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All You Need To Know About Bangkok’s Thai Massage

Drawing a significant amount of influence from ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions of medical practice for over 2000 years, Thai massage has become one of the most sought out ways to do some self-pampering during your trip to Bangkok. Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism are the practices that play an integral role in this form of holistic healing. There are hundreds of massage spas set across the entire city of Bangkok and are very popular for their kind and warm hospitality. While they have these, Bangkok is also home to a couple of legitimate and certified medical massage centers that follow many techniques to relieve your body and rejuvenate your mind. Wat Pho being the main center of Thai massage, is usually very overcrowded whereas Sukhumvit is known for its luxurious resorts and spa facilities.

a snippet of thai massage inside the parlour
Image credits: Tasty Thailand

One of the most common massages is Thai massage. A little more on how the massage works are that it is a mixture of acupressure and yoga postures which are assisted by a masseuse. It is known for removing the stiffness, muscle pain, loosening your body and relaxing your mind. The massage starts from the feet and then moves above to your head gradually focusing on major pressure points for usually upto an hour. You will be guided into 4 positions by the masseuse to give every part of your muscle the healing that it needs. Gentle rocking patterns, limb rolling and rhythmic compressions are typical techniques used, and the masseuse uses his/her elbows, feet, knees, and forearms to execute the massage. The natives in Thailand who adopted the Thai massage first believe that the massage is an external stimulus that releases blocked energy and preserves one’s health and sen is believed to be the path for energy and corresponds with your body’s blood vessels. To make it more clear, when sen becomes blocked the energy becomes stagnant which instantly leads to a range of ailments. Thai massage hence is historically known to maintain equilibrium which is crucial for good health.

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Spotting spas are often not hard here, and commuting to them is mostly recommended by motorcycles, buses or taxis. But if you’re unsure of which spa you would like to visit then use the BTS Skytrain system. Siam and Sukhumvit are the two areas that are very popular for the Thai massages, and the Siam station acts as the middleman between Sukhumvit and Silom line.


No entrance fees are required for a Thai massage unless one visits the Wat Pho temple which has a standard entrance fee of 100 baht. Thai massage prices vary between 200 baht to 400 baht which is 6-12 US dollars and 822 Indian rupees, occasionally 500 in the places that are a little luxurious.

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  • Always make note of the spa you’re visiting from the internet. 
  • Be aware of exorbitantly priced spas, and steer clear of them. 
  • You could always reach out to a Thai massage guide to help you narrow down on the place you’d want to get your massage done in. 
  • Choosing a place beforehand will give you the best value for money and the services vary from place to place and so does the rate. Hence research is the key to it. 
  • Do keep an eye on places that are undercharging you and stay away from them too. 
  • A customary tip of 10% in cash is mandatory and can be done directly to the masseuse depending highly on the place and the type of services performed, in independent studios at least 100 baht for every half, an hour is what is suggested.

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The Lavender Massage by Arunda– known for its aroma oil massage, this spa offers a wide range of services and also comes at an affordable price. Located right across from Platinum Fashion Mall, Ratchathewi you could conveniently grab a bite and go shopping before you head down here for your appointment. Also, this place offers a hot cup of tea when you’re done in their beautiful garden to just soak in the stillness. A traditional Thai massage here costs you about 250 baht and this massage is highly recommended for your Bangkok tour package.

essential oil that is used for the massage
Image credits: India Tours

Sayamon Massage– for just 200 baht, this place offers a full and high-quality Thai massage or a foot massage. Located right at the heart of the Pratunam Market, you could even get a discounted express massage if you have a tight schedule.

Zen Tara Massage & Spa– an 8-minute walk from Ratchathewi BTS Station situated in the Pratunam area, they have private cubicles to ensure the soothing experience in their aroma infused interiors. Choose from their very wide range of massages and their very own zen massage which costs about 250 baht. 

Feel Good Massage– located next to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, this small cozy parlour that is fully air-conditioned is known for its long Thai foot massages for the ones who spend long hours on their feet. This place apparently also lives up to its name, let’s go try it shall we? It’s for us to find out if the 290 baht for the Thai massage is worth it.

foot immersed in warm water during a foot massage
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Massage @ Le – offers 4 basic treatments, the massage therapists here have perfected each one and so you could choose from a traditional Thai massage which can either be a foot massage, a head and shoulder massage, or an aromatherapy massage. They are known to strive to be extravagant and believe that high-quality massage should be part of everyday life, surprising their massages are priced only 290 baht.

Ruen Nuad Massage Studio– this studio provides a combination of authentic and herbal Thai massage which enhances the experience to a whole new level. This cozy studio located in the central city which is always busy, you could head down here,  just sit back and relax. Once you’re done you could go take a shower and drink a cup of tea and head back to your schedule. This studio charges about 350 baht for a massage which is also pretty economical.

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