1. Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism

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Dubai City
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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Dubai is known as the city of love, light, and life. The tourism ministry of Dubai has done a fantastic job of developing and maintaining the city's scope for international travelers. For Indians, Dubai is just another home away from home. Everything about it, including lodging, dining, and travel, is very convenient. The city's enormous structures and mosques showcase both its historic and contemporary architectural design.

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Dubai Tourism : Travel Essentials

TemperatureAvg. of 15°C to 45°C
CurrencyDirham - AED
Population2.885 million
Popular Tourist DestinationsBurj Al-Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah
Time ZoneUTC+04:00
Calling code+971
TransportationTaxi, Metro, Bicycles and motorized scooters are available and can be booked through multiple apps like Careem, Trek Bikes, Nextbike, etc.
Local CuisineShawarma, Falafel, and traditional Arabic sweets

Dubai Tourism Packages

Dubai tourism invites you to explore the wonders of the city with a variety of alluring packages. These packages guarantee a remarkable experience, ranging from opulent getaways to action-packed schedules. Discover famous sites, savor delectable cuisine, and become fully immersed in Dubai's dynamic culture. Whatever your preference, Dubai travel packages offer a journey full of luxury, excitement, and the enchantment of this cosmopolitan gem, perfect for a romantic retreat or a family outing.

Distance from India to Dubai

Departure city DistanceDuration in Flight
Delhi to Dubai2,200 kilometer4 hrs 5 min
Mumbai to Dubai1,900 kilometers3 hrs 20 min
Chennai to Dubai2,900 kilometers4 hrs 30 min

Why is Dubai tourism famous?

The following are some of the reasons why Dubai is famous.

  • Skyscrapers: iconic skyline with Burj Khalifa
  • Luxury Shopping: World-class malls like The Dubai Mall
  • Desert Safaris: Thrilling adventures in vast deserts
  • Cultural Fusion: Blend of modernity and tradition
  • Man-Made Wonders: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
  • Global Hub: Business, tourism, and aviation

Must know before visiting Dubai : Tourism of Dubai

Weekly off in Dubai is on Friday and Saturday
Dubai Pass covers more than 40 attractions and activities. They can be chosen based on the attractions you want to visit.
Book tickets for Museum of the Future a month in advance, as the slots are usually full if booked at the last minute.
Book tickets and packages for Burj Khalifa and Desert Safari at least 1-2 days in advance
You receive a prepaid SIM from the local operator DU on arrival at Dubai Airport. It is activated and can be used by plug and play. You get 1 GB of free data for 24 hours, which you will have to top up.
When paying anywhere with a credit card, pay in your local currency rather than AED to avoid the extra conversion cost.

The best time to visit Dubai

November to March are the best time to visit Dubai. Dubai tourism, with its breathtaking skyline and diverse attractions, welcomes visitors year-round. Below is a detailed explaination. 

  1. Fall (October–November):
    Mild temperatures make fall ideal for outdoor activities. 
  2. Winter (December–February):
    Cool, pleasant weather for exploring the city's wonders. 
  • Spring (March–April):
    As temperatures rise, enjoy beach days and outdoor adventures. 
  • Summer (May–September):
    Hot temperatures, but perfect for indoor activities and shopping. 

Choose the season that suits your preferences and dive into the magic of Dubai! ✨

Dubai tourist visa for Indians - Step by Step Guide

It is not a very difficult process to get a Dubai tourist visa if you follow the below steps. 

  • Step 1 
    Choose Visa Type: Select the appropriate tourist visa type for Dubai. 
    Types of tourist visa : Single Entry Tourist Visa, Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, Short-Term Tourist Visa, Long-Term Tourist Visa, 96-Hour Transit Visa, 14-Day Service Visa, 30-Day Tourist Visa, 90-Day Tourist Visa, and 60-Day Tourist Visa
  • Step 2
    Apply Online: Complete the online visa application form.
  • Step 3
    Upload Documents: Submit the required documents, including a passport copy and photo.
  • Step 4
    Flight Bookings: Provide proof of confirmed flight reservations.
  • Step 5
    Hotel Reservation: Book accommodation and provide confirmation.
  • Step 6
    Travel Insurance: Obtain travel insurance coverage.
  • Step 7
    Submit Application: Pay the visa fee and submit the application online.
  • Step 8
    Processing Time: Wait for visa processing, usually within a few working days.
  • Step 9
    Receive a Visa: Once approved, receive the visa via email.
  • Step 10
    Arrival in Dubai: Present the printed visa upon arrival in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai's tourism has expanded and made the city a hub for interesting activities for people of all ages. Below is a list of things to do in Dubai that you can refer to. 

  1. Visit Burj Khalifa: Experience the world's tallest building
  2. Shop at The Dubai Mall: Explore luxury and fashion
  3. Relax at Jumeirah Beach: Enjoy sun and sand
  4. Take a Dhow Cruise: Sail along Dubai Creek
  5. Explore Palm Jumeirah: Iconic man-made island
  6. Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Architectural marvel
  7. Discover Dubai Museum: Explore history and culture
  8. Explore Al Fahidi District: Historical Charm
  9. Enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show: Spectacular water display
  10. Ski at Ski Dubai: Snow Fun inthe Desert
  11. Dine in the Desert: Experience a desert safari dinner
  12. Stroll at Global Village: a cultural and shopping extravaganza
  13. Visit Dolphin Bay: Interact with dolphins at Atlantis
  14. Experience Abra Ride: A traditional boat ride in the creek
  15. Chill at Beach Clubs: Enjoy beachside vibes
  16. Attend Dubai Opera: cultural performances in style
  17. Explore Miracle Garden: Blossoming floral paradise
  18. Visit Ferrari World for thrills and entertainment on Yas Island.
  19. Marvel at Dubai Frame:a symbolic architectural landmark
  20. Enjoy IMG Worlds of Adventure: Indoor theme park fun

Yes, Dubai is considered a very safe destination for tourists. 

Yes, most visitors need a visa to enter Dubai. The type of visa depends on the purpose and duration of the visit.

Yes, but only in licensed venues such as hotels and clubs. Drinking in public places is prohibited.

The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21.

Yes, while Dubai is more liberal than some Middle Eastern countries, it is advisable to dress modestly, especially in public places.

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Dubai.

Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood.

The standard voltage is 230V, and the plug type is the British-style three-pin.

Visitors can use their home country's driver's license for a limited period. For longer stays, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended.

While tap water is generally considered safe, many people prefer to drink bottled water.

Dubai has an efficient public transportation system, including metros, buses, and taxis. Rental cars are also available.

It is advised to respect people's privacy and avoid photographing certain government buildings and military installations.

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting