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Top attractions in Helsinki
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10 Top Attractions in Helsinki, Finland to Visit in 2024

It’s indeed true that not a lot of people are aware of this place in Finland, and its no wonder that it’s “Europe’s best-kept secret.” It’s very common for people to visit Espoo or even Rovaniemi for that matter. Discovered as the capital city during the 16th century, most of Helsinki came alive and is known to have shaped up during the 1800s. There are a lot of things that are very exciting here, and in, Helsinki is more about experiences than sightseeing. From the oldest creations to modern architecture, Helsinki will charm you in a whisk. Here are all the facts you need to know about the top attractions to cover in Helsinki.

The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress: top attractions to cover in Helsinki
Image credits: Unsplash

1. Suomenlinna:

Known predominantly as the ‘Fortress of Finland’, located on one of the many clusters of an island just a few minutes from Kauppatori by ferry. Suomenlinna is hailed by UNESCO and was known as Sveaborg when this country was a part of the Swedish empire, which is why this is one of the top attractions to cover in Helsinki. This place was set up by the swedes to defend their eastern territories during the mid-1800s and is an icon that symbolizes fortified military structure. One thing you shouldn’t miss here is the dry dock, and make sure you notice how this place has not changed a bit ever since the Russians overran it.

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2. Helsinki Cathedral:

This whitewashed neoclassical cathedral built it in the mid-19th century is known to be called as St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, which stood for the honour of  Russian Tsar Nicholas I. in the year of 1917 after the Finnish independence is when the name was changed to Helsinki Cathedral. Hang out by the iconic stairs here once you are done exploring the cathedral and just breathe in some magnificent views, make sure this is one of the top attractions to cover in Helsinki. 

Helsinki Cathedral during the Autumn Sunset: top attractions to cover in Helsinki
Image credits: Unsplash

3. Esplanade Park:

Located right in the heart of the city is this huge green space known as “Espa” by the locals. Its the most common picnic place that is most visited by both tourists and locals to just relax and enjoy both the summers and winters. If you would like to catch shows and live music performances, walk down to the Espa Stage – a perfect outdoor venue that is right outside Cafe Kappeli. If you visit during July you can catch the Jazz-Espa that is a jazz festival that goes on for a month and Marimekko Fashion Show takes place in June. 

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4. Temppeliaukio Church:

This church came alive during the post-war design competition that was inaugurated in 1969 which was won by the Suomalainen brothers. It’s safe to say that this church is one of a kind as its interiors are partly built underground, the central dome has gaps through which the sunlight comes gushing to light up the chambers during the day. This church will top your list, and would not be like a typical church you visit at all. And that’s why this should be one of the top attractions to cover in Helsinki.

The Temppeliaukio Church: top attractions to cover in Helsinki
Image credits: Unsplash

5. Market Square:

This would be the first thing that catches your eye when you visit the old town in Helsinki- the harbour and market square. This is where you will get the best produce in town from fresh fish to Finnish specialities. And right next to this place is the Old Market Hall that is open year-round since 1889 where you can fish for local flavours and unique souvenirs. 

6. Seurasaari Island:

An open-air museum that takes up a whole island which is located north of the city with a cluster of Finnish buildings is exactly how this place can be described. This place takes you back to Finland’s history, approximately about 400 years to tell you and show you how life and work in rural Finland. You will find well- trained guides here with a long walking trail of workshops, and cottages

Seurasaari island in Helsinki: top attractions to cover in Helsinki
Image credits: Unsplash

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7. Uspenski Cathedral:

This monument is something that stands for Russia’s century-long connect with Finland and if you’re interested in the history of it then this cathedral located in Pormestarinrinne should be on the top attractions to cover in Helsinki. This church’s exterior is of Red bricks and golden cupolas, step inside to witness a set of beautiful paintings that portray Virgin Mary a list of other saints. 

8. Urban Sauna:

The sauna experience is a must when you visit Helsinki, filled with over three million saunas all around Finland. This is something that came alive during the Viking period and is known to be the perfect spot for meditative refreshment. This treatment is best done naked with towels and is known to relieve muscle and joint pain, better cardiovascular, and kills insomnia as well. The most famous public saunas are Kotiharju, Merihaka, and Löyly which are located in the southern part of Helsinki that offers authentic experiences. 

9. Linnanmäki:

Functioning for over 65 years, this park is known to donate all of its profits to a Finnish child welfare charity. This place should be the top attraction to cover in Helsinki if you would want to have a bit of crazy fun or if you are with the family. This park holds records for most rides: The highest and fastest in the country. There are exactly 7 rides that date back to the 1950s and are still functioning here. This amusement park will surely give you the best experience. 

10. Sample traditional Finnish food at Savotta:

If you are a person who likes to try and taste new cuisines then a dinner reservation at Savotta will not disappoint you. The ambience and food take you back to the roots of Finland. The interiors are gathered from old logging sites, and the food is simply extraordinary.  Food will never disappoint you! 

These are the top 10 attractions to cover in Helsinki, apart from the above you could also visit the wooden house district, the national museum of Finland. The seaside amble and the Helsinki design as well. If you ever visit other parts of Scandinavia you will hope that it would be just a fulfilling as Helsinki is. And that’s the beauty of this city. Go ahead and make your customized Finland tour packages through Pickyourtrail and be sure to make the best of your days here.

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