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Cycling in Italy

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Italy is one of the most beautiful European countries and cycling in Italy is one of the intimate ways to explore the country’s ethereal beauty. It is a great way to explore the country’s art and unique heritage. The perfect blend of modern and classic in perfect proportions. 

Cycling allows one to experience the nooks and corners of the country and it gives a sense of connection with the place itself. One would gain a lot more out of this experience than expected and the Italy cycling tour is the best way to do it. 

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Italy Cycling Tour

Cycling in Italy is a common phenomenon. It is one of the popular sports in Italy currently and more and more people are into cycling nowadays. There are several lanes for cycle popping throughout the country, making it easier for the riders to move around the country. And some of the best places suited for the cycling tour are listed below,   

The average cost of renting a cycle in Italy is ₹ 3,000 per adult and ₹ 2,700 per child. There are several tour packages available for the Italy Cycling tour that cover all the significant places in Italy. One can also edit the schedule for this trip and there are several packages, with different itineraries to choose from. The amount for a 9 days and 8 nights cycling tour in Italy including the meals, transportation and guide ranges from ₹ 81,260 per adult.  

Italy packages including cycling No. of Days/NightsPrice*
Italy Package with Cycling4Days/3Nights15,718(visa fees,private transfer)
Relaxing Trip to Italy with Cycling7Days/6Nights43,653(activities,visa fees,shared transfer)
Fun trip To Italy With Cycling7Days/6Nights43,839(activities,visa fees,shared transfer)
Amazing Trip To Italy With Cycling7Days/6Nights37,838(activities,visa fees,shared transfer)
Super Trip To Italy With Cycling 7Days/6Nights37,849(activities,visa fees,shared transfer)


1. Tuscany

Tuscany is a perfect destination in Italy for a cycling trip. Tuscany is a wonderful country with the landscape bringing a romantic age novel to life. With the presence of mountains, fields, vineyards and all the natural adornment surrounding the place, it is the perfect choice for one to explore the place through cycling. With the wind through your hair and fresh air throughout, this place will be an entirely new experience to have.

2. Sicily

Sicily provides a unique texture throughout. The place is surrounded by amazing architecture and beautiful vineyards. Mountainous landscapes make it a not to be missed place for cycling. This place is really beautiful and the exploration of this coastal island throughout will be imprinted on your memory forever.

3. Apulia

Apulia is a region known for its farmland, hilltowns and coastlines. The place highlights the aesthetics of the coastal area with the unique architecture that the place holds. Cycling through this region will give you a sense of riding your bike in a dream. This is an amazing region to wander along.

4. The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a mountain range and are perfect for cycling activities in Italy. This place is quite popular among cyclists and is a great place to do mountain cycle rides. This is the perfect spot to fulfil the adventurous part in you. 

5. Piedmont

Piedmont serves as one of the perfect regions in Italy to go cycling. The place is surrounded by a natural landscape that is so pure and unfiltered. That, combined with the beautiful architecture gives this place a wonderful ambience and a perfect spot to explore with a bicycle.

Cycling makes for one of the best adventure activities in Italy and travellers must try it at least once. And there are several tour packages available for cycling in Italy. It is the best thing to do in Italy.

Cycling gives out a unique touring experience that gives the tourist a great way to explore all the country’s finest in an adventurous way and have an unfiltered rustic experience. So get on the wheels and ride towards the perfect sunset!   

Frequently Asked Question
The popularity of cycling has grown a lot in Italy in recent times and it is widely common in the country.
There is no rule to specify wearing a helmet while cycling in Italy.
There are cycle rentals available in Italy. They offer several types of cycle for rental including e-mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, hybrid touring bike, touring bike and touring e-bike.
Yes. Bike tours are fairly popular in Italy and there are several bike tour packages available for tourists to pick from.
Italy is one of the best places to have a bike ride and go on sightseeing. This is one of the best ways to explore the beauty that the city has to offer.
Italy offers several bike tours that include kids. This would make a great family adventure to see the wonderful landscape of Italy and one can make a day out of it.
Yes. Italy has cycle lanes that are available throughout the country.
Yes. Riding around the places in Italy with a bike is a great way to explore the best parts of the country up close and one would have the opportunity to be up close with the beautiful landscape.
There are some places in Italy that are bike friendly. This includes places like Turin, Trento, Ferrara, Parma and Verona.
Yes. Cycling in Italy is relatively safe. However, one should mind the road for other vehicles while cycling and drive safely.
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