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Aquaventure Waterpark: A must-visit

Aquaventure is Dubai ‘s largest waterpark, with plenty of pools, slides, and all sorts of rides. It is located on the magnificent island of Palm Jumeirah, alongside Atlantis The Palm Resort. You can visit the park on a day trip from Dubai and being in this waterpark is such a nice experience. Contrary to its theme, “aqua” the lake, and “adventure” is wrapped up into one. It’s packed with the best journeys you might ever picture, the most entertaining and heart-stopping!

Overview of the park
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The adventure waterpark begins with two main towers: Poseidon Tower and Neptune Tower. Guests will be permitted into the towers and the height is at least 1.2 meters tall. In Greek myths the lord of the sea is Poseidon. The Tower of Poseidon includes some great rides.

The tower of poseidon
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This is nothing other than the largest water slide in the country. The Aquaconda plunges its riders into a dark, meandering tunnel, resembling a gigantic serpent by sea. It then suddenly drops them into the world’s largest tube of fiberglass.

Poseidon’s Revenge

It is not for the faint-hearted one. Riders are asked to go in and wait for a capsule. The floor slides without notice from below and they plunge at around 60 kilometers per hour!


This is the world’s first true “waterslide inside a water slide.” Riders can race to see who finishes its numerous twists and turns first. However, they need to be careful, as one wrong turn could take them to the Aquaconda ‘s belly!


This is not your usual tobogganing. It involves vertical drops and abrupt plummets, all producing a sense of weightlessness. The Zoomerango is the right journey for those who choose to surmount gravity itself.

The Tower of Neptune includes these adrenaline-pumping rides

The tower of Neptune
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Shark Attack

This is one journey that visitors never forget: gliding into the core of Neptune ‘s Tower in an inner tunnel. Moments later they ‘re in an underwater lagoon filled with sharks of various kinds!

The Leap of Faith

True to its name, undertaking this journey, which stands tall at 9 storeys, requires a tremendous amount of bravery. At high speeds it involves a near-vertical drop, then hurtling through an acrylic tube. There are plenty of cownose rays and sharks swimming around this tube.

Water Coasters

This is a thrilling journey utilizing water jets to move riders up, down and then through a maze of dark tunnels. There is a quiet river at the end of the trip.


Meanwhile, kids who don’t meet the 1.2-meter requirement for the Poseidon and Neptune Towers can head up to Splashers. Young children can have their time in the pools, fountains, and mini-waterslides here.

Other things to do

At the Aquaventure Waterpark, a range of kiosks offer items from beach apparel to games, beach necessities to souvenirs, and more. The kiosks also stock smoothies, fresh fruits, ice-creams, popcorn, and sorbets. At Waves or Splashers you can have sandwiches, hot dogs and shawarma, then at Lagoons you can have cold drinks and shakes. Snappers offer a wide selection of cakes, tea, coffee, pastries and frozen items. Shark Bites provides typical Arabic cuisine and quick-food choices for both indoor and outdoor seating.

Aquavanture park, atlantis dubai
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Barracudas has a range of eatery choices such as TBJ for burgers, Shawafel for Shawarma, The Dosa Factory for dosa and tandoori, Asia Republic Express for Chinese, Peetza for pizzas and Rooster 66 for fried chicken.

Additional info

Atlantis The Palm City, the entrance to the Aquaventure Waterpark is reserved for in-house visitors. Children accessing the park will have to be at least twelve years old or assisted by an adult. In addition, the requirement of 1.2 meters in height is strictly enforced on certain rides. The Aquaventure Waterpark is open everyday, from 10:00 AM till sunset, depending on the time of year. Guests can reach the park through the Avenues and take advantage of Nasimi Beach’s free parking.

When it comes to restrictions, any guest with height shorter than 4 foot and beginner swimmers must wear a lifejacket (offered at no cost) and remain beyond the scope of a licensed, adult swimmer ‘s arm. All who are below 4 feet in height are not permitted to climb the Poseidon Tower and Neptune Tower. Guests carrying pads, bandages, and casts or have infectious illnesses, issues with the head, arm, heart, or joints are restricted. So are overweight individuals and pregnant women. For rides and other attractions only appropriate bathing wear such as boardshorts, burkini, rashguards and one / two-piece swimsuits are permitted.

Aquaventure drives do not permit you to bring extension items, such as selfie sticks, notepads, smartphones and other accessories. Alcohol, glassware, beverages and so on are also not permitted within the park.

Best time to visit Dubai

The perfect time to explore the United Arab Emirates will probably be during the colder months of the year. The middle eastern climate is usually hot and warm. The perfect time to say hello to the UAE is between October and February. The weather is mild at this time of year allowing for a nice jacket or jumper.

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