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How taking a vacation makes you better at your job

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

You know that saying. In fact, you have used it very often. Especially, if you were a parent trying to get your child to go play in the great outdoors. So, why won’t you? Yes, you. Why won’t you go outside? You need a break, a vacation, a getaway – call it what you may. And no amount of pending work, boss issues, project deadlines can serve as a good enough excuse for you not to take that break. So, get yourself to those great outdoors. Take that long-pending vacation. Unconvinced? Well, how about this – vacations help you perform better at work! Here’s how ~

Avoid burnout ~

We have talked about this, haven’t we? Those deadlines, issues with the boss. Yes, them. They culminate to stress you out. Everyday the same stressors take centre-stage in your mind. Everyday, all day you are preoccupied with solving this issue or that. Progressively, this leads to a condition called burnout. Burnout is characterised by exhaustion, lack of motivation, and a feeling of ineffectiveness. Feeling incompetent or unable to complete tasks at a desired pace? Blame it on the burnout. Truthfully, blame it on yourself for not having taken a break earlier. But, not worry, it is not too late. Delegate your work and get packing for your vacation.

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Depute, depute, depute! ~

Delegate. Yes, delegation is an important mark of professionalism. It’s great to feel indispensable for the work you do. Before you encircle yourself in this smugness, remember that no one is going to take that vacation for you. And more importantly, your health – mental and physical – is indispensable to you. So, get to delegating! Who knows? Your organizational skills could impress the higher-ups and get them to entrust you with more responsibility ( read, promotion).

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Your breathing space ~

Did you know that not taking a break actually makes it difficult for our minds and bodies to relax? Take a chill pill – not that a simple thing to do, it seems. If you don’t like the idea of being an over-worked employee with mental stress problems and other physical ailments, consequent of stress; this might just be your ‘hallelujah!’ moment. Psychological research reveals that with lesser exposure to calmness and relaxation, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker. Result? You can’t ever seem to relax. And this bug you might have to carry even after you retire. If that it isn’t warning enough to go organize your short escape, I don’t know what is!

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Be a brimming ray of sunshine ~

Well, not exactly. But you get the idea. A lot of studies have focused on employees’ mental health and for good reason. One such study has  concluded, with empirical evidence, that employees who take a vacation are happier and more satisfied in their jobs. Moreover, prolonged mental stress , beyond burnout, leads to other lifestyle diseases too. By taking a break, you get time to unwind and let your mind finally find that inner peace. The long-suffering mind of yours filled with an overwhelming amount of information can now take out its coolers and lay back in peace. On the other hand, your eight-to-six working body can finally catch up on some unwinding of its own – be it a little bit full-day-spa pampering or a catching up on your fitness by indulging in long walks. Whatever it is your heart wants. By the end of it, you will be robust, brimming with good health. And, of course, happy too.

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Hoard on some inspiration ~

With all that mental and physical goodness you are going to gain, here’s another reason to rejoice. New sights, new environments can strengthen neural connection and stimulate mental activity. Which basically surmises as you exploring more of what your mind is capable of, apart from the information lodging you subject it to. The little escapade or the long journey you take, invariably, leads to a state of mental relaxation and emotional stability. In one word you are truly happy. Happiness escalates your brain functioning. And with all the new visual and audio inputs, your creativity is bound to go on a run of its own. On the whole, new places make way for newer ideas – just a whole dose of more inspiration!

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A healthy combination of all this and shorter, but, more frequent breaks is a great way to feel fulfilled. Apart from, obviously, becoming better at the job you do, you are a happier and a calmer person. In fact, many companies worldwide like the ad firm Full Contact provides paid vacation for its employees, additionally paying for the expenses incurred by the employees during the vacation. You could be that vacation-ing employee too, now. Make the best of your allotted holidays and sort out a great vacation for yourself. What’s more? Explore our website and find the destination you want to getaway to!

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