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Top attractions to visit in Dibrugarh that will rejuvenate your soul!

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Dibrugarh is one of the most celebrated destinations which sits on the shoulder of the astonishing state of Assam. The town situated in the North-East corner of the world-renowned tea – state of India, Dibrugarh has a tropical monsoon climate. The town is blessed with lush green forest and adventurous dense evergreen mountains, pristine waterfalls, and adrenaline-pumping treks. Dibrugarh in Assam seems more like a fantasy to many. The destination is filled with lots of activities that rejuvenate you and if you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, these attractions in Dibrugarh can come to your rescue.

Famous places to visit in Dibrugarh

If you looking to explore the beauty of nature, cultural and historic sites of this region, you will realize how rich a state Assam is. Here, the town is well connected between wildlife and culture. If you want to enjoy a splendid vacation, visit this chilling small town in Assam. Before you start your Dibrugarh vacation, have a glance at the list of places to visit in Dibrugarh.

  1. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: Paradise awaits.
  2. Joypur Rainforest: Amazon Of The East 
  3. Naharkatia: The Tea Hub
  4. Shri Jagannath Temple: Replica Of Puri
  5. Jokai Botanical Garden: Nature walk

1. Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: Paradise awaits

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary
Image credits: Google Images

Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuary situated partly in Dibrugarh and partly in Tinsukia district and covers almost 111.19 sq. km. The one and only rainforest in Assam, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary has 3 sections: Dirok Rainforest, Upper Dihing River, and Jeypore. The sanctuary comes under the territory of two elephant reserves: Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve & Dibru – Deomali.

This place has species of Orchids and wild Bananas making it the foremost choice for Dibrugarh sightseeing. The only 3 layered rainforest in Assam has a wide variety of flora and fauna. According to the statistics which the Wildlife Sanctuary had released in 2019, the sanctuary has more than 293 bird species, 47 species of mammals, 30 species of butterflies, and 47 reptile species. There is a high chance of witnessing all these wildlife creatures face-to-face in Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also witness some of the rare species such as Pig Tailed Macaque, Hoolock Gibbon, Capped Langur, Asiatic Elephant, Black Panther, Tiger, Black Bear and Clouded Leopard.

It is most recommended to visit the sanctuary from September to March. During the month of February, there is a special festival called the Dehing – Patkai festival which takes place inside the sanctuary. Plan your vacation well in advance so that you can witness the festival which happens only once in a year. You can reach the sanctuary by hiring a taxi or drive yourself by hiring a car.

2. Joypur Rainforest: Amazon Of The East

Joypur Rainforest
Image credits: Google Images

One of the most popular rainforests which gets rain almost throughout the year, is Joypur Rainforest in Dibrugarh district. The rainforest is blessed with 102 species of Orchids and tall hollong trees reaching up to a height of 50 meters. The rainforest host some of the common trees which include Ajae, Segun, Nahar, Bohot, and Sam. The rainforest covers an area of and it attracts a lot of tourists for its biodiversity.  The climate and atmosphere of the forest are comfortable and soothing not just for humans but also for the animals living inside the rainforest.

The rainforest makes it a perfect home for all the wildlife such as Elephants, Hornbills, Leopards, Flying Squirrels, Pythons, Spotted Deer, and Langurs. The rainforest has a few adventurous activities like rafting, camping, trekking, elephant riding, and bird watching that you can take up. The best time to visit the rainforest is in the midweek of February. The forest is well connected by local buses and public transport. So it is very much accessible by taking the local buses which run every 10mins.

3. Naharkatia: The Tea Hub

tea Town
Image credits: Google Images

Naharkatia is a famous town and emerging as a picnic spot in Dibrugarh district. This commercial town is the heart of tea gardens and villages. Whenever you visit Naharkatia, never miss tasting the wonderful tea from the tea estates. The Tea town got its name from a historical tragic incident in which Prince Nahar was beheaded by an Ahom noble named Kalia. You can explore Namphake, Sasoni Gojpuria, Merill Eco-Tourism, and Gobhuro Dolong villages located near the Tea town. Naharkatia is best to visit during  Durga Puja Festival as the town will be illuminated with lights and the procession on the last day of the puja is a must-see.

4.Shri Jagannath Temple: Replica Of Puri

Shri Jagannath Temple
Image credits: Google Images

If you missed visiting Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odissa, don’t worry you can see a replica of Jagannath Temple in Dibrugarh. Shri Jagannath Temple is a replica of the original which you will find in Dibrugarh, situated near the Mahatma Gandhi Park at Khanikar. This temple is also known as Shikshetra Dhaam. Dibrugarh is blessed with numerous temples. One of the main shrines in Dibrugarh called Raidongia Dol, is one of the oldest temples in the state of Assam. This temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu and  24 statues on the wall, out of which only 14 are visible today. This temple was established in the year 700 AD.

5. Jokai Botanical Garden: Nature walk

Jokai Botanical Garden
Image credits: Google Images

Jokai Botanical Garden houses a wide variety of both flora and fauna species and if you are a nature lover then this garden in Dibrugarh is one of the best places to visit and enjoy the serenity of nature. The garden is blessed with medicinal plants to aromatic plants and a wide variety of birds that migrate from different parts of the world to Jokai Botanical Garden during summer. The garden also has a beautiful and picturesque pond. Visitors are allowed to go boating in the astonishing pond. This garden in Dibrugarh is the best place to soothe your eyes and to indulge in some natural therapy.

How To Reach Dibrugarh?

Dibrugarh is accessible by all modes of transport – airways, railways, roadways, and waterways.

  • Airways: It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach Dibrugarh. The airport is located exactly 15km away from Dibrugarh. It has direct flights and connecting flights between Delhi via Kolkata and via Guwahati.
  • Railways: Almost all the top cities are well connected by train routes. The forest ever Northeastern railway service was started from Dibrugarh. All the top cities including the new cities such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Quilon, Trivandrum, Kolkata, Kanyakumari are well connected.
  • Roadways: if you are someone who loves road trips,  Dibrugarh is the right destination to start with. The roads are well connected and there are lots of bus service to Dibrugarh from all the top cities.

Assam is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and should be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Find some useful information on tourism in India right here. You can also log onto for some amazing deals. Happy travelling!

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