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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 7, 2020 Share on

Trek the Andaman Islands: A Natural Wonder

The stunning views everywhere, the sprawling landscapes framed by the sea, not to mention the tropical rainforests, make Andaman a lovely place to explore on foot. Those seeking adventure while on Andaman tour packages, Andaman will surely not put you down. After you have trekked all day, you will be excited about the next day’s trek. But not in Andaman. Don’t call it a day yet, as many of Andaman’s best trekking trails are reserved for the night.

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks, they say. In Andaman, you get far more, and then some. From the rainy trails of Chidiyatapu to the limestone caves of Baratang island, we pick the best treks in Andaman.

Little Andaman
Image Credits – Unsplash

Best treks in Andaman to quench your thirst for nature

1. Limestone cave trek in Baratang island

From dense mangrove forests to mysterious limestone caves, Baratang island is different from the other Andaman islands. It has more than the sun, the sand and the sea. Trek through the Mangrove forest and reach the famous limestone caves of Baratang island. Explore the hidden caves and don’t forget to take your camera with you.

Explore the mud volcanoes later, a rare phenomenon that happens here. And the beach? One of the best in Andaman.

2. Diglipur island trek – Saddle peak and Alfred caves

Diglipur Island is the place to be if you want an alternative from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds in the other islands like Havelock. So may exotic species will accompany you as you trek through the forest trail, a bio-nature reserve. Hike up the Saddle peak and catch a glimpse of the Kalpong river as you walk.

Alfred caves, a beautiful chain of 20+ caves are an added bonus and is the highlight of Diglipur island trek.

3. Mount Harriet to Madhuban trek

A rewarding trek with luscious greeneries and a beautiful beach at the culmination of it, Mount Harriet to Madhuban trek is a rusty stretch of terrain with wild adventures end to end. Mostly the trek covers 15 to 20 km, taking you through several hidden trails and adorable skylines.

The trek is also challenging, with uneven and rugged paths, giving the adrenaline junkies a good bang for the buck.

4. Chidiya Tapu trek

A tiny jungle, exotic species, ultimate birdwatching and an amazing sunset spot — it is for these reasons and more Chidiya Tapu trek is included in the itinerary of every Andaman traveller ever. Start the trek at a particular time of the day such that you get to enjoy the sunset in Chidiya Tapu.

Chidiya Tapu is undoubtedly the best place to watch the sunset and also for birdwatching — the nature lovers will be swept off their feet!

5. Elephant beach trek

How would you like snorkelling at the end of an exhaustive trek? Elephant beach is the place to be if you like this idea. Not every day can you embark on a trek with stunning views like that of the Elephant beach trail which also ends with you grabbing a mask and diving to snorkel.

Elephant beach is also one of the best diving spots in Andaman. Take a guided snorkelling tour and get your adventure fix here.

Go on a trekking tour around Andaman. What better way to explore Andaman than by experiencing it one step at a time? Literally?

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