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Places to Visit in Bali for Couples

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Bali is known for its romantic atmosphere and stunning scenery, making it a great destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. With its lush jungles, stunning beaches, and endless activities, couples can experience a romantic holiday that will last a lifetime. From stunning sunsets to stunning beaches, there are plenty of romantic places to explore in Bali. Here are some of the best places to visit for couples in Bali.  You can personalize your entire Bali vacation package and have a hassle-free trip.


Crystal Bay On Penida Island

One of the most romantic vacation destinations in Bali that offers you a picturesque getaway into nature is Penida Island's Crystal Bay. Crystal Bay is the most romantic destination for couples because of the clear water, the rocky beach, and the coral colonies. For those who wish to spend some quality time taking in the alluring beauty encased in the beach's turquoise ocean, the 64-foot catamaran is the best option. If you intend to spend the entire day at one of the best Bali honeymoon locations, add in an excursion like snorkeling or indulge in BBQ cuisine.

Activities: Swimming, sailing, and beach barbecue

Popular For: Recreation and water sports


Canggu Bali

Canggu Bali is one of the most stunning, romantic, and perfect honeymoon destinations. The only reasons to go to this beach are to witness the spellbinding sunset, indulge in some of the mouthwatering local fare, or explore the nearby rice paddies. Visit the local beaches and take advantage of the best beach clubs, which are a popular destination for tourists. The villages and temples enhance the natural beauty of this amazing site. Canggu provides couples with everything they need to have the best honeymoon in Bali, including entertainment, privacy, and relaxation. It is one of the best places to visit in Bali for couples.

Activities: Seeing the Tanah Lot Temple, Island-hopping, and Café Exploration


Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is home to some enormous rocks, a volcanic peak, paddy fields, and an underwater coral colony. It is the least traveled and most undeveloped island, where you may see a wide variety of fascinating species. Menjangan is one of the best spots to visit in Bali for couples because of the breathtaking beauty of this gorgeous island. You can organize your day to explore nearby sights like a temple or national parks if the beaches' calm blue water is perfect for activities like snorkeling. You can reserve the nicest honeymoon accommodations with a view of Menjangan Island's coast.

Activities: Wildlife trip of the West Bali National Park, a visit to Pura Segara Gili Dharma Temple, and exploration of the venerable Kencana Temple

Popular For: Temples, wildlife, beach pleasure, and adventure


Lovina Beach Bali

There are several romantic beaches on the Bali islands, but Lovina Beach is one of the top destinations for honeymooners. This beach location on Bali's northwest coast is home to a wide variety of features, including several cascading waterfalls, marine life, and the greatest resorts and cafes. Finding the tropical gem's hidden beauty, which is nothing less than a lush green paradise, is what visiting this interesting beach for a Bali honeymoon entails. While taking in the tranquility, you can watch dolphins or dine on the beach.

Activities: Spot dolphins, visit Krisna Marvelous Park, admire SingSing Waterfall, and stroll along Lovina Bridge

Popular For: SingSing Waterfall and Sunrise Diving


Uluwatu Bali

Uluwatu temple in Bali is a secluded honeymoon getaway with the most beautiful beaches and clifftop views of the azure ocean. One of the main destinations in romantic Bali honeymoon packages, Uluwatu is a place of unparalleled beauty and serenity where you can spend quality time with your partner. You can choose from a variety of resorts and hotels in South Bali for your luxurious stay. Uluwatu provides every couple in Bali with the ideal honeymoon with its unhurried beauty and the most captivating activities, like surfing.

Activities: Visit the Uluwatu Temple, spend the day at Sundays Beach Club, or engage in water sports like surfing.

Popular For: The Uluwatu Temple, beaches, and cafes


Ubud Bali

Ubud Royal Palace.jpeg

If you're looking for romantic holidays in Bali, Ubud, a charming town known for its peaceful woodlands, rich green paddy fields, fascinating temples, and other old attractions, is the best place to go. With the best of art galleries, fascinating museums, temples, and local markets, Ubud offers a wonderful honeymoon experience to all couples that value nature, history, and unique vacation experiences.

Activities: Take romantic photos amidst rice fields, practice couple yoga, indulge in a romantic massage, which is also one of the best things to do in Bali, browse the Ubud Art Market, and stroll hand-in-hand down Amed Beach.

Popular For: Paddy fields, temple visits, yoga sessions, and traditional market shopping


Seminyak Bali

Seminyak is without a doubt the ideal spot to go on a romantic getaway in Indonesia, as there, couples can both relax and have thrilling experiences. Those of you seeking an opulent honeymoon experience will adore every nook and cranny of Seminyak because it is recognized to contain some of the top villas in Bali along with upscale shops and restaurants. Sunbathe on Seminyak's white-sand beaches and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean.

Activities: Go scuba diving, check out the different beach bars, and enjoy excellent cuisine at opulent restaurants.

Popular For: upscale stores, fine dining, and picturesque beaches


Gili Islands Bali

The Gili Islands, one of the best places to visit in Bali for couples and honeymooners, offer a peaceful setting with turquoise waters and white sand beaches lined with coconut trees. The Gili Islands are a collection of other little islands that together provide a tiny slice of heaven on Earth. The Gili Islands offer the most romantic vacation experience in Bali in the midst of nature, whether you choose to stroll hand in hand with your significant other along the beautiful beaches or take part in exhilarating experiences.

