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Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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Beaches of Bulgaria: Top 10 places for a Chilled out Vacation

If you are seeking for a summer vacation at a reasonable cost and with more to offer than simply the Beach, Bulgaria is a place for you. Its Black Sea coast extends from north to south with a variety of beaches, some family-friendly, some well known for their gatherings and some totally detached and wild. Here’s our manual for the best beaches in Bulgaria. 

The climate crosses the 30’s as far as temperature with a lot of daylight, so Bulgaria is an excellent place if you are exploring for alternate European destinations for your summer get-away! You probably won’t have considered overdoing it your mid-year on coasts in Bulgaria. All things considered, when you’ve been, we ensure you’ll likely stay until the end of time! Bulgaria is prestigious for its enchanted coasts, and some of them are among the most amazing in beaches in Europe. 

1. Marina Dinevi 

Marina Dinevi beach in Bulgaria
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Marina Dinevi is a yacht harbour and а hotel complex in St Vlas town. It is a destination for the vibrant and famous, with a wide range of lavish hotels, the spa centres, and cafés. The sandy Beach has been allowed a Blue Flag for its clear waters. Here is perhaps the best hotel and foundations, the 5-star “Castle” boutique lodging, gambling club, stylish boutiques and great yachts. The road for walks along with the yachts and the Beach is a most loved place of the city visitors. The pink bushes, arranged along the rear entryways, palms, retro emblems and the bright evening lights, make a feeling of and romance. 

2. Sunny Beach 

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Image Credits: Google Images

Sunny Beach in the late summer party place of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is well known with European sightseers for the assortment of night clubs it offers. There is a bounty of things to do during the day too. Sunny Beach offers a wide range of water sports and beach bars with world-class DJs exhibitions. 

With an 8 km extended range of beautiful sandy Beach, Sunny truly satisfies its name, with average daylight among May and October of 1700 hours. Stuffed with multi-story resorts, billions of diners, water sports, recruited tents and a portion of the nation’s most influential clubs, this coast also has an extraordinary, undervalued wildlife species: a large part of the coast’s last normal ranges and rare plant kinds locate a home in it. Radiant Beach is directly over the narrows from Nesebăr ‘s verifiable town. 

3. Harmanite Beach, Sozopol 

Another Blue Flag beach preferred by families with kids as the water is calm and not extremely intense. With a ton of hotels and cafés surrounding it, Harmanite Beach will, in general, get packed in the high season. 

4. Smokinya Beach 

Found near Sozopol, this Beach is a most loved summer spot for individuals who love outdoors. Bring your own tent or recruit a camper van at the Beach. The water is quiet and shallow, and there are a few beach bars. Smokinya is mainstream with youngsters and families. 

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5. Pomorie Beach 

Pomorie Beach in Bulgaria
Image Credits: Google Images

One of the cleanest beaches on the Black Sea coast, Pomorie is frequented for the most part by mid-age holidaymakers so you can expect less clamour and a few choices of bars and night clubs. 

6. Sinemorets Veleka Beach 

Sinemorets is a small town in the furthest south of the coast. Up to this point, it was a mid-year base for families who came here each occasion. Nonetheless, as of late, it has transformed into a most loved place of the young creatives from Sofia. In this way, a laidback and new air is the thing that you can expect at its primary Beach Butamyata. A short leave there’s another beach where Veleka River streams into the ocean. This Beach has no courtesies, and a part of it is nudist. 

7. Kara Dere Beach

Kara Dere Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

This is a natural beach without any amenities nearby and no usual route to it. You will have to drive a little offroad to reach here. Head down the dirt track and set up your own tent. This Beach is a position of free spirits, late-night guitar playing, and no restrictions. 

8. Balata Beach 

Situated close to the unassuming community of Kavarna, Balata is one of the most staggering Beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The Beach, along with the Balata Bay, is a piece of a nature hold, so you may see distinctive flying creature species. 

9. Albena 

Albena is a child benevolent of the Bulgaria Beaches on the coast and has water parks, bowling alleys, small fairways and amusement parks to demonstrate it; that shorter than expected trains are one of the principal methods of transport on the Beach is another piece of a sign about accurately who oversees the fiefdom. The long, contamination-free white sand dunks into peaceful, clear waters, which likewise appear to be intended for youngsters: even at 150 meters from the shoreline, the ocean is close to 1.6 meters down. Albena ‘s request is expanded by a free beach library. Nightlife is focused on guardians, ideally getting a second. 

10. Golden Sands Beach 

Golden Sands Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

Another Blue Flag beach arranged near nature save. By and by, it feels progressively like a gathering zone as it is exceptionally famous with youngsters. As it is somewhat further toward the north than different beaches, the temperatures of the water are typically a piece lower than somewhere else. 

Bright Sands Beach in Bulgaria doesn’t put stock in misleading advertising, really has golden sand; many trusts it’s the best sand in Europe. A little more than 20 km from the old Roman town – and resort of Varna–Golden Sands is less pungent than Sunny Beach yet comes next as far as super-resorts and nightlife in Bulgaria. One of the top beaches in Bulgaria, it is boxed by the thickly forested Golden Sands Nature Park; recuperating water from the recreation centre’s hot mineral springs is likewise utilized in provincial spas.

Bulgaria always had a sweet spot for Travelling. Make sure you customise your vacation to Bulgaria at Pickyourtrail to enjoy the best things to do and get 24×7 concierge service. We wish you a safe vacations ahead!

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