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12 Things to do in Varna, Bulgaria

Bulgaria, located in the southeastern part of Europe, is the land of artists. It is one of the offbeat destinations in Europe with all its folklore, musicians, singers, the country dwells in folklore. With many iconic historical monuments that symbolize the culture, Bulgaria has seen an increase in tourism in recent years, especially during winter. If art and music bore you, visit some of the nearby cities and get to know the history behind it. Not short on anything, Bulgaria has so much to offer in all its cities. One such city is Varna. 

Castle in Bulgaria
Image Source: Pixabay

Varna, the third-largest city in the country of Bulgaria is loved by many. It’s always difficult to find picture-perfect destinations to take all kinds of photos. Worry not when you are in Varna. Beautiful resorts, crystal clear blue beaches, museums, castles, cathedrals are some of the many places you can visit. The walls of these iconic buildings can tell stories that happened in the history of Bulgaria. Rich in natural resources, the place has got some nice secluded beaches, thermal springs, mountains and everything to make your trip a memorable one. Did you also know, Varna is also known as the treasure city of gold? Yes, due to the discovery of gold coins under the tomb of Necropolis.

Things to do in Varna

1. Sea Garden

A huge park sitting along the seafront is one of the iconic landmarks in the city of Varna. The place includes aquarium, dolphinarium, museum and zoos, making it a go-to spot for families to spend a day at leisure. The gorgeous flowers, long valleys, and amazing sunlight at the place make the tourists and residents love to take a walk in the garden.

2. Museum of Archeology

Picture of a museum
Image Source: Pixabay

Located in Bulgaria, is the home to the Roman Empire. The archaeological museum in Varna exhibits the Roman heritage and culture and the place has got a good collection of artefacts that are dated at least 6500 years old. The museum also exhibits a collection of gold and precious objects that were found in Varna making it the oldest gold treasure ever in the world. It is said that the museum houses approximately 1.5 kg of gold which were found in the tomb of Necropolis.

3. Aladzha Monastery

Located in the suburbs of the northeastern region is a monastery formed inside of a cave. This cave is entirely man-made and was carved of a 25-meter tall cliff purposefully. If you love trekking or hiking or if you feel adventurous, try this out. Make sure you wear the right shoes while climbing up since it might get slippery.

4. Cape Galata

Cape Galata is one of the places waiting to be discovered at its fullest. Located in the coastal regions of Varna, the place is a picturesque balcony. Said to be among the cosiest places travelled by the tourists and the residents, the view from here is entirely breathtaking. The view of the town nearby is purely breathtaking. 

5. Sea Port

Sea shore
Image Source: Pixabay

Known to be one of the most vibrant places to go to in Varna is its Seaport. Take an early morning walk and relax while breathing in the fresh air. Once done with the walk, enjoy a heavy breakfast at one of the restaurants or cafes. Take a trek to the lighthouse, one of the highest points in Varna and soak in the mesmerizing view of the sunrise or sunset. 

6. Cather Dormition

Formed between the years 1883-1886 is the church of Varna, the second largest church in Bulgaria next to the Alexander Nevsky Church of Sofia. The entire structure and architecture of the church were designed by architect Maas, symbolizing the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. Known to be one of the most touristy spots in Bulgaria, we suggest you pre-book your tours/guides to avoid the last-minute hassle. The best time to visit the church would be in the morning before the traffic starts to hit the city. 

7. Stoyan Bachvarov Theatre

‘Stoyan Bachvarov’ was an amazing architecture and his designs can be found in the walls of this particular drama theatre. Constructed in the 19th century, the entire theatre was built in Viennese style. Ever since then, the theatre has played dramas of different genres keeping the audiences glued to their seat. This place should definitely be on the bucket list for those visiting Bulgaria. 

8. Saint Anthanasius Church

Built-in the year 1838, the church is an iconic landmark in the city of Varna, renowned for the throne, altar and its frescos. The church has got some stunning architecture for something that has been standing for so long. The church also showcases a range of engravings, spiritual books, paintings and lithographies, all belonging to the Bulgarian Renaissance era.

9. Stone Forest

Stone Forest in Varna
Image credits: Google Images

Situated a little further from the battlefield of Bulgaria, the stone forest is a field of columns of stone with itching stone being 7 meters high and stretched for 13kms long. Known for its structure made out of methane oxidation, it’s difficult to believe that they are man-made. 

10. Palace of Culture and Sport

A multi-utility complex built in the capital city of Bulgaria is the Palace of Culture and Sport. With a recreation centre, fitness centre, modern shopping centre, and press centres, the place can be utilized at the maximum capacity. 

11. Singing Fountain

Located near the Opera house in the city of Varna is the Singing fountain. A fountain that hums to music with colourful lights in the background. Take an evening stroll near the fountain and give your day a perfect end by celebrating it under the colourful lights. 

12. Euxinograd Palace

Built as a guest house by the King of Alexander I Battenberg between the year 1881-1885, the palace has a stunning infrastructure. With all the greenhouses, cellar, a spacious park and clock tower, there were many iconic spots inside the palace.

Travel to Varna, Bulgaria, an incredible city to know more about the histories that took place between 4000 – 5000 BC. After all, we humans are nothing if there is no history. Visit Bulgaria, by choosing the best-suited packages for you and your family from Pickyourtrail and fly with your Indiana Jones hat. 

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