Activities: Enjoy Instagram-worthy images at The Exile Gili Trawangan, enjoy kayaking, discover marine life, and ride a seahorse

Popular For: tranquility, excitement, beaches, turtle conservation, unique marine life, and photogenic locations


Tirta Gangga

Spending time with your companion admiring Tirta Gangga's stunning architecture is one of the most romantic things to do in Bali. Tirta Gangga is a Hindu shrine that is spread across an area of around 1.2 hectares of tropical gardens and swimming pools. The water found here has spiritual importance, and people bring it back to their homes in pots.

Activities: Take a hike through paddy fields, dine on local cuisine, take countless photos in Instagram-worthy locations, and meditate in a peaceful environment.

Popular For: Landscapes, architecture, and spiritual significance


Bukit Asah Bugbug

One of the best spots to go on a honeymoon in Bali is Bukit Asah Bugbug, which provides you with mesmerizing views of the ocean, hills, and surrounding area. Couples who enjoy the outdoors will enjoy the tranquility of Bukit Asah Bugbug, which also boasts exotic coral reefs and little islands. On top of the hill, you may enjoy romantic views of the ocean and lush hills while spending some quality time with your lover. From this vantage point, watching the sunrise is a soul-satisfying and photogenic experience.

Activities: Take leisurely strolls, see sunrises, and indulge in the breathtaking views from the top

Popular For: Beauty in nature


Bali Marine And Safari Park

Bali Marine and Safari Park, which spans 40 hectares, is one of the top honeymoon spots in Bali, Indonesia for adventure-seeking couples and those who enjoy wildlife. More than 100 endangered and uncommon species can be found in the park, which also offers safaris—fun strolls through the park where you can encounter various creatures roaming freely in their natural habitat. Breakfast with the Lions, Night Safaris, 4x4 Safaris, Elephant Back Safaris, Jungle Hopper, and the Agung Show are just a few of the top activities to take part in here for an excellent, enjoyable adventure.

Couples can have a wonderful honeymoon in Bali by reserving one of the available accommodations at Bali Marine and Safari Park, such as the Swala Deluxe Room, Kifaru Family Suite, Tembo Family Bungalow, or Twiga Deluxe Room, all of which are furnished with all the contemporary conveniences and have aesthetics that evoke the feel of a forest.

Activities: lodging, jungle safari, taking in the Agung spectacle, and relishing breakfast with the lions.

Popular For: Numerous animal species, forest safari


Ubud Monkey Forest

Visit the well-known Ubud Monkey Forestone of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia, for an exhilarating stroll among the more than 700 monkeys that can be found there. This is one of the fun things to do in Bali on a honeymoon. In addition to this, the location is significant to the residents of the nearby village of Padangtegal in terms of their spiritual, religious, educational, and economic lives. This vast area, which is also home to a temple complex, is regarded as a wildlife reserve. The forest's other characteristics are its ornamentation with sculptures and historic sanctuaries, which enhance its allure.

Activities: You can play with and feed the monkeys here, just be careful not to hurt any of them. At the complex of Hindu temples hidden within the forest, you may also take a variety of pictures and make prayers.

Popular For: Around 700 monkeys that are free to roam


Lembongan Island Bali

One of Bali's finest and most serene beaches, Nusa Dua, is perfect for a romantic trip. Many of Lembongan Island, one of the most famous Bali honeymoon destinations, is situated in a charming area of Southeast Bali and is a part of the Nusa Penida province. The island is a gem of nature that Mother Nature gave to Bali, with lush highlands, white-sand beaches, historical landmarks, and mangroves. Couples should visit this location since it gives plenty of privacy and a variety of things to do, like diving, island hopping, kayaking, and others. The island is also home to some of the top honeymoon resorts in Bali, which provide a calm stay in a beautiful environment. Lembongan Island's dry season, which runs from May to September, is thought to be the ideal time to visit for breathtaking scenery, and ideal temperatures, and to indulge in so many interesting activities.

Activities: cliff jumping at Dream Beach, kayaking through a mangrove forest, and enjoying the nightlife at Blue Corner Bar.

Popular For: The peaceful atmosphere, opulent resorts, mangroves, sandy beaches, and lush highlands Bali's top honeymoon hotels are scattered along the beach, each promising stunning room views and access to all the best amenities. Also, a reef point close to the beach offers hassle-free opportunities for activities like swimming and snorkeling. Couples can take leisurely strolls down this sandy beach or spend the entire day in the sun while taking in the entrancing ocean views. The optimum season to enjoy beach activities at Nusa Dua is thought to be between April and October, which is also the best time to visit Bali.

Activities: Take long beach walks, go swimming, snorkeling, and tour the local museums and temples.

Popular For: Devdan Show, beautiful scenery, and activities like snorkeling and swimming


Jatiluwih Bali

Jatiluwih Bali is one of the best places to visit if you want to take some Instagram-worthy pictures with your partner while on a Bali honeymoon. This location has just enough natural charm, historical attractions nearby, and beautiful green meadows to enchant anyone. This area has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its natural splendor.

Activities: hiking through rice fields, seeing waterfalls that cascade down hills, riding along gorgeous routes, and visiting Angseri Hot Spring.

Popular For: The neighboring historical places include Subak and the lush paddy fields

Bali is an ideal destination for couples looking for an exotic vacation. There are many places in Bali that are perfect for couples to explore and enjoy, from sun-soaked beaches to lush rainforests and stunning temples. There are so many places to visit in Bali for couples apart from the above 15. Check out Bali vacation packages for couples to explore more. If you need any help, Pickyourtrail is here to help you plan a romantic holiday in Bali. We have a wide array of Bali honeymoon packages and Bali couple packages to choose from.

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