An epic 8 night tour to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh3 Nights Stay| Change| View Guide
Ho Chi Minh3 Nights Stay
View Guide
Day 01
Morning to NoonArrive in Ho Chi Minh airport. Get transferred to your hotel.
EveningAt leisure. Add Activity
Day 02
Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden
Morning to NoonSaigon Zoo and Botanic Garden
Ho Chi Minh City Hall
EveningHo Chi Minh City Hall
Day 03
Vinh Nghiem Pagoda
MorningVinh Nghiem Pagoda
Noon to EveningAt leisure. Add Activity
Fly to Hoi An
Hoi An2 Nights Stay| Change
Hoi An2 Nights Stay
Day 04
MorningAt leisure. Add Activity
Noon to EveningCheckout of your hotel. Board your flight to Da nang. Check-in to your new hotel in Hoi An
Day 05
Full DayAt leisure. Add Activity
Fly to Hanoi
Hanoi3 Nights Stay| Change| View Guide
Hanoi3 Nights Stay
View Guide
Day 06
MorningCheckout of your hotel. Board your flight to Hanoi. Check-in to your new hotel in Hanoi
NoonAt leisure. Add Activity
Hoa n Kiem
EveningHoa n Kiem
Day 07
Hanoi Botanical Garden
MorningHanoi Botanical Garden
Ba Dinh Square
NoonBa Dinh Square
Hanoi Night Market
EveningHanoi Night Market
Day 08
St. Joseph's Cathedral
MorningSt. Joseph's Cathedral
Lenin Park
Noon to EveningLenin Park
Day 09
Full DayTake your flight back home. Hope you end up with a lot of memories and a few souvenirs too.
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