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Sun island resort Maldives
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Sun Island Resort, Maldives – Have a Wonderful Stay!

The luxurious Sun Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives is just an amazing place for your laid-back holiday vacation. It features 9 dining options, an outdoor swimming pool and many more wonderful amenities. The resort has a spacious and luxurious villa with a balcony, television, and free Wi-Fi. The bathrooms are also very luxurious offering hot shower facilities and a bathtub. For thrill and adventure seekers, the property also offers water sports activities, fishing, island hopping, seaplane rides and so much more. Sun island resort has a spa that offers ayurvedic, body, and facial treatments. You can also shop essentials, luxuries and mementoes from the shops and boutiques at the heart of the island.

The place has plenty of dining options the sun star restaurant offers great Thai cuisine, while Ristorante Alí Pontile serves Italian a la carte and Japanese. For some refreshing drinks, you can try the golf bar, pool bar, lobby bar or sunrise bars and the vaani coffee shop which serves food and beverages 24-hour a day. You can reach Sun Island Resort & Spa on a 17-minute domestic flight from Male International Airport.

Accommodation Type

  1. Beach Villa (1 large double bed) with a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children  
  2. Maldives Water Villa (1 large double bed) with a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children
  3. Deluxe Beach Villa (1 large double bed) with a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children
  4. Sun Villa – Garden front room (1 large double bed) with a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child       
  5. Sunset Beach Villa (1 double bed) with a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children          
  6. Two Family Beach Villa (2 double beds) with a maximum of 6 adults and 4 children
  7. Villa with Private Pool (1 double bed and 1 sofa bed) with a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children

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Sun Island Resort, Maldives
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Nearby Surroundings

  • Whale Shark spotting (1 km)
  • Manta spotting (1 km)
  • Dolphin spotting (1 km)

DO’s and DON’Ts in the Maldives

1. Don’t carry banned items with you at inhabited islands

The Maldives is a strict Muslim country that follows very strict rules. The list of prohibited items includes alcohol, drugs, pork, religious materials for distribution, and any type of pornographic materials.

2. Don’t show love and affection on local islands

Public displays of affection between couples on inhabited islands such as Malé City is not allowed and are considered extremely offensive and can also result in punitive action. It includes actions like kissing, holding hands, hugging for too long and so on, however on private islands, it is not an issue.

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3. Don’t expect free or speedy Wi-Fi

The Maldives is a remote chain of islands so; connectivity of internet speed may vary. There are many resorts that offer you free Wi-Fi but still can have slow speed. It is somehow better and you can switch off your mobiles and explore the tropical paradise instead!

Sun Island Resort, Maldives
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4. Do dress modestly especially, on inhabited islands

On inhabited islands, both men and women have to dress properly and their shoulders and legs should be covered. But once you’re at your resort island, no need to worry about anything and enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Do remove your shoes before entering someone’s home or mosque

Take a peek at what other people are doing and follow the same as you have to remove your footwear before entering someone’s home or holy place of worship. It is a tradition followed in most Asian countries.

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6. Do use sunscreen lotion

The Maldives is located near the equator and catches a lot of sun rays. As the sun rays are directly at the 90-degree angle, it may tan you a lot so, be sure to pack lots of sunscreen, hats to protect you.

Must-do things in the Maldives

1. Explore Snorkelling

For people who are scared of water but still want to explore the underwater world then snorkelling is a great option. The coral reefs and the marine life in the Maldives are so pristine, that you would love the experience.

Source – Pexels

2. Visit spas and relax

Rejuvenate and refill your energy and pamper yourself, which is of course much needed. This place is all about love and you definitely should take some time to love yourself. Couples can enjoy a couple’s massage is highly recommended for upping the romance factor.

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3. Romantic dinners for couples

At this romantic destination, you can have a sophisticated romantic dinner setup. You have all the choice from the menu to set up, whatever and as you wish would be arranged. So, take a break from the world and enjoy the moment, and yes do not forget to click some pictures though.

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Sun Island Resort, Maldives
Source – Pexels

4. Thrilling Scuba Diving

The Maldives is known for its abundant marine life and people love exploring it. Stingrays, whale shark migration, reef sharks and sea turtles are just a few names that you can explore there and you feel like you have truly entered another world. There are many diving centres and they can help you in diving even if you are not certified.

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5. Buy souvenirs

To know any destination, explore like a local and buy memories from the place. Visit local shops, eat local food, buy local souvenirs and create some good memories.

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