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Tree house resorts in India
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Tree House Resorts in India – The Peak of Vacation Experience

Tree house resorts in India give you a gateway to enjoy and cherish a unique vacation experience. India is a huge country in terms of land size and population. And with that size comes along the enormity of offerings for the tourists visiting this country. There is so much diversity in every nook and corner of India that you can never get enough of it. You can visit states like Rajasthan, Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, and so many other places for a top-class vacation. There are several noteworthy attractions in India. Right from Taj Mahal to the Lotus Temple to the Meenakshi Temple down south in Tamilnadu, India has something to offer for anyone and everyone. There is something to enjoy for all age groups as well – right from kids to senior citizens, you name it, India has it.

India vacation
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Although, if you are still seeking for a unique vacation experience in India, then you should head nowhere but to the amazing tree house resorts in India. The treehouse resorts are completely thrilling, considering you staying perched up in a height from where you can overlook the entire surroundings. That being said, treehouses are generally found in beautiful scenic spots. Therefore, it is not just about the stay, but it is also about the surroundings. The secret spots of the treehouses are one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of people and tourists in the bustling country of India. Hence, knowing about the top tree house resorts in India will do you more good than you think!

Tree House Resorts in India

  1. The Rainforest Resort, Kerala
  2. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar
  3. The Machan, Maharashtra

1.The Rainforest Resort, Kerala

Kerala is a place blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. It is one of the best places to visit in India, and no trip to India is complete without visiting Kerala. Therefore, if you are looking for tree house resorts in Kerala, you are sure to be surprised and swept off your feet. Treehouse in Kerala itself is an amazing concept, and The Rainforest Resort, Kerala will just ensure the quality and standards are up by several notches.

Tree house resorts in India
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This treehouse is situated in the Sholayar Rainforest. From this, you can get a stunning panoramic view of the Athirapally Falls, which is the largest Kerala, and also one of the most prominent tourist spots in that state. The climate is simply pleasing throughout the year. Hence, you need not worry about hot or very humid climate while staying. This is situated in quite a secluded place. Therefore, it is a very good option for couples or families looking for a place in the lap of nature!

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2. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar

Munnar is an astounding hill station situated in Kerala. Munnar is easily one of the top places to visit during an Indian vacation. Therefore, combining Munnar vacation with a stay in a treehouse is just something that you can’t afford to miss. The tree house resorts in India get more beautiful altogether when it is in a hill station. That is why Nature Zone Resort, Munnar can easily make the list of the top tree house resorts in India.

Tree house resort
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One of the key highlights about this stay is that it brings you closer to nature like never before. This is not only surrounded by lush green plantation all around, but it is also surrounded by wildlife. Hence, this is a stay experience that you’d never find elsewhere. Add the ever pleasant climate of Munnar to this, and you will end up having a truly wonderful stay here! The serenity of the surroundings is sure to make you go all mesmerised about this!

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3. The Machan, Maharashtra

The Machan, Maharashtra is arguably one of the best tree house resorts in India. There are several reasons as to why this can be considered as one of the finest properties in the country. This resort is situated in Lonavala, Maharasthra. For people who are looking for a weekend getaway, Lonavala is the best place to go. Lonavala is situated in a driving distance from Mumbai and Pune, two major cosmopolitan cities in Maharashtra. Also, since Lonavala is a very famous tourist spot, the connectivity to this place, and reaching this place shouldn’t be an issue at all. That is one major headache averted!

Best Tree house resorts in India
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The stunning features of this place start right from where the treehouse is perched. This treehouse is perched on the edge of a very tall cliff. Staying up there at that spot itself is truly an enriching experience. And just imagine how better would it get if there is a valley running below it? God heard you. The treehouse has a valley running below the cliff, which you can see from your room. This is well and truly a dream combination that you’d not get anywhere else! Therefore, if you are considering staying in the top tree house resorts in India, then The Machan should definitely make your list!

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top Tree house resorts in India
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If you are looking for some quality and memorable luxury time with your near and dear ones, then tree house resorts in India are your go-to places! There are so many top quality tree house resorts in India that you will literally be spoilt with so many choices! Trust the travel experts of Pickyourtrail to have your best interests in mind and curate a vacation plan for you accordingly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of planning or choosing the right options. Apart from the tree house resorts in India, you can also know more about the other international tour packages and domestic tour packages. All you have to do is just drop a Whatsapp query, and we will help you with the same! Scoot away to be perched at the top of the tree to feel well and truly on top of the world!

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