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Dubai Kite Beach - All you need to know

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

As the name suggests, Kite beach in Dubai attracts all the kite surfers and people interested to watch kite surfers. Dubai Tourism offers so much to its visitors and one of those amazing places is this pristine beach. You can relax on the sand, soak up some sun and enjoy the moments or participate in thrilling water sports activities. Interested to know more about this fantastic destination Kite Beach in a Dubai Tour Package then keep reading.

Dubai Kite Beach - Basic info to know

  • Location: Umm Al Sheif Road, South Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Timing: Anytime
  • Entrance Fees: N/A

Things to do at Kite Beach, Dubai

This magnificent beach offers plenty of astounding things to do and makes your day more fun. Check out these top things to do at kite beach on a Dubai Honeymoon Package  and make your visit-worthy.

1. Jog on the fitness track

Kite beach has a 14km long-running track specially designed for fitness lovers. Wake up early in the morning and jog at the Kite Beach with fresh air and magnificent views. It is just the perfect way to start your day in Dubai.

2. Splash water at Splash N Party Waterpark

Kite beach also houses the majestic Splash N Party Waterpark which you can visit and enjoy your time. 

3. Visit the Skate Park

The beach also has a large skate park designed for skaters to visit and show off their skills. 

4. Eat delicious food from food trucks and stalls

This beach offers a huge variety of local and international delicacies that will definitely satisfy your cravings. After participating in water sports activities, all you need is to re-energize yourself. Eat delicious food dishes and refill yourself with some tasty food.

5. Participate in watersports activities

This beach is known for kitesurfing, hence known as Kite Beach. You must participate in this thrilling activity and make memories for a lifetime. Not only kite surfing there are many more activities including kayaking, diving, surfing, snorkelling, banana boat ride, windsurfing, wakeboarding, parasailing, waterskis and many more.

6. Beach adventure

There are many rides in Wire World at the Kite Beach where children can enjoy and have a fun time. Not only children but there are some activities in which adults can also participate. 

7. Relax on the white sand and do nothing

One of the best things to do at beaches is to relax and just do nothing. What else are you here for other than fun activities, food and relaxation?

8. Indulge in beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a popular beach sport and you definitely should participate in it. There are many volleyball courts on the beach and even locals keep scheduling tournaments for entertainment.

Things to know about Kite Beach in Dubai

  • This beach focuses highly on visitors’ safety. There is a special zone for swimming and is advised to swim in that zone only
  • There is a 14-km long-running track and an open gym on the beach. You can also ride a cycle on this track.
  • There are many cafes, restaurants and food trucks on the beach. So, you don’t need to worry about where to eat.
  • This beach offers good weather and wind conditions and normal waves which are not harsh, making it popular to visit and explore.
  • There is a water park on the beach which must be explored.
  • This beach also has a skate park which can be visited and where you can admire the skaters. 

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Now it’s super hard to make any beach sound exciting or revolutionary. Beaches are always fun in my eyes, but Kite Beach just has all the right elements that make it quite the well rounded and perfect place to just laze around towards the end of your day or start your day at. It’s one of those small things that you might not expect to change your vacation experience, but it makes more of an impact than you might realize.

It’s a beautiful stretch of white sand that’s set between two of the most remarkable structures in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab on one side and the Burj Khalifa on the other. Just the setting and the liveliness of the place make it a worthwhile visit, in my opinion and I suggest that you guys check it out at least once when you’re on the Dubai tour. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Kite Beach in Dubai

The timing of kite beach is 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Kite beach is a very popular destination in Dubai as there are plenty of activities to do and have a fun day. This beach houses a waterpark, a small adventure park, skate park, 14-km long track for running, exciting water sports activities and so much more. 

Yes, kite beach is a safe destination as the security team prioritises the safety of its visitors.

Yes, it is safe to swim at the kite beach. There is a particular swim zone and it is recommended to swim in that zone only

The best time to visit the beach is in the morning - 9:00 am to 1:30 pm as at this time there are fewer crowds.

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