness Castle was built in the 15th century by the Crichton family and is one of the most impressive fortresses in Scotland. It was used as a royal palace, prison, and arms store, as well as a filming location for Hamlet. The castle is shaped like a ship and is often referred to as “the ship that never sailed”. The castle is run by Historic Environment Scotland, a charity that protects and promotes many of Scotland’s historic sites.

Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway

Appearing in Outlander season 1, episode 3, the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway was used as a London train station, where Frank says goodbye to Claire while she goes to war. from the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS), a group of volunteer railroad enthusiasts. The railroad attracts more than 60,000 visitors each year and operates historic steam and diesel trains in a traditional railroad setting. Recall Outlander 1.3 that it was originally located at Wormit Railway Station near Dundee. The station was closed in 1969 and moved to Bo’ness.

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