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the infamous apollo temple
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8 Best Things to Do in Didim, Turkey in 2024

A small popular seaside resort town, located on the western part of the turkey. Didim belongs to the Aydın Province on the Aegean coast and takes its name from the Ancient Greek sanctuary -Didyma. To be precise, Didim is located 123 km from the capital city of Aydın. This town is where you can trace back the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the ancient cities. With a good mix of history is one side and beachy bays with crystal clear waters on the other side, Didim has a lot of interesting things to do. Keep reading to find out how to spend your time in this ancient beach town of turkey with this list of things to do in Didim.

8 Best Things to Do in Didim Turkey

  • Didyma
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Miletus
  • Lake Bafa Nature Park
  • Miletus Museum
  • Altınkum Beach
  • Manastır Koyu
  • Priene Ruins

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1. Didyma:

With oozing history, Didyma is one of the most significant places to witness ruins and take a trip down the memory lane. This place was once an ancient Greek sanctuary located in the northwest side. It was originally declared a sanctuary due to the temple and the oracle of Apollo. This place is home to ruins from 8th and 7th centuries BC. of course the temple of Apollo is the most significant site to visit here, but apart from that temple of Artemis and Roman theatre are other places you can visit as well. The next paragraph will be dedicated to the temple of apollo for you to know what makes it worth it. Keep reading to find out more about the things to do in Didim.

a snippet of the things to do in didyma: apollo temple
Image credits: Google Pictures

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2. Temple of Apollo:

One of the largest remains of ancient temples ever made is currently one of the most priced possession and Didyma’s showpiece. To give you an exact figure, this temple is 51 by 110 meters and has 124 columns that are 20 metres tall. It is by far the largest and the most beautiful temple you have ever seen. The base of this temple has seven steps that easily extends 60 metres by 120 metres. Enter the temple and get completely carried away by the work that has stood strong for over 400 years. And once you step in and see this beauty is when you will realise why this sanctuary is on top of the things to do in Didim. 

Apollo Temple in Didim - things to do in Didim
Image credits: Unsplash

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3. Miletus:

Hope on a half-an-hour ride outside of Didim to your next historical trip. The ancient ruins of Miletus are just as much as magnificent as any other. The ancient city of Miletus is towards the north of the city and it was once a thriving port city that was the wealthiest among the greek cities. Today, its entrance is the dried up Latmian Gulf. two of the highlights that are worth a visit here are the Miletus museum and the well-preserved Theater of Miletus. The best part of visiting Miletus is the fact that you can unravel all the ages of history from ottoman. Wander around this city of remnants and reminisce the good times, visiting this district will be the best decision for a history buff. 

4. Lake Bafa Nature Park:

This protected nature park is home to over 300,000 bird species and is located about 16 Kms from Didim. A trip to this park makes a perfect day trip and is definitely one of the best things to do in Didim if you are a nature lover. With shoreline filled with places to stop just to enjoy the views, this nature park is one of the best areas to try activities like kayaking, mountain biking and trekking. 

the iconic lake bafa
Image credits: Google Pictures

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5. Miletus Museum:

This region ancient history is better understood through the artefacts and the objects that were excavated from the Miletus sites. This museum holds a gallery that is arranged chronologically and has a lot of historic content that is worthwhile. The Miletus museum helps you understand the past of this town bit better with the things that are displayed in the exhibition. Most of the displays here would be from the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras. Visit this museum to reunite with origins and be sure to keep this as apart of your list of things to do in Didim, you will not be disappointed. 

6. Altınkum Beach:

This beach is one of the most popular things to do in Didim. Located just 2 km from the city centre, this beach is also very famous among both the locals and tourists. This 500 metres long beach gets its name from its very own golden sand that stretches from the boardwalk all the way till the sea. You will also find many beach clubs here, and the eastern end is where you can engage in some water sports. The eastern end is where small harbour excursions take place as well. What’s the fun without doing some touristy things right? 

the Altınkum Beach: things to do in Didim
Image credits: Google Pictures

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7. Manastır Koyu:

This would be your go-to place if you want to spend time in low-key but beautiful beaches. Just picture this- a beach that begins with a small curvy white sand that opens into the widespread turquoise water. Dreamy isn’t it? It’s safe for all ages and is very low on amenities. You will literally find this beach to be untouched by tourists and you can just have this beach to yourself. If you want to visit a beach that is silent but yet very pretty then this beach should be on top of the list of things to do in Didim. 

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8. Priene Ruins:

Sitting on 400 metres above sea level series of a terrace, Priene is located on the Latmian Gulf. this temple gives you dramatic views as it sits cliff-facing and was known to be dedicated to Alexander the Great. The current British Museum was fully made by local marble. The visit to this city works wonderfully as a day trip and can be one of the interesting things to do in Didim. 

the ancient city of Priene: things to do in Didim
Image credits: Unsplash

Being one of the top summer vacation destinations, Didim is the perfect place for you to just be lazy on the beach. Starting from the historic sightseeing at the temple of Apollo, enjoying nature trails- this seaside town is your escape from the commercial cities in Turkey. Plan your trip to Turkey from India and explore the packages on Pickyourtrail to find out the one that suits you best. You can reach us on Whatsapp for any queries along the way of planning! 


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