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An amazing picture of an insect web in Kerala
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Have Your Mind Blown On The Cliffs Of Varkala Beach in Kerala

Kerala is called God’s own country for a lot of reasons. Being blessed with picturesque landscapes, beautiful hill stations and pleasant climate, Kerala is one of the beautiful destinations in the southern part of India. The state has various things to offer for everyone who wants to visit the place. It is home some of the best hill stations in South India, sprawling tea gardens, romantic beaches lined with palm trees, breathtaking waterfalls and so much more. Each and every single place in Kerala is beautiful and more than enough to steal your heart. One of the many amazing places in Kerala is Varkala Beach which will leave you stunned for sure.

A breathtaking view of nature in Munnar in Kerala
Photo by Mohamed Jasir on Unsplash

Varkala Beach

If you are looking for a place where you can forget yourself and immerse in the beauty of nature, then you must visit the Varkala Beach in Kerala. Located in the southern part of Kerala, you will find so many attractions to visit at an accessible distance. Out of all the places that the town has to offer, Varkala Beach stays on the top. The cliffs that are found to fringe from one end to the other makes the beach unique. Apart from the breathtaking views you get from the cliffs, you can also experience the best of watersports here.

An amazing picture that was taken at Varkala Beach in Kerala
Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

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As Varkala has places which are recognised to be important ancient remainings, the place also holds some historical importance in addition to natural beauty. Are you curious to know what to do on your visit to this amazing place? Let me tell you. You can roam around its villages, build a sandcastle at the beach or just take a stroll under the palm trees and feel the peace – the choice is yours.

A view of sunset in Varkala Beach in Kerala
Photo by Clickiopath on Unsplash

Best time to visit Varkala Beach

Though Varkala Beach looks amazing all year round, you may not get the best experience in every season. Since the place experiences a tropical climate, it is not recommended to visit in the monsoon season as there will be heavy rainfall. The temperature will range somewhere around 35-degree Celsius in summer. Now you might have started thinking of what is the best time to visit Varkala. Between the rainy season and the burning summer, you will witness the best of Varkala. So it is recommended to visit the place from December to March with temperature ranging about 30-degree celsius.

Things to do on your visit

Apart from just offering breathtaking views, the beach has a lot of things to offer to its tourists. Some of them are sightseeing, sunbathing, windsurfing, parasailing, witnessing the beautiful sunset, ayurvedic treatment, yoga, meditation, art/creative workshop and traditional dance performances. Having such amazing things in one place, Varkala Beach easily becomes one of the exemplary places to be visited in Kerala.

A picture of a man enjoying watersports in Varkala Beach in Kerala
Photo by Clickiopath on Unsplash

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How to reach

Below are the ways by which you can reach the Varkala Beach in Kerala:

By Air: The airport nearest to Varkala Beach is Trivandrum International Airport which is about 49 km away. From there, you can either take a cab or board a bus to reach Varkala.
By Road: You can find many KSRTC buses that will take you to the Varkala Beach. The town is well connected to several places in Kerala like Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram and many others by road.
By Train: The Varkala Beach is located just 4 km from the Varkala Railway Station which would take you 10 minutes to reach the beach. You can either take a cab or hire a scooter, outside the station.

Top 5 Places to visit near Varkala Beach

Here is a list of top 5 places to visit on your trip to Varkala Beach:

  1. Janardhana Swami Temple
  2. Sivagiri Mutt
  3. Varkala Lighthouse
  4. Anjengo Fort
  5. Varkala Cliff Viewpoint

1. Janardhana Swami Temple

To make your trip extra special, you can pay a visit to the beautiful Janardhana Swami Temple. It is one of the places which was recognised as the major historical remaining. Though the temple is 2000 years old, it still has retained its original structure with beautiful architecture. A big old tree inside the temple adds more beauty to the place apart from the temple itself.

A picture of Janardhana Swami Temple near Varkala Beach in Kerala
Image Credits: Google Images

2. Sivagiri Mutt

Covering an area of 200 acres, Sivagiri Mutt is an Ashram, dedicated to Shree Narayana Guru. He is one of the social reformers and is still respected by the people of Kerala. He is one of those people who stood for equality and believed in one religion, one caste and one God for everyone.

A view of Sivagiri Mutt in Varkala
Image Credits: Google Images

3. Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse is located 13 km away from Varkala Beach. On reaching the top of the lighthouse, you will get to witness the beautiful landscapes and evergreen trees of Varkala that could rejuvenate your soul. Apart from what you see from the top, the journey to the Varkala Lighthouse itself is beautiful. You will cross many palm trees lining the road and the Kerala backwaters. One important thing that the tourists should not forget is that the lighthouse would remain open only between 3 PM and 5 PM.

An amazing picture of Varkala Lighthouse
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Anjengo Fort

Anjengo Fort is a British colonial fort that is located 12 km to the southeast of Varkala. The place is of rich historical importance as this is the location where the first trade settlement of the East India Company happened in Kerala. What makes this ancient fort look beautiful is that the way to the fort is fringed by colourful fishermen houses. Because of its location near the beach, the fort has a picturesque setting.

A picture of Anjengo Fort in Varkala Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Varkala Cliff Viewpoint

Varkala Beach is beautiful. But the hill cliff formation along the beach is what makes it stand out. You will get the best of views standing on the hill cliff. It gives some picturesque views of nature which could soothe your soul. While I was explaining to you about how beautiful the views can be from the hill cliff, didn’t the idea to witness the sunset from there ever cross your mind?

Varkala Beach in Kerala, undoubtedly, is an amazing place to visit. Here, you can take a stroll on the edges of water as you dip your toes in it. As you now know how amazing Varkala Beach is, what is stopping you from creating your own trip to Varkala? Visit the website of Pickyourtrail to get some amazing packages to visit Varkala Beach. If you think the itinerary needs to customized, you can let us know and get it framed as per your choices. While you are there, we will make sure you are given 24*7 support via the Pickyourtrail application for a hassle-free experience.

Happy travelling!

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