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The Maldives
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on October 14, 2020 Share on

Visit Alimatha Island, one among 1200 islands in the Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful island destination known for its white beaches, drinks, games and food. It is such a picturesque destination where fun is guaranteed. It is also known that the Maldives consists of over 1200 islands and almost every single island can be visited. One such island is Alimatha Island. Visit Alimatha Island without any doubts in mind. This place has everything that you look for in an island for your vacation.

Alimatha Island
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Alimatha Island has been experiencing over hundreds and hundreds of travellers around the year. You can call Alimatha Island has a famous island here. Located at the easter corner of Maldives, at the Vaavu Atoll, is home to golden beaches. Surrounded by green trees, the island promises to reduce your stress with its calming yet chill breeze.

How to reach Alimatha Island?

Alimatha Island is only over 40 miles away from the city of Male. To reach the island, one must travel through sea place available with every resort in Alimatha Island. Through seaplane, the island is only 20 minutes away. If you are someone who enjoys bumpy boat rides, you can also take the 90-minute boat ride to reach the island. Check Best time to visit Maldives.

Things to do at Alimatha Island

1. Get a massage

A vacation is equal to the way of letting go of all your stress. What better way than getting a massage? The island is famous for its ayurvedic massages. Head to the spa centres built-in well withing the resorts and get a relaxing massage. Get rid of all those sore muscles, enhance your skin’s beauty and come out flawless from the spa.

2. Go Windsurfing

How many of you have had the first-hand experience of windsurfing? For all those whole adrenaline and are adventure junkies, try windsurfing. Completely safe and fun, the water here is the main attraction and what better way to enjoy it. If you are tired after all those water sports, relax and sunbathe. Get that perfect tan by laying under the sun.

Scuba Dive
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3. Indulge in Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is a favourite sport when it comes to the land of islands. And at the Maldives, diving is not an exception. Explore the diverse land of corals by deep diving. Myaru Kandu is a famous dive spot in Alimatha Island. Protected by the government itself, the Myaru Kandu is home to amazing marine lives. Fun Fact: Myaru Kandu literally translates to the sea of sharks in Maldivian Language.

Places to stay at Alimatha Islands

1. Alimatha Aquatic Resort

Alimatha Aquatic Resort is one among the popular resorts on the island. it is located at the Felidhe Atoll which is on the eastern reef. The resort has got different room categories ranging from air-conditioned rooms to villas. Book your room here in advance as it tends to get sold out soon!!

Evenings in Maldives
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2. VOI Alimatha Resort

About 90 minutes boat ride from the Ibrahim Nasir Airport is this beautiful VOI Alimatha Resort. Being close to the beach, the resort offers a sparkling view of the sea and the sun. With these stunning views, it sure does make your day and night a memorable and a romantic one.

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