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Jebel Hafeet
Written by Preetha Manivelan on October 16, 2020 Share on

Jebel Hafeet – Visit This Incredibly Unique Al Ain Mountain!

UAE is one of the top destinations to visit and has been transformed into most people’s favourite destination now. Amongst all the attractions in the UAE, Jebel Hafeet, an Al Ain mountain, seems to be an interesting place to visit. But what makes people visit this place and what makes this Al Ain mountain stand out?

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Jebel Hafeet
Photo by Amitkumar indrodia on Unsplash

Jebel Hafeet is a breathtaking mountain that is located in the region of Tawam in the city of Al Ain. This is said to be one of the highest Al Ain mountains in the whole of UAE, standing 1200 metres up above the sky. With such height, from the top of the summit, you will be able to witness the beauty of the city and have a relaxing evening. This Al Ain mountain’s name stands for the meaning ‘The barren mountain’. Aptly named, this mountain looks like a desert and stands as home to many long roads that are worthy of a drive. To know more about this Al Ain mountain and why you should visit this amazing attraction, keep reading.

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Why visit Jebel Hafeet?

See. Who doesn’t want to witness the breathtaking view of the city that are at? May be when it’s all lit up? All of us want it, right? Then visiting Jebel Hafeet, the Al Ain mountain, is one good way of doing it. You can visit this beauty around 4 PM to witness an amazing sunset. Here, you can go mountain riding and reach the summit which would be one hell of a drive in this Al Ain mountain. It is located 56 kilometres away from the city centre so the best way to visit this place is by taking an Al Ain tour which would have a visit to the Jebel Hafeet as a part of the list to sightsee.

The view from Jebel Hafeet
Photo by reem Ahmed on Unsplash

What else to do in this Al Ain mountain?

You can do more things here than you think you will. Right from mountain biking to horse or camel riding to just enjoying the view, you have it all here. And, after you explore the mountain of Jebel Hafeet, you can start exploring Jebel Hafit Desert Park. In the early 2010s, this Al Ain mountain’s Jebel Hafit Desert Park was recognized by UNESCO as one of the most important world heritage sites in the entire UAE. In the park, you get many incredible experiences including camping.

Al Ain mountain - Jebel Hafeet
Image by Lloyd De Jongh from Pixabay

Amazing, isn’t it? Knowing that Jebel Hafeet, one of the Al Ain mountains, is of such beauty, who wouldn’t want to visit this place. Trust me, you will have an amazing time with all that Jebel Hafeet has to offer. But, how do you do it? Check out the Pickyourtrail website and look for some amazing Abu Dhabi packages. You can customize the package with your choices and inputs. In case you have any queries, do reach out to us via Whatsapp. Visit to get an incredible experience of your life in Jebel Hafeet.

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