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Top 15 Things to do in Alleppey

A tourist haven for nature lovers and that too in ‘God’s Own Country’, Alleppey is world-famous for its Backwaters, houseboat rides & stays, Food, people and I can keep adding to the list. Alleppey in Kerala has a lot to do and with the list being so big, let us help you with shrinking it to 15 which are unmissable when you are in Alleppey. So, Come let’s go find out the Top 15 things to do in Alleppey.

Backwaters Of Alleppy

Backwaters Of Alleppy
Image Credits: Wikki Commons

Always on top of the list, It is impossible to avoid the mesmerizing backwaters of Alleppy. Tourists all around the world come to experience the backwater cruise and you can even spend one or two nights in the houseboat which is altogether a new experience. Whether you go on a romantic date with your loved one or just to enjoy a weekend with family Alleppey backwaters have something for each one of its guests.

Kuttanad – The Village Life

Kuttanad - The Village Life
Image Credits: Wikki Commons

Kuttanad, A small town in Alleppy has been declared as one of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems and is famously known as the Rice Bowl Of India is the lowest point of India and you will be able to explore what farming 4 to 10 feet below sea level actually means! A perfect place for nature lovers Kuttanad will let you experience the rustic and rural life of modern India.

Beaches – Best Sunset Views

Alleppey Beaches
Image Credits: Wikki Commons

Walk on a 150-year-old pier that extends to the sea and catch the sunset from there. Trust me, this will be one of the best moments in your entire vacation. Having a great history attached to it too, This will be a perfect place to spend your evening. Get calm and click some amazing photographs

Spa: Ayurveda Session

Kerala and Ayurveda have always been combined and spoken about. With their treatments with natural herbs and medicine being commended across the globe, make sure to indulge yourself in an authentic Ayurvedic Spa and get your body and mind rejuvenated. Having a lot of health benefits, it will indeed make you feel happy and relaxed.

Temples & Churches: A tinge of Culture and Heritage

This backwater town is a testimony to the prosperity of Christianity and Hinduism. You will be able to see a lot of temples and churches maintained to their heritage and traditional values. Spend some time here and just let go. I am sure it will be an uplifting experience and you will not regret it.

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Snake Boat Race

If you are visiting Alleppy in the month of August then you are about to witness one of the greatest race ‘Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race’. Full of people from various countries this race is ferociously beautiful without any doubts. Since as the popularity increased beyond a point the rush and crowd become too much to control so not everyone will be able to enjoy the real thrill. Fret not, If you are wondering how to get the essence of this race, capture and interact with the rowers make sure to visit around June when the practice session happens and you will be able to capture and interact with the people during this time without the rush.

Homestays: Home-Like Feeling Away From Home

Image Credits: Wikki Commons

Any person who wants to have the essence of a specific destination would generally not prefer 5-star hotels. They would want to spend time with the locals in their homes and in Alleppey you have got lots of them with super good amenities. Simple yet very elegant experience the rich culture of the people and taste the traditional food prepared by them using their homegrown flavours & spices. Saving you from burning your pockets and experiencing the true culture of the people, who would not want to try this out?

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Authentic Seafood

This part of the region is gifted with rich flora and fauna. Hence the cuisines offered here are unique and delicious. Not so fancy, they bring an authentic taste with them. Seafood is very famous here and you can go fishing yourself and cook them. Some famous restaurants to mouth-watering dishes are Thaff Restaurant, Nelpura, Indian Coffee House. last but the least make sure to munch some banana chips and pack some for your loved ones.

Nightwalk – For Peaceful Experience

Go on a night walk and listen to the peaceful music of the Alleppy backwaters. As the heritage and culture of the city are rich you can find a lot of locals talking about it and embracing it. If you are staying in homestays then generally night walks are organized by them and you will be able to enjoy the local food too!

Elephant Parade – Royal Side Of Alleppy

Popularly known as “Adoor Gajamela” witness the famous 10-day festival which happens during the month of January. Hundreds of elephants are decorated with ornaments and will be accompanied by a rider who holds an umbrella for the elephant. Various ethnic artforms like ottamthullal and musical performances are staged during this festival creating a festival vibe for people being part of it

Floating Triveni

Floating Triveni is a unique experience for anyone visiting this place. The uniqueness is its a floating market and is owned by the state cooperative and is recognized as a red and white chequered boat. Not just for tourists it is also a lifeline for more than 1,00,000 villagers from 12 districts of Alappuzha who come here to get their daily necessities

For all those people who think Alapuzha is just the home of beautiful ‘Jessie’ you know what I mean :p Trust me it has got more to its side. From being named as the ‘Venice of the East’ due to its backwaters beauty. You will definitely get mesmerized and amazed by the beauty of this city. Visit Pickyourtrail and find out the International tour packages for you and your family. Until then, Happy Planning!!

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