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People of Nagaland tribal community
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Unveil The “Secret Of The Nagas”

Looking for a peaceful yet soulful vacation in a perfectly private location in India? The land of mysticism and awe, intensified by remoteness says hi to you! Beautifully tucked amidst the lush green sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate, Nagaland is a perfect destination to escape into the unadulterated nature with amazing places to visit. Like the other six in the Seven Sisters of India, it treasures bounties of flora and fauna and even some medicinal plants. Projecting the utmost beauties of the Purvanchal Himalayas in India, this place is full of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, accessible mountain peaks, and valleys. Apart from its natural assets, Nagaland also stores some popular attractions for tourists. You can enjoy various activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, nightlife, and museum visits. Here are the top activities in Nagaland that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Ntangki National Park

This peculiar forest reserve in Nagaland is one of the fun activities in Nagaland. Located 110 km away from the capital, it is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Take a jeep safari and explore the hidden and unseen beauty of the place on a day trip. You can spot groups of elephants near the elephants and also predators such as lion, tiger and leopard. Monkeys, sloth bears, white-breasted kingfishers and hornbill are commonly found in the forest area. Enjoy the beautiful sight of varied wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Tiger spotted in Ntangki National park jeep ride, one of the must do activities in Nagaland
Image credits: Google Images

2. Nagaland State Museum

When in Kohima, you cannot simply miss this incredible spot where you can see the arts and crafts presented by 16-tribal communities. Once you reach Upper Bayavu Hill, which is a 20-minute walkable distance from the capital, enter this museum by paying INR 10 and INR 50 for your camera. The history and culture buffs require more than 3-hours to explore this museum. Come, explore the mind-blowing artworks, antiquities and the unknown history of the Naga communities. In short, this is one of the important activities to experience in Nagaland.

3. Kisama Heritage Village

Kisama Heritage Village is one important place to visit especially during the Hornbill Festival. It is celebrated during the first 2-weeks of December month to see and enjoy the Naga culture in one place. You can see the locals performing different artforms with their attires along with the use of traditional crafts. They also offer a vivid display of the way how locals live with Mother Nature. Taste the authentic Naga tribal cuisines and spend a day in a place which is untouched by modernization. This is considered as one of the must-experience activities in Nagaland.

Tribal dance in Kisama heritage village
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4. Dzukou Valley Trek

Looking for adventurous activities in Nagaland? Get lost in the exotic lush greeneries of Dzukou Valley and trek through the best assets of nature. Reach Dimapur, which is 24-km away from Kohima and start your trek to this scenic mountain valley. Do not miss reaching the Japfu Peak, which is 10118 ft above the mean sea level. Capture the magnificent view from the peak and cherish the moment for a lifetime. The Himalayan flora with eye-catchy flowers is a treat for the eyes. This trekking experience is one of the must-do activities in Nagaland.

5. Mount Saramati Trek

Trek through Mount Saramati, highest mountain peak of the Purvanchal Himalayas. This spectacular mountain separates India and Burma and from the eastern slopes, you can see the Sagaing Region of Burma from this peak. Reach the Thanamir Village, early in the morning, which is 84-km from Kohima. This is by far the best mountain peak to take a trek and rest in tiny tents in Nagaland. 

Trekking trails of Mount Sramati
Image credits: Google Images

6. Kohima Mountains: Camp Under The Stars

Isn’t it a dream for many to camp in the mountain vistas with family and friends beautified by beverages, bonfire, and scintillating stars. Kohima’s trekking and camping have the most comfortable and sophisticated camping sites with all amenities such as breakfast, wifi and other dining needs. One cannot miss the stargazing and sightseeing experience in this amazingly beautiful place. With amazing activities coupled, this place in Nagaland is truly an eye-opening experience.

7. Rain Forest Trail

Pedal your way to explore the lush rainforest, tireless valleys and narrow trails. You can find bike rentals in Kohima daily rentals. The biking trail areas are Lugs, Rain Forest Trail, and Banahan. The Naga roads are good and the best for anyone who has not taken a mountain road drive too. It is advisable to have a biking route map on your travel app or carry a physical map of the biking route you are going to explore. By mountain biking, you can see the scenic valleys, lush green mountain meadows, mountain mists, and Purvanchal vistas at the fullest. There are roadside vendors, where you can fill your appetite and drink hot tea or coffee. You must book an organized bike tour activities in Nagaland. It is advisable to come in a group to enjoy mountain biking in Nagaland.

Soak in the freshness of fine aroma in the air, mingle with the soothing sound of nature, stroll through the rolling ranchlands and admire the fluffy clouds hovering. Nagaland is a perfect destination for all the honeymooners, adventure seekers and group travellers. The activities in Nagaland is apt for all age groups. Visit the place during the festival season and learn about the Naga tribal people and their cultural values. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Nagaland right away!

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