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Top places to visit in Kalmunai To Show Off Your Photography Skills

Kalmunai is the main district town in Ampara. It is also eastern province’s largest city, Sri Lanka. As of 2011, it has had a total population of 106,780. It is among the country’s few Muslim-majority municipalities. Kalmunai is a beach-town in Sri Lanka’s Ampara district. Located in the eastern province, it has witnessed a profound history like no other place. Kalmunai has beautiful beaches and aesthetic landscapes that have historically been considered the Royal Farm and Resort City of the King. On the side of the tracks, there are dense green trees and paddy fields, and the small streams. There is a whole state of peace between nature and its beings that adds to the serenity ordered by Kalmunai over its citizens. Unlike other Sri Lankan shores, the Kalmunai beach has discerning features. The beaches are dry, the sand is sandy, the catamarans docked by the coast are sun-kissed with fishing, and one can watch how they catch fish in the early morning. There are fresh food stalls alongside which delicacies marinated in Sri Lankan spices are served in seafood. Kalmunai links Colombo and numerous other small beach towns by road; it is also an interesting leisure experience to travel through the cities here.

Paddy fields at kalmunai
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History Of Kalmunai

Muslims at Colombo were cleared off by the Portuguese in the 17th century. They had fled to seek refuge in Kandy. They were taken in by King Rajasinghe II and resettled at Kalmunai and Kattankudi. This town was begun as a 12,000-person refugee shelter and has grown over the years into a nurturing community. The Sri Lankan civil war has targeted the lives of citizens in the past. It also saw the difficulties surrounding the coast when the Tsunami hit in 2004.

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Top Places To Visit In Kalmunai For Photography

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Batticaloa Fort

Batticaloa fort, also known as Dutch Fort, is situated amidst beautiful greenery and tidal ponds, with numerous stories and pleasure attached to it. It was originally built by the Portuguese in 1628. Its impressive thick walls, which hold a great deal of excellence and aesthetic esteem, are likely to make the visitor look amazed. Inside the fort, the visitors are awaited by an all-encompassing scenic view of the quiet tidal pond which makes the place more beautiful.

Kallady Bridge

Batticaloa lagoon’s ‘Singing Fish’ is popular. A clear but faint melodic sound like plucked guitar rises from the lagoon waters along the Kallady Bridge between April and September. The ambiguous music is ascribed to a noise exuded in the lagoon from some type of marine life found. People plunge the end of an oar into the water and hold their ears to tune In to the music

Batticaloa Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse is not open yet as one of the extraordinary places to visit in Kalmunai to capture some beautiful pictures can be seen as it puts up. Visitors will take a cruise ride across the inlet and get an unforgettable view of this lighthouse. So, make sure you visit that place to capture good pictures.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is widely referred to as the “Town on the plain” and is renowned locally as the hill station to see beautiful tea plantations. The region is covered by a vast array of mesmerizing attractions such as waterfalls and tea plantations. This place is the epitome of beauty that the photographers who want to capture the different frames of nature can not miss out on.

Kallady Beach

Batticaloa is connected by bridge to a long, fringed peninsula on the shoreline which holds the neighborhoods of Kallady. A couple of territories have more shade here than others. Kallady has an empty beach section that has hopefully rescued the evidence of the tsunami all over. Kallady Beach is a beautiful shoreline on Sri Lanka’s eastern coast. Decent place to spend your evening relaxing and enjoy the dusk.


Also known as the “Ancient Rock Fortress Town” this place was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sigiriya is considered a perfect example of town development, and as part of the spiritual triangle, it is considered one of the finest historical sites. This place is located in the district of Matale, and rests in the town center called Dambulla.

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For The Gastronomers In Kalmunai

Sun Shine cafe has a reputation and you can easily see why. This modern , clean and welcoming place covers all bases with a wonderful display of biryanis, curries (try the mouton) and pilau rice, as well as burgers, cakes and snacks (Rs 25 samosas), juices and lassis. The bakery sells excellent cupcakes. The cafe is located in New Town, on 136 Trinco Road.

Sri lanka Kalmunai
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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Usually, from December to June, the strongest season to hit the west and south coasts and valleys, while the worst weather on the east coast is from April / May to September. The island ‘s environment is determined by two big monsoon seasons, and as they overlap, Sri Lanka can be used as a holiday destination during the year.

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