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Best Places to visit in India in June
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Top interesting things to do in your next trip Yercaud hill station

Yercaud is a town of hill stations in Tamil Nadu, South Indian state. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for its orange groves, and the plantations of coffee, fruit and spice. Yercaud Lake is encircled by parks and woodland. Anna Park has local vegetation on the eastern side of the lake, and a Japanese greenhouse of bonsai. To the southwest, there is a watchtower with a telescope at Lady’s Seat vantage point. Yercaud is situated in the District of Salem, Tamil Nadu. The closest city is Salem, 32 km away. TNSTC-Salem runs the buses to big cities from Yercaud. Alternatively, it can be accessed via Kanavaipudur from Dharmapuri too. The closest airports are a 38 km drive from Salem Airport. Salem Junction is the closest train station-38 km.

Yercaud India
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Yercaud River, Loop Path, Pagoda Point, Bears Cave, Pagoda Hill, Silk Field, and Rose Garden, Kottachedu Teak Wood, Kiliyur Waterfall and more drawing visitors from all regions as they show a mystical beauty.

Top places to visit

Yercaud Lake

The Yercaud Lake is, without doubt, one of the best places in Yercaud to visit. Offering spectacular panoramic views of this hill station’s hills and lush green lawns, this Lake even barges out as one of Yercaud’s most searched after destinations.

The lake, surrounded by gardens and well-wooded trees, provides a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Yercaud, the location is renowned for its shops and restaurants offering Tamil Nadu’s true taste. Travellers will have an unforgettable time getting insight into Tamil Nadu’s food and cooking, tasting dishes cooked with innovative spices. This renders Yercaud Lake a culinary paradise for epicureans.

32-km Loop Road

The 32-km Loop Road is basically a 32-kilometre loop that begins from the Yercaud Lake and carries you across Yercaud’s much-loved roads and farmland.

It is one of Yercaud ‘s finest tourism spots because it provides the taste of music, the nature of living, heritage imprints and the hill station ‘s varied evolutions. 

The 32 km Loop Road also leads to Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak villages. While travelling through these villages one can taste coffee varieties; surely one’s senses will be filled with the inviting aroma of the coffee beans.

Pagoda Point

Away from Yercaud’s busy life, Pagoda Point is the ideal tourist spot for Yercaud to welcome the mind with warmth and tranquillity. With captivating and panoramic views of the hill station, the Pagoda Point offers Yercaud’s most sprawling view

The panoramic views of Salem, the cool breezes and the mystical atmosphere of the Pagoda Point are all charming to the visitors 

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

Located two kilometres away from Yercaud, this tourist spot in Yercaud is a sightseeing destination that is also regarded as an off-beat destination for travellers. The silk farm also depicts the history of how silk production started in India by acquiring the skills from China’s mainland.

The varied coloured Rose garden in Yercaud, on the other side, will delight your visit to Yercaud.

Bears Cave

Located next to the Bungalow of Norton and on the way to the Temple of Lord Murugan, the Bear’s Cave is also one of Yercaud’s major tourist attractions.

The cave is assumed to be built by the bears and the cave even acted as a hidden hideout and escape route to the mighty ruler Tipu Sultan according to the primitive citizens of this local region.

While the dropped rocks and boulders provide cave exploration blockage, the explorers can opt to remove the rocks and begin their discovery. The cave can be reached roughly 60 ft without any obstruction.

Kottachedu Teak Forest

The Kottachedu Teak Forest flora and fauna include many native animals such as Wolf, Ant-eater, Rodents, Squirrels, Mongoose, Bison, Hares and Foxes. The forest is also abundant in avifauna; you will quickly see swallows, kites, paradise flycatchers, and sparrows in the trees.

Tward the sky in yercaud
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Much of the Kottachedu Teak Forest’s faunal and floral parallels can be linked to the Western Ghats in India.

Kiliyur waterfall

One of the greatest areas to stay at Yercaud is the waterfall. This is known to be one of India’s prettiest waterfalls. Located in Tamil Nadu ‘s Eastern Ghats Servaroyan hill range, the waterfall can only be reached through the rugged, rustic terrains. The Waterfall is situated near Lake Yercaud.

Monsoons are the lazy period to explore this waterfall when the water volume falls at the bottom of the cascade, offering a hypnotic and entertaining view of the cascade.

Yercaud, Salem

The Grange

The Grange is a renowned holiday resort situated 1500 meters above sea level, providing a broad variety of adventure and discovery opportunities for both local and global travellers.

The resort is special in the sense that it is nestled in the evergreen and green woods of Yercaud, away from the urban jungles.

The lush green planting fields of cocoa, pepper, and orange contribute to the resort’s aromatic beauty.

The Grange is near multiple plantation areas and has its own restaurant and boutique shop. The resort is also one of the most popular destinations to experience the fun and thrill of ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) trips.

Deer Park

The park is a lovely picnic place where travellers can admire the stunning views of the hills, while children can play different sports such as soccer, baseball, cricket, football and other similar games.

The park has lush green playgrounds where tourists can appreciate fun valley views and immerse themselves in nature’s beauty. The park is also one of the paradises for nature photographers, with blooming nature all around.

YErcaud, Tamil nadu
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