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Top beaches in Connecticut
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Top Beaches In Connecticut – The Coastal Connectivity At Connecticut

Looking for a memorable vacation with a shedload of coastal charm and tireless waves? Jump along with the bouncing waves of the top beaches at Connecticut. Connecticut is actually a small state with a large reputation in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is a hippy place with Appalachian trails, dozens of Islands, mesmerizing peninsulas, and tiny fun things. There’s a lot to do, see and enjoy for everyone. Also, If you are visiting Connecticut anytime soon, you cannot simply miss out on the amazing beaches present here. Read this article and let the tides wet your feet even before visiting Connecticut.

Visit to the top beaches in Connecticut
Image credits: Unsplash

Top Beaches in Connecticut

  • Calf Pasture Beach
  • Clinton Town Beach
  • Ocean Beach Park
  • Hammonasset Beach State Park
  • Harvey’s Beach
  • Hole-in-the-Wall Beach
  • Jacobs Beach
  • Jennings Beach
  • Pear Tree Point Beach
  • Rocky Neck State Park

Calf Pasture Beach

Nestled in the main location of Norwalk, Calf Pasture Beach is one of the top beaches in Connecticut. The beach got its name since it acted as grazing land for the cows during the 17th century. Also, this beach has a remarkable significance since it offered home for a number of US residents initially. Additionally, you can witness a beautiful park in Calf Pasture Beach. Enjoy your favourite outdoor sport in the shaded playground and take a small boat ride or Kayak trip while daring against the waves. You can also explore the skateboard park, volleyball courts and the welcoming restaurants here. One can easily reach this place by road. You can find metro stations and high frequencies of Norwalk Transit bus as well that aids in easy transportation.


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Clinton Town Beach

Clinton town beach - one of the top beaches in Connecticut
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Clinton Town Beach is a famous tourist spot located in Connecticut. The beach receives lots of visitors every year including local residents and tourists. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming especially during the high tide season. Alternatively during the low tide season, stroll around the shores and explore the sandbars located here. Though the beach doesn’t allow pets, you can still enjoy walking with your pet pals in the designated dog-walking trail. To sum up, Clinton Town Beach is one of the top beaches in Connecticut for a picnic experience as the place is full of picnic tables, playgrounds, a sports corner, snack bars etc.

Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park, a stunning beach in Connecticut that’s been voted as one of the top beaches by National Geographic. Do not miss visiting this all-in-one recreational spot when you are in Connecticut. This white sand beach with a 50-metre long pool, golf play area, carousels, fun rides, video games and lip-smacking food courts is a real treat for every tourist. Get all kinds of entertainment possible under one roof. You can also enjoy visiting the Mammoth Beach park and get into the entertaining cruises as well. 

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Beautifully nestled on the coast of Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park is one of the top beaches in Connecticut. This is by far the largest coastline in the country and it welcomes a shedload of tourists every year. You will thoroughly enjoy swimming, sunbathing and strolling around this magnificent beach. Additionally, there’s a hiking trail where you can enjoy climbing with your friends. Try out your hand in fishing on the coastline. Also, you can spot several turtles, crabs, fishes, shakes and many other amphibians as well.

Harvey’s Beach

Harvey’s Beach, located in Old Saybrook is one of the many amazing, top beaches in Connecticut. Soak up in the white sand and mesmerizing sunset of this vast 100-yard-shoreline. It has something to offer for everyone. Children can enjoy playing in the kids’ playground while adults can indulge in beach yoga and kite lessons. You can also swim your heart out, try out paddle boating and build sandcastles here.

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach

speed boat ride experience in Hole in the wall beach
Image credits: Unsplash

Located in the majestic 62-acre McCook’s Point Park of the town in East Lyme, Hole-in-the-wall Beach is easily one of the top beaches in Connecticut. It is a true paradise for swimmers, kayakers, canoes, fishing and crabbing enthusiasts. Jump into a boat by getting a boat launch pass and explore the fullest of this place. Take a hiking trip or a walking trip around the beach area with your friends and family. The beach offers you endless peace and utmost tranquillity to enjoy a perfectly relaxing beach vacation.


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Jacobs Beach

sunset in Jacobs beach
Image credits: Unsplash

When the sun comes out, drop all your plans and head to the Jacobs Beach, one of the best-kept top beaches in Connecticut. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway to spend private time with your loved one, this is the best pick for you. Since this beach is not known by many of the tourists, Jacob Beach is usually less populated and clean round the year. The sandy trails, a playground, picnic areas, grilling stations, and boat racks will surely captivate your heart. 

Jennings Beach

This golden sand beach extending to a vast area of 27-acres is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Embark into the Henry Rowland Memorial Playground and take a memorable boating ride. With all modern amenities for tourists such as restrooms, lifeguards, sports area and boat racks, this beach is truly an ideal location for beach lovers. You can also take part in the swimming lessons during the summer season.


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Pear Tree Point Beach

However big your sandcastle may be, it would be incomplete without some pebbles to decorate it. Head to Pear Tree Point Beach, an 8-acre land with golden sands and pebble rocks. Take a free day trip to this light tide beach where you can enjoy a number of water activities. Go on a kayak tour or a boating ride and explore every nook and corner of the ocean. The beach also has amenities such as bathing areas, restrooms, shady picnic spots, lifeguards and much more.

Rocky Neck State Park

It’s time for a perfect frizzy hair day. The white sandy beaches, rocky shores and a gushing river is all about Rocky Neck State Park. Located on Long Island Sound, the beach also houses the Ellie Mitchell Pavilion – a big stone gazebo which was mounted in the 1930s. Focussing mainly on environmental protection, the beach provides home for coastal birds such as cranes, herons, ospreys, mute swans, and waterfowl. You can also enjoy activities like swimming, fishing and crabbing here.

With rustic beauty, brilliant history, amazing landscapes and of course the beautiful beaches, Connecticut is simply a beachgoer’s paradise. The blistering top beaches of Connecticut will definitely surprise you with all its charm. Apart from the beaches, the lively parks loaded with natural beauty are something that everyone must experience. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and plan your visit here. If you have no idea about your dream vacation, head to the Pickyourtrail website and get an idea! Also, check out the various packages available with Pickyourtrail to make your dream come true!

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